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    Snapdragon GameCommand (rant)

    So today the snapdragon s3 game command center was released and guess what? No rezound support. Guess what else both of the "exlusive" desert winds and bunny maze 3D aren't supported. What's going on game devs? Why is it that big dev companies like gameloft and Qualcomm are not supporting the...
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    Help Dust under the screen

    Anyone else have this problem I'm going to replace it just wondering if this is a widespread problem
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    Help Going to replace this phone hope the replacement doesn't have problems

    Going to get this phone replaced for various reasons Reason #1 high pitch screeching when at low volumes with headphones #2 this phone gets hot as in 125 degrees hot #3 pink buttons #4 the phone charges slow One question does anybody know how replacements go through Costco?
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    Root Getting a little impatient

    I haven't seen any updates lately on the status of getting perm root and s-off I really hope its here soon so we can get cm9 on this
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    sup guys

    I joined because of the upcoming galaxy nexus look forward to this forum