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  1. VIO

    Root Liveiness of the G2 Dev community?

    I know this is not an easy question persay but I would to get some feedback before I go with a G2 over a Nexus S. In everyone's opinion how expansive, or aggressive, or even viable do you think the developing Dev community is/will be on the G2? I see that perma-root has been achieved, but...
  2. VIO

    Root Theming a Market app?

    Ok so I want to swap out the low res drawables in a widget app for my own higher res ones. Can I do that? not sure what to try first or whether it's possible Any thoughts would be helpful from the theme centric people
  3. VIO

    Root Ubuntu Droid!

    Not my work just impressed by it I got it up and running with little to no problem running all Chevy's Stuff: -Simply Stunning 4.4 (first time, running not bad! not much in the way of features tho...) -Chevy LV 1.25 froyo Kernal -and the ext2 module. It doesn't seem to like apps2SD...
  4. VIO

    Media through Bluetooth earpiece?

    I can't seem to get a straight answer on this, but I'm looking for a bluetooth ear piece (not headphones) that also plays media. The idea being I want to keep the sound up on my phone for music, videos etc without desturbing my coworkers or those around me. I would use my headphones but for...
  5. VIO

    Root Zero luck finding Flash player...

    seriously where the hell is it? Finally got me some Froyo on my Droid and all the market links go nowhere... Anyone have any thoughts?
  6. VIO

    Root Froyo Source!

    its out! Begin "when is it done" threads for Cyanogen and Sapphire Froyo versions...
  7. VIO

    Root Mix and match apps from different Phones?

    1st Post. Excellent forums guys, it's exciting to see such a vivid community. I am new to the Root scene, and am having a good time so far. I recently switched to the DROID from my Eris, and thought it a good opportunity to learn about rooting and ADB, using my Eris an experiment. Successful...