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  1. nunyazz

    Accessories Fascinate ProClip Holders now available...

    They are now showing that the fascinate holders are in stock...
  2. nunyazz

    Root Uninstall Voodoo?

    What's the easiest way to uninstall VooDoo without loosing everything (if possible). Rooted with clockworkmod. Thanks!
  3. nunyazz

    SlideScreen anyone?

    Anyone using it? I'm trying it out right now and really like some things about it but really don't like a few things. I would really love to use it as my lockscreen but I've searched for a way and can't find one. Any such thing as a "Home Switcher" program for the lockscreen? SlideScreen |...
  4. nunyazz

    Accessories Micro-USB Charger DEAL!

    Deal of the day.. 9/28/2010 The Dollar Giveaway Deal of the Day 3 Car chargers for $5, can't beat that! :D
  5. nunyazz


    Just a short note to say hello and thanks to the mods and members for this great resource of information on the Android OS. My wife and myself are new converts from AT&T/iPhones to Verizon/HTC Incredibles. I am on a waiting list for a Droid X. I'm not sure if the X could be much better than the...