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  1. Puffy

    Help Noob question for the G2x

    Im using handscent as I have on my old Androids, thing is I cannot remember how to shut down the installed text messenger so it will not come up and all I see will be the Handsent. I get both with every message and I cannot remember how I got it to work on my old Hero properly. Suggestions...
  2. Puffy

    Speech to text app like "the button", need assistance...

    One of the new phones has "the button" for instant select sender then speech to text. Big hands little kbd / dang near blind = fail:( Is there an app that does the same for my Hero and will it speak my messages back to me. Sure would make my life easier.
  3. Puffy

    This bugs the crap out of me.. keypad

    So I'm making a call on my Hero, I hit phone, dump the keypad and pick from my recent call list and place the call. When I'm done keypad & list are still there. I must close it (needs to close automatically) to get back to my home screen or it will be there when I clear my lock screen next time...
  4. Puffy

    Rings Extended not working

    Rings Extended will not install with the new update in place. Anyone else having this problem? It's in the phone but does not show up on program list.:confused: My friends have it on their G-1's and it's great.