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    Google Music Through PC?

    Got my Chromecast today, it's awesome! However, I am struggling to play music from Google Music on my PC using Chromecast. It casts the video of the page, but no audio. Anyone get this working? Audio works casting from other webpages.
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    Pocket Tanks is finally here!

    Pocket Tanks for Android is finally here! This is one of my favorite games ever and I am so happy it is finally on my phone. The game is free and you can buy more weapons if you want (there are 275 total I think). Multiplayer is fun too! I would highly recommend giving this game a try...
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    [Verizon] ADB Help

    Hi, I am having trouble getting adb to work properly on my phone, particularly in Fastboot. I followed the sticky to install adb on my computer, and when I type "adb devices" in cmd when my phone is on its homescreen, adb lists my device just fine. However, when I am in Fastboot, the same...
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    Help Odd spot on my screen that won't come off?

    Hi, On the surface of my screen, there is this odd spot (kind of in the shape of a "u") on the top of my screen (or so it seems). Similar to a fingerprint, it is hard to see with the screen on, but I can still sometimes kind of see it. I can't figure out what it is or how to get it off. I...
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    Help Wiimote with N64oid?

    Has anyone had any luck using a Wiimote with N64oid on their Galaxy Nexus? I connected a Wiimote via Bluetooth using an app called WiiController, but the N64oid doesn't seem to recognize the controller. Has anyone successfully done this? If so, how? Thank you! :)
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    Help HDMI out help!

    Hi. I just got my cable for HDMI out for my Nexus. It works great but doesn't quite format right on my TV. The screen is just a little too big on my TV, with parts of the edge buttons getting cut off. How do I make my Nexus fit perfectly on my TV? Do I change something on my TV or my Nexuz...
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    Help Restore contacts but not apps?

    When I first turn on the phone, how do I restore my Gmail contacts but not my apps? I don't want all of my old apps to automatically download, thanks!
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    Root Problem flashing .92 hboot

    So, I went to flash the .92 hboot. It was named correctly and it was in the root of my SD card. It successfully updated, but now I am just stuck in the hboot. When I go to recovery, it brings me back to hboot. I have nandroids, but have no ways of restoring them! Do I have to clear...
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    Root Problems getting Adfree to work.

    Hey, I was following the directions for getting Adfree to work here, but I am having some problems. After I download and install hosts from the program, there is no "hosts" folder in my SD card. What am I doing wrong, thanks! :)
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    Help App idea for automatically bump charging:

    To get the most out of your Incredible's battery, you have to bump charge. To bump charge (I think) you charge your battery until the light turns green, then turn your phone off, and wait until the light turns green again. I think this is a hassle, especially when I want my phone ready to go...
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    Root Video recording not working?

    Hey, I have Skyraider 2.5.2, and my whenever I try to record video, my phone reboots. Any suggestions? Thanks! EDIT: I was told I need to update my radio. So for 2.15, I need to do unrevoked Forever. How do you do any of the other 2.xx radio updates. I remember something about unrooting...
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    Root Help getting flash 10.1 to work?

    I recently rooted my phone, and now use Skyraider 2.5.2. I went to install Adobe Flash 10.1, but after I install it, I get a "Low on Space" error. Now sometimes I used to get this error, but an ADB install always did the trick. How do I install flash and get rid of this message? (or more...
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    Root Can you change the status bar color?

    Can you change the status bar color, and if so, how? I have the Skyraider 2.5.2 Rom, thanks!
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    Root Undervolt and Vanilla Questions

    I have a few questions about undervolting my phone and vanilla vs. sense: If you want great battery life, why wouldn't you undervolt your phone as much as possible? What are the side effects of undervolting and how do you avoid them? If you undervolt your phone, what setting do you use, and...
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    Root Do I need to root my phone to install apps with ADB?

    Do I need to root my phone to install apps with ADB? I think I followed all of the tutorials online for setting up ADB right, but when I try to install an app, it says "access denied" or something. Do I need root to get this to work, or am I doing something else wrong? Thanks!
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    Gameloft Game Reviews

    Gameloft recently (kind of) released ten (not counting Asphalt 5) high caliber games onto Android, ported form the iPhone versions. These game must be bought from Gameloft's website, where there are no free trials and no refunds. At first, some of the games weren't working right on certain...
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    FIFI 2010 is out!

    Edit: Title should say FIFA, not FIFI. Whoops! FIFA 2010 by EA is out. I haven't tried it, but the pictures look promising. While I am not super excited for the game itself, I am excited for what this means regarding EA's future. I think this means we will see other 3D sports games by EA...
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    Root Can a phone provide WiFi to itself?

    This is a very obscure question, anyway.... I recently downloaded the game called NOVA. It has online multiplayer, but you need WiFi to play(I think this is to ensure a fast connection). I am a rooting noob, but from what I understand, you can turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot--providing...
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    Help How much do Live Wallpapers drain your battery?

    How much do Live Wallpapers drain your battery on the Incredible? I used to have one, but I heard it drains your battery a lot, so I got rid of it. But now, I saw that cool Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper, and decided to reconsider. Has anyone had any experiences or done any tests regarding Live...
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    Accessories A few questions about the Seidio 1750mah battery...

    The instructions say to charge the 1750mah battery 2-3 hours after the green light comes on. Does this do anything for the Incredible, or is this instruction just for other phones? Also, you know how charging the stock battery full with the phone turned off stops the battery from dropping down...
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    Crusade Of Destiny: Lengthy, Lovely, and Lacking

    *Unlike most game reviewers, I treat a 5/10 as average, NOT a 7/10.* Crusade of Destiny for the Android platform, by DVide Arts, is a game that claims a lot of things. It claims to be "the first ever true scale 3D RPG for Android". It claims to have "stunning 3D special effects", "countless...
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    Help Getting Taps on Fire to work on Incredible?

    Edit: Whoops, title should have been Taps of Fire, not Taps on Fire, sorry! Hey, I downloaded the app: Taps of Fire. Basically, it is like Guitar Hero, but it is compatible with Frets on Fire songs! Here the game link: tapsoffire - Project Hosting on Google Code It would be such an awesome...
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    "Linking" with Gameboid Emulator?

    The Gameboy Advanced has the capability to link two consoles together. I was wondering if the Gameboid emulator has the same capability, or if there is some trick to enable this. I know there is a way to do this with GBA emulators on the computer too. It seems to me that some sort of trick...