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  1. Nagrom

    Any sign of a working Xposed for Lollipop yet?

    I know there's a working Xposed for Lollipop out now, and has been for some time, but the Samsung version caused a bootloop. Does anyone know if this has been fixed yet? Thanks in advance Andy
  2. Nagrom

    Help Changing Google voice speaking voice.

    Hi guys. I used to use Google voice search all the time with the high quality ENGLISH voice. However since installing my lollipop rom, it's stuck on a god awful low quality American voice. Even though I've downloaded the hq English one. I can't see how you actually install the new...
  3. Nagrom

    Help Transferring files to my Tablet via USB.

    Hi guys. In getting tired of taking out my sd card from my tablet, and transferring files from my phone to it via an adapter, and my USB on the go cable. I find it hard to belive that you can't just connect a tablet, and phone together using a USB cable and a on the go adapter. To transfer...
  4. Nagrom

    KOTOR Turret Battle mission help!!

    Hi guys. Totally addicted to KOTOR, and I've just escaped Taris.... However, in the following space battle mission in the turret of the Ebon Hawk, I'm finding touch screen controls really aren't suitable. It's too slow to move, and too temperamental firing. Is there an easier way to...
  5. Nagrom

    Looking for an device to device instant messaging app.

    Hi guys. Is there an app out there that allows messages to be sent from one device to another when they're connected on the same wifi network. I don't mean a normal sms app like Handcent, Chomp, or go. Rather one that will instantly display a message on the screen of one device, when sent...
  6. Nagrom

    Xposed on Rooted Note running Lollipop?

    Hi guys. Any word when we'll be seeing a compatible version of Xposed? I know there's now a version for Arm7 devices, but can't see any for the Note 3. Thanks in advance. Andy
  7. Nagrom

    Root [International] Unable to reroot after installing Cyanogenmod 12.

    Hi Guys. Okay so after alot of help from Dynomot, I've got my device rooted, custom recovery installed. Along with Lollipop. I took the plunge last night, and installed Cyanogenmod 12. Yes I know it's at nightly only stage at the moment, and to be installed only at owners risk. I've been a...
  8. Nagrom

    Help Updating to Lollipop through Kies?

    Hi Gang. Okay so I rooted a while ago, as some may know. I know I can't update to Lollipop OTA, but am I right in thinking I still can through Kies? I know there was a 1 gig update last time I connected to kies, but it failed when I tried to install it on my Note. Seemed there was a problem...
  9. Nagrom

    Looking for an app that locks a device between certain times of the day.

    Hi Guys. My son has a 7" Asus tablet, and he's started being a sod at messing about on it at all hours of the day. While it's on charge in his room. 02:10 is far too early for a 7 year old to be up. Does anyone know of an app the locks it until a certain time of the day? So I can stop him...
  10. Nagrom

    Help Kids mode killed my Note 3. HELP!!!

    Hi Guys. I've got a major problem with my beloved Note 3. My son was ono Kids Mode. Something he's done a thousand times before with no problems. After he had finished playing on it, I tried to log out of it, and return to my homescreen. wasn't able to switch kids mode off. When the screen...
  11. Nagrom

    Root [International] Drop down lists causing apps to FC

    Hi guys. After doing a factory reset to solve a problem a while ago, I'm finding allot of apps are force closing whenever I click on a drop down list to make a selection within the app. This had happened on S Planner, With Poweramp when creating a widget. Also on Elixir 2. Again when...
  12. Nagrom

    Root [International] Xposed mod to make Multi window bar black

    Hi guys. I installed a mod a while ago that allowed you to theme the Multi Window bar to make it black. However after a reboot recently, the bat had reverted back to white. I can't for the life of me find the setting again. I read it was in the Wanam mod, but can't find it anywhere...
  13. Nagrom

    Root [International] Help. Phone stuck in a boot loop

    I've been messing with some xposed modules, and I installed the startup manager one to stop unwanted apps starting when I boot up my phone. I dont know if thats the cause, as i hadn't even started using it yet, but since then ive I've been unable to boot my device. Its constantly stuck on the...
  14. Nagrom

    Root [International] Flashing CyanogenMod 11 without Hiemdall?

