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    Malware?---"Allow Single access to your pictures" popup. Huh?

    Ok, this was weird. All I did was snap an outdoor photo, and for the first time I got that cryptic message in the subject line: (Words to the effect of) "Allow Single access to your pictures? (allow/deny)" I denied it any access right away. I saw "Single" and I'm thinking I somehow got a...
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    Looking for a MIRROR IMAGE option for video recording (not on face mode)

    Samsung Galaxy Note II / KitKat While I know that the stock video recorders will allow mirror image recording in face mode, I could really use one that records in mirror image in regular mode (normal camera "forward" mode). My son's drumming instructor is on a drumset facing the one he's on...
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    Need to verify that my SDCARD was formatted EXT/2/3/4

    Samsung Galaxy Note II (Verizon non-rooted) KitKat 4.4.2 16 GB internal 64 GB external Given the entire 4.4 debacle with external card permissions, there's an issue even when you ask KitKat to format the external card. I've removed all apps that were using it, but as many have mentioned there...
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    Help How to SAFELY move all photos and videos to SD card

    Samsung Galaxy Note II Verizon version. *Not* rooted. Android 4.4.2 16GB internal 64GB external, class 10, Sandisk Ok, this might not be as simple as it sounds, or it might be in the stupid category. I'll list the issues, to hopefully make this less wordy: 1. Internal storage maxed out. 2...
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    Accessories Expandable wall mount for Galaxy Tab 4 8.0" AND iPad 2 (???)

    Hey all, We have both an iPad 2 (pre-mini standard 10-ish inch) and a Galaxy Tab 4 8.0", and need something to hold them on the wall in front of the treadmill. Most things seem spec'd to be just a little too big for an 8.0". Any suggestions would be very helpful. If it could also hold a...
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    Need TV app to search through FIOS-OD/Netflix/Amazon-Prime/etc.

    Hi guys. I currently have the following pay sources available for movies and shows: Verizon OD (including but not limited to): --HBO --Starz --Showtime --a few others lesser pay channels Netflix Amazon Prime And I am having the hardest time finding an app that will let me search all of the...
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    NEED keyboard/case combo for the Note 2

    Galaxy Note 2, Hardware version i605. I absolutely love this thing. But..... I'm looking for (and need) a BT physical keyboard for it. I would like it to either be part of a hard clamshell design, but I'll gladly take a slide out, or soft cover. Need something physical for my thumbs. It's...
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    How to determine who wrote a particular app, or if it's modified by the manufacturer?

    Color me dafts-ville (I'm comfortable with that), but I still haven't found a way to reliably figure out just what apps with vague names like "Calendar" are underneath, or who wrote them. There seems to be no universal "identify app", or "about app" (as with PC applications), etc., to consult...
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    Please Please Please HELP to encourage people to post with subject lines that actually reflect the subject matter. :) (yes this is self-referential hooey) :-P On the serious side, I've seen no end of un- or lightly- answered posts whose subject lines tell no one who should answer it.
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    Google Calendar Confusion: Which PC-side reminder is supposed to end up in App?

    I am totally missing something here. What is the paradigm *supposed* to be. I have two reminder options when looking at google calendar FROM THE PC browser:Email Popup Which one is the Google Calendar App supposed to use for it's reminder? It seems like it's the email one, but I would...
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    Windows Media Player (PC side) album art

    DROID 4 / ICS / generally wizbang. I have a 12 gig or so worth of Windows Media Player generated music and album art PC side that I copied directly to the micro SD card (plugged into the PC). The music and album art is copied to the Music directory as suggested by many folks elsewhere. It's...
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    Is it best to have the phone reformat a new SD card? And what folders will be present afterward?

    I have a new SD card, and was wondering if it's prudent, or considered "best practice", to have the phone itself format it before use. Also, does ICS (or any android rev.), set up any default folders on format? Thanks!
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    What is the frequency range of the headphone jack? Subwoofer doesn't pick it up.

