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    Help Phone keeps restarting

    Hi everyone My sister has a Note 4 and it has now by random started to restart by itself. She thinks the phone also feels hot. Any ideas of the cause and/or any solutions?
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    New android phones (except Samsung)

    Hi I have always had Samsung Android phones, the contract for my current S5 will be finished soon. I want to stick to Android but feel like a change, im considering a Sony, LG or other phones. This time im looking for a phone by judging on it's exterior. As on the interior side of things...
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    Help Lock screen changed to swipe despite setting as fingerprint

    Hi Set lock screen as fingerprint, ok for a few hours, then it changed itself to swipe lock. Nothing happens if i change it back to fingerprint. Tried the following solution however cant find the 'smart lock' option anywhere...
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    Note 5 UK release date?

    Hi Does anyone know when this is getting released in the UK. I'm hearing general rumours of early 2016. Usman
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    Help Google Hangouts app - notification issue

    Hi Phone: Note 3 When i receive a Google Hangouts message, sometimes i do not hear/see a any notifications. Sometimes when i unlock the phone's screen i then see/receive messages. Can somebody explain why this is happening? It feels like the phone is in a deep sleep or something and wakes up...
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    Help Lollipop - volume doesnt show priority mode

    Hi I just received the Lollipop update last night. I understand that to use priority mode you press one of the volume keys and then there are 3 options - None, Priority and All. However, i don't receive these 3 choices. What i see after pressing the volume button is a volume slider, which if...
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    Best football (soccer) scores app?

    So far i have tried Forza and Fotmob. Are there any others which are clearly good as the above? One thing that is important to me is the apps showing the CORRECT formation of a team during a match.
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    An app that generates text list of apps installed?

    Hi Is there an app that generates a text list of current apps installed? I would like to have access to the list as a document.
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    What colour is your S5?

    What colour is your S5?
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    Help Calender apps not showing calenders after 4.3 update

    After the 4.3 update when i update/create a contact, the calenders on my mobile are not displaying, they are displaying fine on my desktop browser. All settings are (syncing all calenders and all calenders are selected in the mobile app etc). Has anyone experienced this issue after the...
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    Viber - block a contact

    Hi Is is possible to block a contact in Viber only? Also i keep getting added into groups messages and unknown contacts see me, which is a privacy issue. I can leave/delete the group each time but doesn't solve the issue. How can i avoid being added into future groups messages?
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    Ap for customising LED light notification?

    Hi Is there an app which lets me customise the LED light for message notifications? I'd like to see the LED light always on (not flashing/blinking) for WhatsApp. The depth of LED light customization in Handcent is a great example of personalization.
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    Viber not downloading received photos

    Hey I have Viber on my S3. However whenever someones sends me photos, i cannot download them. When i tap them to open, i just a get constant round circle loading. Nothing happens after this. Does anyone have this issue? How can i fix this?
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    Default/stock app to take notes with finger/stylus?

    Does the S3 have a stock app which allows me to take notes naturally using finger or stylus pen?
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    Multiplayer games

    Can anyone recommend any good multiplayer games that can be played with friends? I have played only 2 so far: Guerrilla Bob Muffin Knight Please recommend some other ones!
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    WhatsApp for OLD non-android phones?

    Hi I know this is an android forum (i myself have an S3) however, i would like to ask in a active forum (like this one). It is there any possibility for any way WhatsApp, Viber or any other popular chat app can be installed on an old old Samsung Tocco phone?
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    Best messenger app?

    So which is the best messenger in your opinion? My first was WhatsApp and love it, i'm having to use Viber too because half friends use Viber. The main difference between the 2 i saw that Viber does calls. However i fell the user interface is alot easier in Whatsapp, and would be perfect...
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    backup sms text messages as a file?

    Hi My aim is to backup my text messages from a specific contact as some sort of a log/record. Is there a way to export as a file/database/spreadsheet all the texts including date and time etc? Not sure if this help, i use handcent.
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    Go Launcher - black bg on custom icons??

    I have a custom set of icons on the desktop. The icons are png/transparent. However on the desktop the icons arent transparent as they each have a black background. I have checked go launchers preferences many times, to find an option which disables this but no luck. Help
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    screen resolution size for landscape wallpapers?

    Just got ym S3 Whats the screen resolution size for perfect fit landscape wallpapers on this phone?
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    Plug in launcher - how do u use it? scenarios for use?

    Thanks to this article i have found this great app. App desciption - This app is a true "plug and play" app. It will launch a specified app (or the ability to choose from multiple via dialog) when the Power, USB, or Headset cables are connected to the device The questions is, as it has...
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    Apps for London holiday break???

    any1 knwo any good apps which will be useful when going to london for tourism etc?
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    Help wifi still cuts off-after few days of phone reset

    since the ics update everything is fine, however i cant connect to my wifi. I have to always reset the phone, after this i can connect to my wifi but only for a few days. I have to reset all over again. Is there any other solution to this?
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    Help 2 HTC sensation phones cant connect to each other for multiplayer gaming

    My 2 family members each have the HTC sensation, and through home wifi they cant find/play each other in any multiplayer game. They can play with me as i dont have htc sensation. Weird Does anyone have this problem? Is there any solutions?
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    Help Wifi connection problems after ICS

    hi my internet with 3G/H+ works fine, but since ICS update doesnt with home wifi. I tried the below but no luck: