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  1. AlkiDweller

    Netflix, lost "recently watched"

    2012 Nexus 7. About a month ago Netflix updated their program I was was really liking it, but after about a week the recently watched part of the program disappeared. Now all it says is... Continue watching for AlkiDweller. Could not load data. Reload. Taping Reload results in no change. Now...
  2. AlkiDweller

    Question about the anatomy of a OTG cable

    After a little research I've come to the conclusion that the part of the OTG cable that allows it to work is in the micro connector. Is that accurate? If so, can I assume that the cable behind the connector is laid out like a conventional USB cable? My objective is to cut an OTG cable in half...
  3. AlkiDweller

    Still have your Play Sore Credit?

    Co Pilot Live is on sale in the Play Store for $9.99. Glad I bought the 16 meg N7. All north American maps is 1.3 gigs. Damn. Can't edit a subject.
  4. AlkiDweller

    Just An Observation

    After having this Nexus 7 for about a week now, every time I pick up my Samsung Nexus, it feels so tiny. :eek:
  5. AlkiDweller

    Wallet, magicJack, Google Voice and GVJack

    Don't you love stuff that just works, the first time? Two stories here, wrapped into one. One about Google Wallet and one about magicJack and a program called "GVJack" (as in, Google Voice / magicJack). I got Sprints version of the Gnex about three weeks ago and at the time I knew nothing...
  6. AlkiDweller

    Got a text while visiting Japan

    Using an HTC Evo Shift with Sprint, which of course is CDMA. Shortly after arriving in Japan last Friday I received a text from Sprint saying... In Japan to call US dial 0101-area code-number. Calls 1.99/min, Txt sent 0.50 recvd 0.05. Sprint Care 010-1-817-698-4199. Data service available...
  7. AlkiDweller

    Help Re: PDANET on ths samsung epic 4g touch with Sprint

    Slug, a moderator, has closed the above mentioned thread because discussing something that would be a violation of Sprints TOS is not permitted. I hope rooting is acceptable under the carrier TOS or half your site is going to disappear. I know it isn't acceptable for Virgin Mobile. I can...
  8. AlkiDweller

    Newest update fixes Sense reload?

    Yesterday I read from someone else in the forum that he was notified of an update and after updating the Sense reloading issue was resolved. So I checked for the update, found one was available and updated. I've opened and closed every app that would normally cause the reload and it looks...
  9. AlkiDweller

    Help 3G gone. No data unless it's 4G.

    I don't remember changing any settings that would have caused it, but day before yesterday I noticed the 3G icon on the notification bar was gone and nothing that uses the internet is working. I can turn on 4G and that works fine but when I turn it off there's no data. In Settings / Wireless...
  10. AlkiDweller

    Help Phone won't turn on

    It's rooted but I've never installed a custom ROM. I turned security off only to install a third party wifi hot spot application. Yesterday I noticed some odd behavior. The volume control didn't work and there was a new icon in the notification bar that looked like a tilted rectangle. This...
  11. AlkiDweller

    Help A USB cable's a USB cable, right?

    Just got the EVO last Friday. It replaces a Samsung Moment that died a horrible death. When I charge it with the cable that came with it, it charges fine. But if I charge it with the Moments cable, it doesn't charge. The battery icon is animated as if it's charging and Spare Parts reports that...
  12. AlkiDweller

    Help Tab key with the physical keyboard?

    Anyone know of a way to type a tab with the physical keyboard?
  13. AlkiDweller

    Root Un-Root?

    I upgraded the kernel with one from Zeffie when the version was around 8. It worked so well I just left it alone. I never backed it up prior to the upgrade but I did save the few stock apps I had removed. In anticipation of 2.1 I expect I'll have to restore it to stock. Is that a correct...
  14. AlkiDweller

    Help Update to Google Voice

    And no more FC! Yippy!
  15. AlkiDweller

    Snowplows in Detroit get Moments on windshields

    Streaming video from Moments mounted to the windshields of snowplows... Streaming Snowplows Circle Detroit - 2010-03-01 18:12:47 | Broadcasting & Cable
  16. AlkiDweller

    Help How many apps is too many?

    I'm pretty good at uninstalling applications that I don't use but I find I'm installing more and uninstalling less and I just haven't seen a performance hit. I just counted. 40 third party applications. Anyone see any side effects from installing too many applications?