    Hi guys. This is really aimed at Dynomat, but any other advice would be welcome. After finally rooting my Note, I'm looking assert installing CM11. Loved CM on my old GS2. Reading the CM site, or sounds like the only way I cab usual it is by installing the Hiemdall recovery. Really can't be...
  15. Nagrom

    4.4.3, or 4.4.4 update. When?

    Hi gang. I'm with Vodafone UK, and for months I've been reading that we're SUPPOSED to be getting an update from 4.4.2. Last date I heard was sometime in September. I know I can root, and are planning to soon, but does anyone know if we're EVER going to get an official update? Thanks in...
  16. Nagrom

    Root [International] Rooting with Odin Failed. Need Help.

    Hi Gang. Okay so I decided to bite the bullet, and root my Note 3. I'm no stranger to rooting, having successfully rooted both my 1st generation HTC Desire, and my Galaxy S2. Following Dynomot's easy guide I downloaded everything I need, and started the rooting process. The only issue I...
  17. Nagrom

    Root [International] Anyone used Kingo to root their Note 3?

    Hi gang. I'm toying with rooting my note. Having rooted both my 1st generation HTC Desire, and my Galaxy S2. Just been reading about Kingo And it sounds a dream to use. I used...
  18. Nagrom

    Looking for a remote control phone to tablet app.

    Hi gang. I'm looking for an app that will let me control my tablet FULLY from my phone. Kinda like Splashtop Android to Windows PC remote system. Where I can fully mirror my tablet from my phone over my wifi network. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Andy
  19. Nagrom

    Is it Possible to use Swipe Shortcuts on the pin Lock Screen ?

    Hi . Just got My new Note 3, and I wanted to Setup Swipe Shortcuts on my pin lock screen. I had them set up on my rooted Galaxy S2, running CynogenMod 10.1. However, I am unable to find how to set them up on the pin lock screen. I can only see settings for adding them to the swipe screen...
  20. Nagrom

    Linking Amazon bought games with Google store?

    Hi guys. So I bought Ravensword from the Amazon app store a while back, but have only got around to playing it recently. Is looking at how much an in game item was to purchase, and I got an error saying that the app wasn't configured to work with Google play in game purchases. Is there a way...
  21. Nagrom

    Help URGENT. Cyanogenmod 10.2 (Nightly) Theme Provider stopped error

    Hi Gang. Before Iron Ass has a go at me for using the nightly builds, I've been using them for months now with no issues. I decieded to update my phone to the latest nightly last night, as I've not done it for a while. Before I did, I deleted the previous installer zip file from the cwmupdate...
  22. Nagrom

    Rooting their Hudl

    Hi gang. Looking at getting the Hudl in the next few weeks. Anyone planning on Rooting theirs? This will be my 3rd android device, and I rooted both my previous 1st generation HTC Desire, and my current Sammy GS2. I know there's a Linux Rooting solution, and I'm in two minds whether to root my...
  23. Nagrom

    Can't install Ravensword 2 on my Galaxy So.

    Hi guys. I bought Ravensword 2 from the Amazon Market, but for some reason I can't install it on my S2. There's more than enough memory on the internal card, so I'm a bit baffled. I've been on Crescent Moon's website, but the help section is less than useless. Anyone any idea what could be...
  24. Nagrom

    Half Life 2?

    Hi all. Seeing as Half Life 2 is a very old game now (2002) I think, and tyre specs are quite low, had anyone heard of an Android version? As Source is open source, and today's Android devices are more powerful than the PC's of that time, no reason why it won't run on them. Andy.
  25. Nagrom

    Help Moving apps to external sd issue...

    Hi guys. Okay so my wife's just upgraded to the S3 mini, and we're both baffled by a weird problem. We've both had Androids right from the first generation HTC Desire, and Wildfire, and through every incarnation of Android we've used from Froyo, right up to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 on my Rooted S2...