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    Help Jelly Bean update for ICS is finally available

    This is a debloated, deodexed, prerooted Jelly Bean update which should work on Sprint Force 4G, Boost Mobile Force 4G, and Virgin Mobile Force 4G. Comes from Sprint source and tested good with boost. Community effort. See this thread...
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    Root FINALLY A WORKING JELLY BEAN ROM!! Public release! Update from ICS!

    Well it has been a long time coming but we finally have a working Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ROM that can be flashed onto the ICS phones! It started with Shinru2004 and his nandroid dump of a Sprint 4.1.2 Force 4g. SuperR took that nandroid and made a flashable debloated, rooted, de-odexed zip...
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    Root Any chance this OC Module will work with our phone?

    [MOD] 1.8GHz+ overclock module for HTC DROID… | Droid Incredible 4G LTE | XDA Forum 1.8ghz oc module for Droid Incredible 4G (Also MSM8690 and pretty sure also kernel ver. 3.0.8), implemented via init.d script. Does our kernel accept this type of module? (Either stock or Matrix?) I'd love to...
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    Root Call for help to any and all Droid Incredible 4g ROM Devs!! (Also posted on XDA Dev Forum))

    I would really appreciate some help with a project that I am hoping to start soon. I would REALLY like to get Sense launcher (Rosie) working on a non-HTC phone, specifically the ZTE Force 4g. I am asking for help from Droid Incredible 4g devs, because of the similarity of the platforms...
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    Root Sprint PRLs?

    Has anyone had any luck uploading Sprint prl through dfs? my last 4 phones or so were HTC and I dunno if it's a standard menu item for HTC or the custom ROMs that I ran, but with those I had an option from a hidden menu to install prls from the Sd card. Is there anything like that in ZTE...
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    Hi all, I joined bc I got some good info here concerning my phone and tablet. Thanks!