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  1. 06Stang

    Custom Apple Burn Animation!

    Hey everyone. I'm working on a new bootanimation. My brother in law is a fireman and inspired me to make this. I have a preliminary rough draft. Looking for some testers and feedback. Im planning on adding smoother animation for the droid and having the apple burn and ash away and turn into...
  2. 06Stang

    Help Vibrate and Haptic problem

    I'm having a problem with my vibrate and haptic feedback on my phone. Vibrate and haptic work until I'm texting and it goes out randomly. Doesn't work when I touch the screen and doesn't vibrate when I get calls or messages. It randomly comes back on. I'm using Incrom 1.2 and doesnt matter what...
  3. 06Stang

    Help Browser crash

    My browser keeps crashing on a specific page. Some times it even goes as far as freezing the phone and going to sleep and I have to pull the battery. Anyone else? Using dolphin hd and even happens on stock browser.
  4. 06Stang

    Help Music Organization

    How would I separate the ringtones from the music on my phone so that it doesnt pop up in the music player?
  5. 06Stang

    Help Mail Not Sending

    My hotmail has been working fine since I got the phone.. But now i cant send emails. I checked all the settings and its all automatic but now it just sends 3G for ten minutes then pops up with a "Cannot Send Email Incorrect Settings" or something
  6. 06Stang

    Help Notification During Songs

    Is there a way to change a setting so notification sounds like SMS wont go through the car speakers when listening to music? I hate having my phone hooked up and all of a sudden the music stops and the notification plays.
  7. 06Stang

    720p video/3g hot spot and froyo soon

    Little birdie told me about verizon talking about releasing froyo soon but before that an ota for 720p video and 3g hot spot. Just telling you what I heard from verizon/htc... that a birdie overheard EDIT: HTC first to get froyo, mobile hot spot is $20 a month
  8. 06Stang

    Name change?

    Mods, can I change my name on the boards?