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    Accessories Groupon for TurboCharger

    9.99 refurb or 14.99 new! bought a refurb for work.
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    Screen Separated from frame

    unfortunately I dropped it and this happened: the glass doesn't sit flush with the chrome bezel. :( don't want to "waste" my free screen replacement on something minor like this. functions normally, so no real issue.
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    Ability to change incoming call text message reponse?

    How do i go about changing the default text message responses to incoming calls?
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    Help Change Home button double press destination?

    Prior to tonight, when I double press the home button from any of the home screens, it would take me to the 4th or middle screen. Now it takes me to the first page or the left most screen. I'm not rooted and don't use any launchers. Any tips on how to change it back?
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    Disable Google Goggles?

    Without uninstalling it, can the auto search be disabled? I took a picture that had a Starbucks cup in the background and it alerted me with "starbucks logo" in the notification bar. It does stuff like more often that i would like, but i still find it useful when i choose the time.
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    Removing Backup+ folder from Gallery?

    any way to do it without rooting or factory reset?
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    Gnex has gorilla glass?

    first time that i've read that the gnex has gorilla glass. maybe i've overlooked it in other articles? Finally, Android Has a Soul | Product Reviews | is that true?
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    Who is going to *gasp* wait until the price drops?

    The newish $300 price point is kind of a turn off to me and I'm still somewhat content with my Incredible... That's probably until I hold the gnex... Thoughts?
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    Help BATTERY ISSUE SOLVED! (for me at least) Micro SD CARD!

    situation: battery life decreased significantly. previously, I was able to make it at least a day with moderate usage, (manual check email throughout the day, pandora radio for at least 4hrs, some internet mixed in). after card was installed, battery only lasted a couple of hours. solution...