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    sprint 5.1.1 out now

    Sprint 5.1.1 is out now to update. A new feature I noticed is u can shrink an open app and the run a second one kind of like picture in picture on tv
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    Help SPRINT Note 4 Lollipop:The Good,Bad,Ugly & Everything In-Between

    Note 4 lollipop for sprint is now out. Just released and I am downloading as I type this.
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    I noticed a new app appear on my s5 today. It is called corezone and the icon is and Android guy. No idea what it is. I tapped it and it says oops page not yet available
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    S5 camera underwater

    So I took the plunge and tested the gs5 in water. It is freaking amazing. Everything works well and takes great videos. Have not been able to do underwater still shots but I am speechless. If someone can explain how to upload videos onto here I will share. And BTW I am writing this using...
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    Great battery life

    I have been using my phone constantly online and texting etc and the battery life is great! Much better than my old s3
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    Cnet phone test

    For those who are not sure what phone to get here is a cnet video testing the physical building of the HTC m8, the gs5, nexus 5 and iPhone 5.
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    Turn off caller readout

    Has anyone figured out how to turn off the caller id readout? The phone starts to ring and then announces caller and it's too quiet
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    You can buy now at amazon

    Here is a link to buy unlocked gs5. The Sellers all say in stock. They want to much imo.
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    Galaxy s5 sales are live in s korea

    The galaxy s5 sales are live due to sales bans. Hopefully we will be able to get better reviews and better ideas of what accessories are available.
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    Galaxy s5 prime coming

    I ran across this article showing that everything everyone expected in the s5 is coming in the form of galaxy s5 prime so if the basic s5 wasn't appealing for some then you may want to hold of for this
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    Boost online deals

    Boost is running many online deals. With most phone purchases Your first 6 months of service are only $35 a month! They also have preowned galaxy s3 for $160!
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    Update for gs3

    Boost actually pushed out an update for the gs3. Just recieved update to 4.3
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    Boost f7 out next week

    LGf7 being released next week. Very similar to the s3 with a price tag of 299.99
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    Galaxy s3 at radioshack

    The galaxy s3 is at radioshacks! Bought mine for boost today and they confirmed they have it for VM also
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    Radioshack has the S3 now!

    At radioshack and he S3 is in!!!! On way to pick up
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    Galaxy s3

    So I saw walmart has net 10 galaxy S3. Worth the change from boost?
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    Galaxy so confirmed

    Galaxy so just announced for a June release.
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    HTC one sv and zte

    So has anyone bought any of these phones yet. If u have what are your thoughts?
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    According to this article of has been court ordered that we are permitted to root phones there for it shouldn't be in boost tos. Other bad news is that flashing will officially be illegal tomorrow...
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    4G lte coming

    From many reports I have seen boost will have 2 4g lte phones by the end of the first quarter. One phone is to be HTC one sv and the other is a ZTE. I will try to find a link but Google it it pops up. I am just amazed that the phones are completely new to the market and haven't been out a year...
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    Phone Id?

    How is the phone showing up on google play? I can read a review from a gs2 but when I hit this device only gs2 does not show up and it says no reviews available. Makes me wonder what our phone model is listed as. May explain y games and apps are not compatible
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    Boost mobile sg2

    So has anyone attempted to root and apply roms to the boost mobile version yet and was it successful
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    Will have my sg2 inhand by 3pm tomorrow. Next day shipping worth it at only $5. Only white available right now. Suprized there has not yet been a forum started for this version of the phone
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    Root Best Rom?

    What are some of the best roms to flash? Please include good and bad opinions on them. Are there any roms that you noticed have actually increased speaker volume? I am s-on and rooted not using 4ext. I tried to use it but it changed my phone id and I had to redo everything. Thanks
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    Game roms

    Anyone know where to download free game roms? Also the best Rom emulators. Such as ps1, snes and NES thanks in advance