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    LG G Pad F 7.0

    Could we have a forum added for the LG G Pad F 7.0 (LG LK430)?
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    Root I'm leaving :(

    Hey guys. Sorry but not sorry to say I got tired of cheap phones. I got the nexus 6 and am loving it! I'm thinking about donating my volt to a reputable Dev. The screen is cracked but works perfectly fine and I have the extra just don't have the double sided tape. Any reputable Devs in mind?
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    Do you guys use hangouts? I noticed in the last updates that it works much better on the boost service now, all my SMS are sent and received practically instantly and my MMS don't take 10 minutes to download anymore!
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    Does anyone have trouble receiving some notifications from some apps? I don't know if it's the buggy software of this phone or buggy apps. Some times I don't get notifications for my texts from hangouts.
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    Root Any developers working on roms?

    Do we have any developers working on roms such as cm or PAC or at least a custom kernel?
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    Root Can you retain root when upgrading?

    One thing I never noticed is SuperSU has an option for trying to retain root while upgrading via ota. Has anyone tried this?
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    Root Our partitions

    Just for future reference:
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    Root [ROM] ZV4 updated stock ROM

    Update: I've whipped up a new ROM, this one has all the previous stuff, deodexed, zipaligned, etc, but now this one is lightly debloated and has gapps updated, even more exciting, now it updates the radio and the kernel (or at least it should) and you shouldn't have to flash superuser. I haven't...
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    Google apps use a lot of memory!

    I remember the big thing about KitKat is that it was supposed to cut down on a lot of memory usage, but I'm guessing that's only if you have nothing installed whatsoever, but they can't just stop there!!! Have any of you seen the memory usage of chrome when it's open?! A whopping 250+ MB!!! I've...
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    Root Community ROM This ROM is pre-rooted, deodexed, zipaligned, busybox, init.d (software not kernel) enabled and romcleaner was used to clean bloat but obviously it wasn't all removed. Soon as my other ROM that's been modified to...
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    Root Need stock lg system and boot

    Can someone who has restored using the restore tool (with download mode) upload their unmodified system.bin and boot.bin?
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    Screen protectors

    So I got one of them mirror screen protectors, I was wondering if any of you have experienced a slight loss of response from your screen as a result of screen protectors or if it's just material it's made from.
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    Has this happened to anyone else?

    I thought this only happened to me, but my mom's phone started doing it too, and she has a moto g. You know how you can set a watch to alert you every time an hour has passed? It's a quick 4 beeps (beep beep beep beep). My phone will do it at the most random times, there's no pattern to it...
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    Root Possible bootloader unlock

    I decided to start a new topic to make sure everyone seen this Link removed By downloading this file you assume all responsibilities. I am not responsible for bricks or broken phones, flash at your own risk. I also don't think this will affect download mode but take caution anyways. I TAKE NO...
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    Root Anyone know Russian? These Russian hackers managed to hack the bootloader for the l90, if someone knows Russian or anyone who knows Russian maybe we can find out how they did it and try it out with our phone.
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    Weird "glitch"

    Does everyone's phone go back to a previous app even for a second before it closes out when repeatedly pressing the back button?
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    Root Prl/profile not automatically updating

    Could someone help me figure out why when I restart my phone or go from one city to another my phone won't update the prl/profile? Could it be an app I removed? My MMS or LTE won't work correctly unless I manually update the prl/profile.
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    Root LTE problems

    I can't find the thread everyone was talking about this in, but I'm just barely noticing that I started having problems with LTE and MMS some time after I rooted. If I don't update the profile and prl I can't send or receive MMS message and LTE becomes severely spotty, like I rarely ever see it...
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    Root Text glitch?

    Figured not too many people check the f90 forums so I'd post here too for the sake of my sanity.
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    Action launcher and link bubble

    Just so you guys know action launcher and link bubble are on sale. I bought both and am loving it.
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    Text glitch?

    Can anyone confirm this for me? I went into accessibility just looking at the menu and seen an option that said large text, I enabled it just for fun to see what it'd look like and when I disabled it text looked a bit smaller and sharper for me. Am I just going crazy?
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    Root Official restore with dl mode?

    Hey guys, I'm new to lg and was wondering if there's a program or something you guys use to restore your phone in the event if a brick or something of the sort using download mode. I don't want to start messing with the recovery partition or anything like that until I know I won't turn my phone...
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    Root Stock Recovery

    I've extracted stock recovery, as soon as I get to a place with Wi-Fi I will upload and post the link here. Edit: stock recovery link below
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    Anyone else get this update?

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    I'm surprised no one has made any posts trying to figure out how to get hangouts MMS to work. I was super frustrated when sms first came out on hangouts because it didn't work on boost, at least not on my phone. I prefer using hangouts over the stock SMS app. I like the interface, to me it looks...