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  1. DanDroide

    Help Photos stored WHERE on phone?

    I love the photos my XL takes but... I hate that I can't find the photos on my phone! I just took a photo and I wanted to Post a photo on Amazon with a review. This is too much work. Is there a folder (or hidden folder) where the photos are stored? I prefer not to upload to Google. Yes...
  2. DanDroide

    Note 4 cases that support wireless charging FOUND

    FYI, I was able to buy a wireless charging back cover for my android AND I found inexpensive nice covers that fit with the charging back cover on my phone AND it charges thru it. This is the charging cover: Ohpa Wireless Charger Receiver Battery Back Cover Case For SamSung Galaxy Note 4...
  3. DanDroide

    VERIZON Update available today Jan 11

    Hi, I live in Fort Lauderdale Florida and the Verizon update Android 5.1.1 is available now. Go to Settings > System Updates > Check for Updates ENJOY!!
  4. DanDroide

    How many times have you dropped your S4? What was the result?

    How many times have you dropped your S4? What is the strangest way you dropped it? Do you have a case? What was the outcome of the drop(s)? I'll start. I know I'll sound clumsy, but I've dropped mine 8 times (some little drops included). My strangest drop was on day 2 that I had my...
  5. DanDroide

    Help Text Zoom setting on S4

    Anybody know how to make the text size large on the S4? On my Bionic, I was able to set it to "Close" and it was quite large when I double tap the screen in the standard browser. I can't zoom in close on my S4 while on my stock browser. I have to pinch the screen larger but its not as...
  6. DanDroide

    Help 2 swipes needed to answer my S4 (how to change)

    Hi, I had to do a factory reset last night on my S4. After doing so, now if my phone rings, I have to first swipe a lock away...than I have to swipe to answer [2 steps...annoying]. Before the reset, I would just swipe once to answer. Any of you know how to correct this back to just one...
  7. DanDroide

    Help Calendar "DEFAULT" Settings

    Hi, I have been having trouble with my calendar. I don't want to get email notifications and I want my default reminder time to be at 30 minutes. Shouldn't there be a place to set this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. DanDroide

    Root Considering Rooting for the 1st time...have novice questions

    Hi, Since Jelly Bean will probably be the last official upgrade for the Bionic, I am considering rooting for the 1st time. One reason I may root is, I use Tasker, and Tasker can't KILL an app unless rooted. What other benefits are there to rooting? AND, most importantly, how do I root...
  9. DanDroide

    Help Ringtone problem since Jelly Bean

    Hi, I have been having problems keeping my CUSTOM ringtone since Jelly Bean. I have even tried a couple apps such as "Tone Picker" and "RingDroide" hoping if I have them choose my ringtone, it will stick. It keeps going back to a bell ringing ringtone after I set my Austin Powers ringtone...
  10. DanDroide

    Help Ringtone plays while I'm in a call

    Hi, Lately I'm in a conversation on my Bionic and a second call comes in and it plays the ringtone at full volume like I'm not in a call...weird! Obviously, anybody experience this or have any ideas how to make it go back to just the call waiting sound? Thanks!
  11. DanDroide

    Friendly Bionic vs t-mobile GS3

    I was admiring a friend of mine's Samsung Galaxy S3 at dinner while the wives chatted. I told him how nice his photos & screen quality was. Bad part for his phone, he dropped it once and the screen had a big crack. I drop my Bionic alot and still good (knock in wood). He challenged me...
  12. DanDroide

    Can anyone here translate Chinese? :)

    Does anyone speak Chinese? More specifically, can translate Chinese for a tattoo prior getting it?
  13. DanDroide

    Just for fun (Comedian on iPhones & Droids plus) VERY FUNNY **Warning - Explicit Language**

    CLICK LINK BELOW: Lewis Black Rants about iPhones and Droids - YouTube (there is some colorful language) About Carriers, Iphones & Droids
  14. DanDroide

    WiFi vs. Data usage

    Probably a dumb question... When my Bionic has a WiFi connection, say at home or work, does that mean Data is off and all email checking services, etc are routed through WiFi? I ask this so that I maximize battery savings and reduce data usage. I do have Tasker (and soon to have Smart Actions...
  15. DanDroide

    Help Remove Lock to answer phone

    Hi Droid 4 crew! I have a Bionic but my sister just got a Droid 4, per my recommendation. My Bionic doesn't have this and I don't know how to remove it. When my sister gets a call she has a LITTLE LOCK in the middle of the screen that must be hit BEFORE you can click on Answer ...on my Bionic...
  16. DanDroide

    5.9.904 Update for DROID Bionic Officially Announced

    . According to DroidHive: 5.9.904 Update for DROID Bionic Officially Announced "The update for the DROID Bionic that leaked out 2 days ago has been officially announced by Motorola and will be rolling out to a private group of testers soon. Version 5.9.904 will bring the following to your...
  17. DanDroide

    Help Bionic won't unlock & says (No Serivce)!

    This afternoon my Bionic all of a sudden has a Swipe left to right unlock bar. Also it says (No Service) at the top. Swiping is not recognized to unlock...nothing happens. I tried a battery pull and also did the "hold the volume up & down while powering off" to reboot. Any help would be...
  18. DanDroide

    Find Bionic Serial Number

    How do I find my Bionic's serial number? I found numbers starting with "HEX" & "DEC". Any help is appreciated.
  19. DanDroide

    What is WCDMA Preferred?

    What is WCDMA Preferred? I was having trouble with my 3G & 4G out for the first time for me...using since launch day. I called verizon saying their was a problem for 4G devices in my area and they sre working on it. After a while, I soft booted and then I had 3G service. I went into...
  20. DanDroide

    Help Backing up programs

    I have been backing up my apps (& data) using "My Backup Pro" This is handy if I upgrade an app and it either "no longer works", "loses capabilities", or "becomes a paid program". I just uninstall the now "problem app" and restore using MBP. Permissions to allow "non-market" apps must be set...
  21. DanDroide

    turn off button lights

    Is there a way, or a setting, to shut off the 4 lower white buttons on the bottom of the Bionic? I thought I read where somebody was able to do that. Thanks!
  22. DanDroide

    Help Anyone else having short battery life on your Razr? - POST HERE

    I reading lots of short battery life problems on the Razr. How is your battery life and describe usage (if your a lite or heavy user) and are you using 4G? thanks!
  23. DanDroide

    OK, how do we Overclock our Bionics like the Razr?

    In the thread "Bionic vs RAZR vs Nexus", it was established that the Bionic COULD be overclocked to 1.2 (equal to the RAZR = same processor) BUT it would be difficult. OK, we have brilliant people in this forum. Tell us how to do it please.
  24. DanDroide

    Mini USB to Mini USB Tether

    I just bought a USB to MINI USB adapter ($2 delivered). So, I now will have a cable that goes Mini USB to Mini USB. Question is, will I now be able to TETHER my Bionic directly to my wife's Xoom...will it work?
  25. DanDroide

    WiFi Hotspot ON, Laptop connects but NO Internet

    Hi, I have WiFi Hotspot free until November 8th. When I turn it on, my wife's Xoom can connect and Internet surf "no problem". When my Laptop (with Win 7 & ZoneAlarm) connects, it shows a good WiFi Connection BUT I can NOT get on the Internet. Any ideas? Thanks!!