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  1. benslgdroid

    Photos taken with the l9

    Show off your artistic talent with the l9 camera here. Only l9 taken images please.
  2. benslgdroid

    Help Color saturation

    The color saturation on the camera is very very low and the images looked washed out. I can use an editing app but I'd like to figure out how to correct this in the native app itself.
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    Coming to vm

    This phone was tweeted by vm to be coming with ics at $99
  4. benslgdroid

    New ics phone tweeted about by vm

    New $99 ics phone tweeted by vm
  5. benslgdroid

    User video review

    Part One of a user review of the pcd virgin Mobile chaser. Same reviewer as the other videos I posted. I prefer user reviews because you get a real opinion rather than what someone was paid to do. This reviewer goes pretty in depth in his reviews...
  6. benslgdroid

    Video sample by chaser Video sample done by same reviewer who did the unboxing. Shows what this phone can do video wise which doesn't seem to be anything to write home about going by the review.
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    Help Won't charge past 86%

    I just got my one v and charged it over night but once it gets to 86% it stops charging. I'm use to using a rooted device so I don't know what else to try. I've rebooted, unplugged and plugged back in and nothing.
  8. benslgdroid

    Wi-Fi tether on virgin Mobile version

    So I never saw the WiFi tether app since I got my one v a few days ago on virgin mobile. I got tired of the sense launcher and installed nova prime and opened the app drawer and saw this: I was like what It works without root.
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    Post your home screens

    Since this phone has screenshot built in out of the box this should be easy for all users, to take a screenshot push power and volume down at the same time. Post your home screens if you like. I've seen some clever ideas from others, and it gives people a chance to see what other launchers...
  10. benslgdroid

    Chaser unboxing video

    I subscribe to a good virgin Mobile reviewer and his latest video is the Pcd chaser unboxing. So get your first look at it in a consumer's hands
  11. benslgdroid


    Just ordered my one v last night. I'm pretty excited! I'm coming from the optimus v so it's a big step up.
  12. benslgdroid

    New phone for virgin Mobile$80-pcd-chaser-to-android-roster/57481292 New phone released with slightly better specs and cheaper than the ov and includes gingerbread.
  13. benslgdroid

    New phone on vm no forum$80-pcd-chaser-to-android-roster/57481292 New phone released with slightly better specs and cheaper than the ov and includes gingerbread. Didn't see a forum for this phone. I may have overlooked it.
  14. benslgdroid

    Root Benslgdroid mdpi cm9 themes

    BIZARRO (play store) Based off my cm7 theme bizarro Clock is fancy widgets pro, folders are folder organizer. Launcher is nova. H2G2 (play store) This is based off the number 42 or H2G2...
  15. benslgdroid

    Root A hint of things to come

    This is a dirty rough build but just a hint of what's to come for my cm9 themes now that I figure out the missing code and files for the bars and drop.
  16. benslgdroid

    Root S2E the easiest apps 2 ext I've found

    Found a very easy free option for apps2ext, not apps2sd, to use with a rooted optimus v. This does require you to partition your card which there are a few different ways to do this. The Option: The app is in the play store called S2E...
  17. benslgdroid

    Root quick tut on how to change icons in nova launcher

    Explanation: A quick tutorial for those Optimus v users who are now on one of the new ics roms and wasn't customization in the nova launcher (you do need nova, trebuchet does not have these options) Instructions: Hold the app until it vibrates and a menu will pop up, Select edit, a new menu...
  18. benslgdroid

    Tug of war 4

    The rules same as Tug of war 3 Objective: Staff win is they reach -1000 Members win if they reach 1000 Rules : Staff Guides : -1 Mods -2 Members Premium/ROM devs : +2 Regular :+1 No double posting No Images !! So let it roll I will begin 1 _______________ (Copied from op of tow3)
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    Root Benslgdroid cm7 mdpi themes

    apk theme choser themes, these will work with all cm7 mdpi roms but are known to work for the optimus v gmblue.apk UOTblues.apk UOTgrover.apk UOTroon.apk UOTwashout.apk UOTzen.apk Out of sight out of mind Rusted (play store)...
  20. benslgdroid

    Root stream your phone to pc

    I found this app droid vnc server which allows you to stream and control your phone through your computers browser. No need of any extras other than having java installed on your computer. I'm likely going to use it to make tutorial videos. This video is just proof of concept running on optimus...
  21. benslgdroid

    Root Post your notification drop

    Post your notification drop down for backside for others to try or get an idea or just to show off. I am also taking requests, I'll do the best I can to find your request or make it myself. Here's a few to get it rolling: (I like star wars ;) )
  22. benslgdroid

    Root My backup pro or titanium backup pro

    Has anyone tried my backup pro? How does it compare to titanium pro? Does it run well on the Optimus v? (This is a device specific question) I have a credit from Amazon but I don't see anything I want so I thought I'd give it a try if I get good feedback.
  23. benslgdroid

    Root How do you hide root?

    Anyone know how to hide root from an app such as movies by flixster? I paid for my digital movies and should be able to watch them. I've already tried an app that renames the su file in system bin and it didn't work.
  24. benslgdroid

    Root Link2sd tutorial for a fresh wipe

    Introduction: When updating your rom or going to a new rom and using link2sd and you need to do a full wipe or you will run into errors, some say the recreate link scripts works but its never worked for me. So here is a step by step how to do it after its already been set up and you have a fresh...
  25. benslgdroid

    Root Google music uploaded songs

    So I have my rooted optimus v with backside 1/10 and just set up the uploaded songs which play great but when I upload new songs they only show when I clear all the apps data through the manager. I've tried everything in the app including the refresh online music option which doesn't seem to do...