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  1. Sharondippity

    Help best gps settings ?

    I can't find the thread where folks had commented on how they optimized their GPS on their Maxx. What setting do you use that work best on Smart Actions and Google Navigate?
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    I've been asked to start an 80s thread...

    So I am complying.
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    One of my two Rokus died

    It's not under warranty. It didn't last very long, and I'm wondering if anyone here have any alternative suggestions for getting my TV connected to Netflix and Hulu?
  4. Sharondippity

    What's the fastest camera app you've tried?

    I tried my friend's iPhone 5 and was so jealous of the camera speed. I haven't tried too many camera apps, but was wondering which ones anyone else has tried and liked the speed?
  5. Sharondippity

    Help No Market or Google Play store after update

    All my Google Apps are gone now. Anyone else have this issue? When in Applications, the "Market" tab up on the right top does not do anything when pressed. I did a restart, same results. Any suggestions?
  6. Sharondippity

    Help priority phone numbers

    Is there a way to silence your phone but set priority phone numbers that will ring?
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    I want a charge cord at least 6 feet long

    This two foot cord is annoying as heck. Any suggestions?
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    Drunk Mode, every phone needs this

  9. Sharondippity

    Am I at my upload limit?

    I don't have the "manage attachments" options when I start a thread or reply to one. Do I have to get rid of old attachments?
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    Bluegrass + Rap = AWESOMESAUCE

    Gangstagrass: Gunslinging Rambler featuring R-SON live at Southpaw - YouTube Yodeling too! I am in LOVE!
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    Who here has ditched cable/satellite TV?

    I just cancelled my Dish Network TV. This is very liberating! I have a Roku that I've been watching a lot of Netflix on lately. I can buy sports channels through Roku during the seasons I watch (hockey and baseball). A lot of stations (CBS, ABC, perhaps more as I look into it) are free to...
  12. Sharondippity

    Who here has a dog that is terrified of fireworks?

    Mine had to have a pillow over her head (with her nose poking out), my leg thrown over her and a hand on her back to keep her from trembling last night. Today I'm yawning like the MGM lion and will sleep like the dead tonight.
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    Real life Tony Stark

    I found this story riveting. French electrician stranded in Moroccan desert rebuilt his wrecked car as a motorbike and drove back to civilisation | Mail Online
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    Hey cat!

  15. Sharondippity

    clever user names here

    Android Forums - View Profile: &roid I think this user's name and avatar are awesome.
  16. Sharondippity

    ICS Must Read

    Ice Cream Sandwich | Android Developers This is a list of the ICS highlights, from the website
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    Happy Phriday Phellow Phandroids

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    Voice to text fail fun

    This is a conversation between me and my friend, whose two dogs I exercised while they were on a day trip. I have others but they're not suitable for public LOL
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    By all measures, my dog should be bald

    This is my old gal, I've been home more lately (and online) due to her recent health issues. She's 14 and still very mobile but is having liver problems. When people ask me what kind of dog she is, I tell them she's an American Shedder. If you'll notice, she's having trouble with her eye...
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    Official I've got ICS installed thread..

    I think the stock camera app is a bit better. The launch screen is neato, having five shortcuts in the base bar instead of four is good. My coffee hasn't kicked in. I heard a rumor you can do screenshots with ICS? Anyone know how?
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    It's Friday, get down with your bad self

    Happy Friday all!
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    Advanced smilies has typo

    "dito" should be "ditto"
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    It's painfully slow lately. Yikes:mad:
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    Help notification light keeps blinking

    After searching online, there isn't one thread I found where the constant blinking notification light problem was solved. I uninstalled Handscent, and the blinking light is now purple instead of blue. Blargh!