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    Help Cannot Update/install apps.. Phone say no memory

    ok... I am trying to update and or install apps on my phone. I continually receive and error stating no memory available to complete the action. However my phone has enough memory available. See below: Program 641MB/1.87GB Personal data 16.59MB/127MB Internal SD 1.35GB/13.03GB External memory...
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    Help Application Update issue- How to do it?

    OK.... My phone is telling me I have 21 updates available. How do I make the updates? It does not tell me what needs to be updated and the only option I see is to clear the notification.
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    Help Additional Photo Albums

    How can you make additional photo albums? I would like to make more as needed to seperate vacation, personal :eek: or any other pics as needed. Take care
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    Help Removing Unwanted Apps

    I have several At&T and misc apps I want removed but the option is locked out so you cannot do it. Will the phone have to be rooted to do this? Or can you hook this to your computer and remove them that way? Take care
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    Help Voice Recognition

    Has anyone had any isues with the voice recognition? It does not seem to work like the video shows. The big one for me is the texting. If I say, "Text Mindy, I love You" it comes up, "Mindy I love you" I then have to add the "To" line manually. I followed the video exactly like he says and does...
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    Help Screen Shots

    Is there a screen shot method anyone has found without downloading an app? I have found a few apps like, "screenshot" and "Shootme" but they will not work on Infuse since phone is not rooted(I have downloaded them both and a message pops up stating that). At this time I do not feel...
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    Last Day: Pre Order Through Best Buy

    Last day to pre order through Best Buy. Verified via BB's customer that you will receive a $50.00 gift card for pre ordering. - 199.00 will then be 149.00 - Walmart will sell their's for 179.88 ot 178.88 one of the two. The day you pick up your Infuse bring the walmart paper or have the...
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    PC World Review of G4

    Samsung Infuse 4G Phone Review | PCWorld Slightly concerned since this is the phone I want to get. I am hoping most of the issues is due to a crappy phone he received for review. If not I hope some sort of fix is in the works. Later