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    Help wired headset buttons

    so, i got these headphones with a mic and volume control, but the only thing that happens is that it plays/pauses what ever media app is playing.. anything i can do to fix?
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    M50 ota

    Sooo. Where's the info on this damn thing. I'm not doing it until I see some kind of info from Verizon about it I guess... if it ain't broke don't update it... Lol
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    Help 4.1.2 camera focus

    i first noted it in snapchat, but i cant focus my camera, it seems stuck at 6-8 inches from target. tried changing modes, not sure what else to use, im usualy using hdr mode, full mpixel my old commando focused..
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    about to recieve my new stock C811

    Does anyone need anything ripped from it stock, this will be your only chance from me. i already plan to do a full ADB backup right out of the box, but if theres anything else not in there you need... ask now. DO NOT HESITATE I WILL BE UPGRADING TO 4.1.4 ASAP (TONIGHT)
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    Root Whats in your root

    do you have /efs/imei/keystr ive lost my lock screen and home button functions, and apparently samsung users fix the problem with su echo -n on > /efs/imei/keystr sync rebootbut i dont have efs folder... does anyone with a commado have this?
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    How to back up your device without root.

    1. How to make your first backup WITHOUT root: Before beginning, you need to setup your ADB and have your device detected. You must also running Android version 4.0 and above. Also, make sure you have a file manager installed. Connect your device and make sure its listed with the following...
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    Root bastardized rom

    so, my rom is missing a bunch of things from it after a recovery wipe using stock recovery, and stuff is going crazy, i dont have a lock screen, notifications arent clearing for any of my applications, (if i miss a call it says i missed all the calls, not just the one) the apps missing are the...
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    #casio on ill be there. you can get there using this link freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)
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    Root keep root after OTA?

    is there a surefire way of doing this? i see apps like "ota root keeper" and super su has a box to save root, but do they really work? we just got an ota on the commando, and i know root is important to alot of us.
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    Help cant send mms

    just gets stuck at sending, creaking a wake lock, and destroying my battery life.. any ideas?
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    underwater photo/video

    how are others doing this... im having little luck with the screen doing what i tell it to under water.. ie, if im holding record, and dunk it, it stops recording and does other things anyone have solutions?
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    Help Battery life?

    Wondering what we're all averaging on battery times with or without the extended battery. i think im having issues with battery life here. cell standby phone idle android system are my top three at about 35, 20, and 10 % respectivly, my tech savy friend said my screen should be up there at...
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    Root Disable OTA updates

    Freeze/Uninstall: MobileCare 6.3.0_B2 (com.innopath.activecare) MobileCare Extensions 1.0 ( to avoid OTA updating, and possible loss of root/Brick until we nail down recovery.
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    Root Safe Apps to Remove/freeze

    How To Export a list in TitaniumBackup: 1st. Filter apps you want to list (IE: all frozen/uninstalled) 2nd. Press settings button(menu), scroll down to IMPORT/EXPORT 3rd. Select Send data ... I sent mine by email to myself Here is my list of 57 frozen apps, PLEASE post your list, so we can...
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    Give me a reason not to buy this phone.

    i had my old commando (rooted) for damn near two years,(lost it 30 days ago in a car wreck, it was nowhere to be found) it never let me down... lots of you must be unrooted stock rom users still.. do any of you regret snagging this guy? are there any rooted users out there already?? im up...
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    Root another OTA? (M70toM80)

    seems to be hitting us, my log says: Source: Verizon Wireless Name: casio_C771_M70ToMM80 Status: Update failed or incomplete Code: 410 Date: Time: Description: this software includes enhancements to your casio commando, if unsuccessful try again by selecting...
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    Help Xt9 returns!

    When I reboot my commando, I gotta reselect my keyboard, and I also have a hard time getting the device to switch to Swype from the stock. Am I the only one with the issue?
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    Root How much ram do you have free

    Well, i came i saw i searched, i rooted, got the bloat out.(thanks to the forum :) ) at boot i have ~210free ram, at the end of the day, i have about 150 still ( due to V6 supercharger i believe) just wondering if i can get more ram outta this bad boy. or perhaps get it to stick around...