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    Help Screen ghosting

    N7 has started having some ghosting issues. Basically a washed out image of the screen dances up and down flickering over the correct image. Anyone have this? Hardware issue?
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    Free Google Play Music for 6 Months?

    Just got a text from Big Red that my phone came with 6 months of free Google Play Music subscription. Details here: [url=]Verizon Offering Six Months of Free...
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    Help 4 Bad Power Supplies - is it me?

    I am now on power supply number 5 with number 4 just giving up the ghost. I have tested a number of tablets for work (HP, Lenovo, Asus) and I always come back to the Xoom - great hardware. But gee, why the proprietary power cord and why can't you make one that works longer than 4 months...
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    Root How to root the X2?

    Finally retiring my rooted Droid. Would like to root the X2 which I am getting today (hopefully). Is there an easy way to do it like "easyroot"?
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    Road Warrior: Best Business Travel Application

    Getting ready to take a job that will involve air travel, hotels, rental cars et al. Any tips for the best travel app out there? Check Flight Status Maybe be able to reserve from the device etc.? What one or combination of programs do you use?
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    Google Maps - Custom Route with Turn By Turn Directions?

    Frustrating - but apparently the capability is I can customize a route online with Google Maps, save it to my maps and send it to the phone but it sends the static map. Ridiculously, all this power and I can't take those directions from the PC and turn them into turn by turn directions on the...
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    Root Simply Stunning 4.7

    Am I the only one who installed 4.7? Noticed that ROM manager did not show it as an update but did have the file. Seems to have fixed much of the sluggish return to home screen issues even with the stock launcher. Installed right over 4.6 without wipe or clear. Also switched from...
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    lost ability to play wav files with Froyo or root/rom. . .

    Not sure why but I apparently can no longer litsen to my Voange voicemail which comes attached to the email as a wav file. Any suggestions? Not sure if it is a Froyo thing or a Chevy4.6 rom thing.
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    Root Overclocking the Droid - how hot is too hot?

    What is hot for a Droid CPU? Running @ 1100, seems like temps stay below 115 or so. Question - how hot is too hot? What temp range should I stay in for decent life?
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    Root What happens when I clear cache and data?

    I am using ROM manager to down load and install ROMs/krnels. Part of the process asks if I want to clear cache and data. Assuming I do a backup two questions: - how do I get my data back when using the new rom - if the new rom fails does the restore restore everything-- cache and...
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    Root Sapphire 1.0 - hung on first reboot

    Any ideas guys? Installed thru ROM manager, looks like it went thru backed up and installed ok, but now I am hung up on the screen that shows the Sapphire instead of the Droid eye . . . .
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    Root So I joined the rooted nation - now what?!

    Was upset that 2.2 didn't give me hot spot and on a gig where it would really come in handy. So I used easy root and I have Barnacle going - sweetness. On to my question: What else can I do? What is the best ROM (I'm sure a tough question) and why? What other programs can I load that...
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    Google Voice: Pro's, Con's, Costs, Tips

    Here is what I have learned thus far, comments, corrections welcome. The Principle Behind GV There is an excellent YouTube Video that explains the principles of GV: YouTube - GoogleVoice's Channel So assuming you want to use the GV number as the only number you give everyone, here are some...