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  1. J

    Need new stock battery (have large Hyperion)

    My original battery is not keeping charge well , so i want to see what recommended stock (Thin!) batteries might be recommended... I have the Hyperion large battery, but don't like to use it as the phone is so fat, and only use in emergencies.. thanks
  2. J

    Samsung keyboard keeps overriding Swift..

    How does I get Swift keyboard to remain default keyboard? Samsung keyboard keeps coming back...
  3. J

    Help Regular Battery Died...New Improved Available?

    Original factory battery died... I have the big bulky Hyperion battery, but thinking they've developed a new thin battery with the same extended life perhaps... any thoughts, please let me know..thanks
  4. J

    Phone call quality: awefull getting worse

    The people i am talking with lately say they cannot understand/hear what i am saying... I tested this with my wifes Iphone 4S, and they said they can hear me better...? any experiences? thanks
  5. J

    sluggish...thinking of factory reset..

    My phone now has lots of apps etc and doesn't act like it's new anymore regarding response time etc... anyone reset their phone lately?
  6. J

    Hang up call? cannot find!!

    when on a phone call, and i am browsing, reading mail, etc..the green bar for phone is up top. I usually can drag down, but of late, i cannot grab it to hang up the call? and ideas?
  7. J

    How to disable lock screen? help..

    I loaded back up Touchwiz after latest upgrade, and now i cannot figure out how to deactivate the lockscreen. Even download "No Lock" and still lock screen on.. help... thanks
  8. J

    Sync Setup: what do you have configured?

    Always wanted to see what everyone has setup on their sync schedule, if any at all.. Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skydrive... I know this is big battery drain also, and have always pretty much had it turned off. thanks
  9. J

    Help Space cleanup....where are all these files?

    I am getting some messages..."cannot udpdate, space limitations.." etc and need to clear out some data.. Not sure where all these files are, as when i look at "storage" it says my "NOT ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE".... ?
  10. J

    Headset Control....Driving me crazy..

    Use PlayerPro primarily, and bought new set of Bass Buds with control... Nice..but When i click button, the other music apps launch, play music and its nuts... Can someone help? thank you:mad:
  11. J

    Best earbuds with mic ..why do they all fail?

    Have had multiple pairs of your buds with microphones and it seems like they all have broken after a few months are there any worth buying that will last more than 3 or 4 months. Willing to pay moderate cost. Microphone becomes unusable after 3 months.... . After a few weeks the right side...
  12. J

    Dialer? Slow, big delay

    I've used a few dialers and unless I reboot my phone I have to wait 15 Seconds when I want to call someone when I touch contact name. Any ideas?
  13. J

    Thoughts of trying Iphone 5 experience..anyone tried of late?

    I've had thoughts of jumping into the Apple ecosystem of late, and to just see with that experience is... Iphone 5, cloud and all that.... My family has Iphones, and have a very different user experience... thanks
  14. J

    Anybody jump back into Iphone just for experience?

    I've had thoughts of jumping into the Apple ecosystem of late, and to just see with that experience is... Iphone 5, cloud and all that.... My family has Iphones, and have a very different user experience... thanks
  15. J

    Headset w controls that work, mid priced?

    Recommendations for $100ish earbuds that works well With mic and control buttons. All mine have failed after a few months.
  16. J

    Best earbuds with mic and controls?

    Looking for $100 or so earbuds where controls actually work.
  17. J

    Sync settings..Battery drain....?

    I still do not quite get the Samsung sync setting process and the setting up of this, with all the Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox etc....Seems like a battery drain. However, i do want ideally my Google Calendar to be in sync.. What are most recommended settings? thanks
  18. J

    Earphones needed: Mid priced, mic and buttons

    Really needing mid priced ($150ish) earphones, with controlls that actually work well. the ones that came with the S3 are cutting out.. thanks
  19. J

    Need good External Power Charger

    Most of my power packs have failed, or don't connect well.. anybody have something reliable to recommend? thank you
  20. J

    Dual Clock analog.. Battery drain?

    it says this is draining my battery but I don't even see it running how can that be
  21. J

    running hot, battery sucks etc..Factory Reset?

    I've done alot of deleting apps etc, to figure out why my phone is just sucking the hell out of my battery, both the factory battery and a Hyperion.. You think if i did a factory reset is might be better perhaps?
  22. J

    Help Running hot again

    things have been going very well. All of a sudden my phone is running hot again and draining the battery very bad any ideas?
  23. J

    Windows Explorer crashes: fix?

    what is the fix for moving files when connected via usb, and dragging dropping files in WIndows Explorer? Windows explorer crashes...thanks
  24. J

    Camera Indoor pics: settings?

    I seem to have very varied results shooting indoors.. Flash : on or off? setting auto? or "indoor"...
  25. J

    Task killer? or not...?

    I have used Task Killer off and on, but wanted to see what others are using if at all. I like to shut down my apps after i have a whole bunch loaded up, but really do not know if this is actually just sucking my battery up just as much...