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  1. wyelkins

    Nexus 7.1.1 Developer Preview

    Just got it tonight! No real problems yet. Got a restart option on the Power Menu!
  2. wyelkins

    Nexus Player Android 7

    Just took the update. No problems yet. How about you?
  3. wyelkins

    Xfinity App

    Does anyone have the Xfinity app for the Shield so that it can be side loaded on the Nexus Player? It should work, right?
  4. wyelkins

    Truly Unlimited Data Plan?

    Has anybody tried this new $60 plan?
  5. wyelkins

    Moto E vs Prevail LTE

    Moto E looks like the best deal on an inexpensive yet well made phone. Also, Lollypop. I am sure there will be an active dev community also. My trusty 1 1/2 year old S3 is still better but it costs a lot more even today. The E looks like a good replacement in a pinch or a recommendation to...
  6. wyelkins

    Root TowelRoot Text

    I rooted my buddies Metro LG L70 with TowelRoot a month ago. He loves it. I installed Supersu and the free Titanium Backup and removed the bloat. I also installed an app so he could write to his SD card. He has had no problems with it. He tells me that he got a text from "Google" today...
  7. wyelkins

    Titanium Backup Protect Backup Option.

    I usually only keep 1 or 2 backups. I used to also use the option to protect a backup which would keep it from being included in the Backup total and possibly get deleted. It has not worked in quite some time. It always says Sorry, the operation failed. It is a toast so I can't capture...
  8. wyelkins

    Samsung Milk Music App

    I Just saw this app on YouTube and am giving it a try. What are everyone's thoughts on this free music service?
  9. wyelkins

    Root [Boost Mobile] New PRL

    Just got a new PRL. 33030.
  10. wyelkins

    Wet Phone

    This may be stating the obvious but I want to warn everyone to be very careful and avoid letting this phone get wet. It has a very low tolerance for moisture. I was stuck walking in a rain storm last Monday night. I had my phone in a jacket pocket zipped up. The jacket is partially rain proof...
  11. wyelkins

    Root WIFI Hotspot

    Can someone post the Tether app that came with the Boost phone. Mine did not come with one. I assume that this will require root. Unless someone knows another app that does not.
  12. wyelkins

    Text Messaging Problem

    For some reason, I have been having problems with Texting Recently. Many times when I send a text I am told that it did not transmit. But, many of those times I find out that it did. I use Handcent. This just started happening about a week ago. I don't change much stuff on my phone anymore...
  13. wyelkins

    Root New 61010 PRL

    Just updated to the new Boost 61010 using the handy Koumajutsu HA2 ROM. Back to CM7 and everything seems good so far. How has the the new PRL been running for everyone?
  14. wyelkins

    Root CM7 Lockscreen Gestures are Cool

    I have been using CM7 since Hroark released it. Had lots of time to play with it then. Not so much anymore. But, since I use it for virtually everything that I do each day, This phone is an essential part of my day. I hate security stuff but it is necessary unfortunately. I use SeekDroid if...
  15. wyelkins

    AF problems on Sunday all day

    Was it just me but I had problems connecting to AF yesterday 11/11/12. This happened off and on All day and night with periods of normal service. I use Tapatalk but this also was true of the Full Website from my laptop. I was using Boost 3g on my phone and Virgin Mobile on the laptop. I did...
  16. wyelkins

    Root New S2E for CM7

    Call me an old Fuddy Duddy (I don't know what that is, but I have always wanted to use that word ONCE), but I am still using Hroark13 CM7 on the Prevail. I tried and loved all the sd-ext kernels and options before returning to S2E after an improved update came out months ago. I love it and have...
  17. wyelkins

    3G Web Site Problems

    I have been having problems today connecting to a few Web Sites over 3g. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter work from the Browser and Apps. A few others also. ESPN, Linked In and Mint would not. I connect to WIFI and they work. I called Boost and they said that they are working on...
  18. wyelkins

    Root Help! I finally Bricked it!

    Well, I guess it is my turn now. When I turn on my phone I get the Samsung Logo and nothing else. Here is what I did that caused it: I ran PRL update (probably OK) and I ran Firmware update. I ran every option on that updates screen except Android update. I cannot remember the third one...
  19. wyelkins

    New Market App on Prevail

    Has anyone gotten the new Market app the normal way: as in it automaticaly being downloaded to your phone or using the old market app or laptop to select it to be downloaded to your Prevail? I ask because I got it from a thread here somewhere and I am wondering if it is official for the...
  20. wyelkins

    Facebook vs FriendCaster

    Have been using FriendCaster Pro for a good while. Uninstalled that tonight and installed the new Facebook app. it looks much better than a few months ago as I know this is a fairly new version. How do the two compare? Is the new version of Facebook better than Friendcaster? Looking for...
  21. wyelkins

    Blood Pressure DataBase

    I doubt many of you young wippersnappers will care about this, but... Blood PressureDP is a neat app if you want to keep track of your readings using your Android. The data syncs with a web page that makes it easier to use the various charts and graphs that it produces. You can create a PDF...
  22. wyelkins

    Titanium Backup - Backup Updated Apps

    When I get a notification from Market and update an application to a new release level will Titanium Backup recognize this change in the app and display the existing backup of the old release as out of date and/or show the updated app as not backed up? i use the Pro version, but I do not keep...
  23. wyelkins

    Root App Freezing

    I see that many Root Utilities including Titanium Backup have the option to Freeze and Thaw applications. I assume this is usually an intermediate step before uninstalling an app to give you time to see that there are no ill effects. Maybe there are reasons to temporarily freeze an app. What...
  24. wyelkins

    Root Internal Phone Storage Survey

    I am curious to see how everybody configures their phones. I will give my answer after each question. Lets see if we can find a consensus of Android Forums Prevail users Are you Rooted? YES, and glad that I did it. What version are you running: Stock, ShabbyModv0.x, etc. ShabbyMod0.7...
  25. wyelkins

    Android Forum App

    Looking for an app to view this Android Forum on the phone. I saw a thread where someone was using Tapatalk. i installed it, but cannot find this forum, one similar that looks like it is European. What app should I use? Is Tapatalk the best and if so, how do I find this forum using it...