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    looking for sound recorder for long recordings

    I have a Galaxy S5 and I have been using the Sound Recorder that came on it (I think-I don't recall downloading it) to record long sessions (over 2.5 hours, and coming up I need to record for 7 or 8 hours) It starts off fine but after a while I think it must be saving the growing file size to...
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    K-9 email: sync and non inbox folders

    I'm trying out k-9 as stock email app on GalaxyS5 won 't delete messages on server. I quite like it but have a couple of issues. First I can only get to the main inbox. I have many folders I move emails to, out of the inbox, I can't get to see them. I have tried setting 2nd class...
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    Help Decent email client with minimal permissions?

    The stock email client on the S5 refuses to delete emails and always pulls them back down again. Is there a decent alternative that has minimal permissions? I don't need it importing information from my phone contacts, I'll deal with contacts. I just want it to sync, and if I delete emails...
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    Help adding a folder on SD card to auto backup on dropbox?

    On my S5 I have dropbox, and it nicely auto uploads any images taken with the camera to dropbox, so when I power up the PC, they are pulled down to PC. I'm going to use the Sd card fitted to it to back up DSLR RAW files (so not recognised as images) to a folder on a holiday trip I'm doing, and...
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    Help Can I disable all the Samsung S blah apps?

    I have an S5 on 3 network (UK) It has a bunch of apps I shall never use, including the S health, S finder (whatever that is) etc. Can I safely disable them or will it start to get arsey? Is there a FAQ for UK S5s that lists all apps safe to kill?
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    Help Can I put images in folders not have them all arranged as one massive list?

    I like to keep a bunch of images on my phone, but arranged in folders. That worked perfectly on my Galaxy Nexus. Just got an S5, and put a test folder on the SD card, gone to gallery, and the images are there mixed in amongst the camera shots, all looking like one giant messy single folder. I...
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    Changing phone and keeping apps

    I'm still on my first Android, but planning a new one soon. I have a two part question on the apps I have. I have both free and paid apps, when I set up the new phone to my Google account, will it automatically add all my apps including the paid ones? And if it does, will they be the...
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    Installing older versions of apps

    I have found this site: Android Drawer - Android Apps .apk Repository are the files there secure and safe, and can I install apk files on a non rooted Galaxy Nexus?
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    How can I find latest facebook permissions and version on PC?

    I'm trying to research the ridiculous new permissions I saw mobile last night when I declined to install the latest version of the FB app, now they have stopped my old one from logging in. I have googled and searched for ages to no joy. Google play website is now a joke, no way of seeing...
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    Help New fault - won't charge unless turned off?

    Yesterday my nexus developed an annoying issue. Went home, plugged in the standard charger, didn't kick into life. Fiddled about withit, differentoutlets etc. NNothing. Figured charger packed in. Tried the daughter's, same. So tried it with the phone turned off. Worked then! Same...
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    best replacement for broken Dolphin browser

    I have finally given up on dolphin. Used to be brilliant, but later updates have been flaky at best, and now, yesterday's masterpiece means I have no predictive spelling options on any keyboards. What are the firefox and chrome offerings like? My headline requirements are desktop user agent on...
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    Help Duplicate image folders in gallery - how to tidy?

    I noticed that I now have duplicate folders in my gallery now, that have both duplicate and unique images. I think I made them by using media player to upload said folders. If I save an image on my phone, the folder browser only sees one. I also noticed when I deleted an image from one...
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    Help See further in future on default calendar widget?

    I have a default calendar widget on my home screen, which shows upcoming events. Only thing is it only shows <1 week in advance. I can't see a way to change it. Can it be done? I know there are other calendars out there I could install, but it would make sense to have some control of the one...
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    What are these flying letters in new swiftkey 3?

    Updated swiftkey 3 tonight and every now and then I see a flying letter. What's it all about, and can I turn it off. I searched for info but didn't find any results. I also updated dolphin too, but I am guessing it's swiftkey.
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    Help Jelly bean 4.1.2 feature/bug fix list?

    I'm on 3 in UK on standard nexus, currently on 4.1.1 Today I am getting update nags for presumably 4.1.2 Is there somewhere that lists what is changed, and more importantly what is fixed? All I can find on google is announcements about it. Anyone also on 3 on nexus installed it?
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    dolphin browser - adding to opening page of shortcuts?

    When you start dolphin you get the opening page of some shortcut buttons. I have added to this before, or maybe edited them, but I can't seem to add one now. It's got 10 now, that's not max is it? I have room for more. Add to home page doesn't seem to be it.
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    Help am I only one in planet who can't long select a URL in an email?

    I'm Sure On Ics I Could But Now On This Jelly Bean Crap I Cannot Get A URL Out Of An Email To Paste Into My Dolphin Browser Because The Stupid Default Browser Always Goes To Pathetic Totally Useless Mobile Version Of Sites
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    Help change default browser, PLEASE

    I'm Trying To Change From Default Browser To Dolphin, But It Is Driving Me Insane. I've Done It In Dolphin, But Hasn't Made Much Difference. All The Thread I Find Say To Go To Settings..Blah..Blah, But I Just Don't Have Those Options! Nexus On 3 In UK, With jelly bean
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    Help disable the swipe up launch of google now?

    One Of My Favourite 'Improvements' That Came With Jelly Bean is The swipe up that launches Google now. A brilliant feature that perfectly ruins use of dolphin in landscape mode. As I never want to use it, is there a way to permanently remove that action?
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    android version of iReadMusic?

    Just seen this neat app on a friend iPhone, and wondered if there was the same on Android? App Store - iReadMusic I looked on market(play) but couldn't see one with the search terms I used...
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    [Verizon] Restoring ICS 4.0.4 to my now JB Nexus?

    I've been pointed over to this section as I am extremely unimpressed with the current JellyBean 'update' that I was just co-erced into installing. I've looked at the stickies, and from those I could not deduce the sequence of events I would eed to undergo, or whether a download for my version...
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    Help Things that Jelly Bean have screwed up!

    Issues with Jelly Bean update, over previous ICE 4.0.4. Anything mentioned below, was NOT an issue on ICS. Swype (my main interface to the phone). Swype in text messages and and emails, facebook etc still works fine. Swype in default or Dolphin browser is rubbish. The rest of the swype gripes...
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    Help is there a way to roll back to ics from jb

    I Bought My Nexus As I Use Forums A Lot, Being Admin On One. The Jelly BRan Update Has ScrewedThat Up Completely. Is There A Way To Roll Back Until Jb Isn't A JoKe? I
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    Help Swype buggered on jelly bean

    Installed Jelly Been Tonight Because The Constant Nags We're So Annoying, And Now Swype Is A JOke. You Can See It Likes ToPut A Capital On Every word, And If It Puts Wrong Word In, And I Choose Ann Alternative Offered It puts That Word A Beginning Of First Line. Hopeless. Anyone Else Seeing...
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    best Skype app?

    What best one for the gnex?