    Droid 4 --> headphone jack --> 3.5 to RCA conversion cable --> receiver --> speakers & sub. I've been experimenting with a new home stereo subwoofer that performs very well when playing CD's. But when playing mp3/320's from google music (google music is supposed to support that transfer when...
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    Alllllllllright. ZAGG is frictive. Need a *smooth* (maybe hard?) screen protector for DROID 4

    This isn't actually a DROID 4 specific post, but more of a general question regarding manufacturers. The screen protector BestBuy sold me by ZAGG is a little rubbery. Perhaps it's the frighteningly Draconian way the [non]help installed it for me, but basically the thing drags on my finger some...
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    Suggestion: I'm thinking moderator WIKI's, not knowledge base stickies.

    You guys have a treMENdous amount of experience fielding questions of all sorts, and have provided an awful lot of history to Android along with methodology. You guys try to embody a lot of that knowledge-base in the vehicle of forum stickies, which to me is really the wrong approach. Parallel...
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    This mystifies me. This originally a dual post by me, because the original "Favorite Configurations" post resulted in an odd error after 10 minutes. And I don't see a [delete] message button anywhere.
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    Favorite Configurations (Apps/Media Server/etc)

    A while ago I made a suggestion for the following, and I was wondering if there were any thoughts on the subject. I didn't follow the normal suggestion route (I didn't know of it), but had a wonderful chat with EarlyMon and he mentioned something about it being looked into. Here's the official...
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    Are Ringtones *always* Apps?

    Sorry if this is an absurdly noob question, but I still don't understand something. Are ringtones always installed as applications (was this the intention of Google?), or is there supposed to be another mechanism by which they are obtained? Thanks.
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    zedge vs. Zedge----Policing of scam apps?

    I was warned in a few places about look-a-like apps with near identical or outright identical names. I then noticed that there is a "zedge" app (zedge) that has a pirate looking Android bot as its icon. Assumption check: Is this a scam/fake? It can only be installed for $1.10, and it has only...
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    App to allow texting to groups, but without each one seeing the others?

    I can't seem to find this readily....perhaps I'm goofing something up, or just googling for the wrong thing. Odd. Using my DROID 4 (GB 2.3.6) on Verizon, I can't seem to txt to more than one person without each person knowing all the others sent to. I don't know if that's a Verizon thing or...
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    Confusion on GB app paradigm---"when is it running?"

    I'm not sure I understand something from the manual. In multitasking operating systems, a task (or "process") is either running in the foreground (full IO or GUI access) or in the background. This is certainly true of all posix/unix/whatever-ix even in the early terminal days When Things Were...
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    What contact manager do you suggest? Android built in contacts are just NOT ready for prime time. least as far as I can tell. They seem fragile at best, and reading through so much of the flakiness just at trying to get around the missing "phone contact" to "google contact" conversion dizzies me. And I'm experiencing flakiness at just adding a contact on gmail and not being able to...
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    Red question mark on contact. Can call but not txt to it.

    Moto DROID 4 / Android 2.3.6 Ok, this is troubling, and I need a little advice as to what is going on. First, this is entirely unrelated to a recent post of mine looking for solutions to converting "phone contacts" to "gmail contacts" as I have yet to do anything in that regard. BUT.....I...
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    Is there a way to have only select gmail contacts migrate to phone?

    [I think] This seems a subtle twist on the phone vs. google contact thing. Can I have google contacts in my google (gmail) account that stay in gmail and DONT migrate to the phone, while only select ones do? Over time most of us have grown enormous email-only contacts that we would never want...
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    Contacts transfered from old phone not going to gmail

    Motorola DROID 4 / Android 2.3.6 When purchased I had my old phone contacts transferred over to my new DROID 4. Nothing at that time was set up to go to a google account. I've since set up my accounts to continually sync with gmail, but the existing contacts set up at the bestbuy counter...