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  1. TobesEtc

    Help S6 Edge. No email (exchange), Facebook, Play Books...

    S6 Edge arrived this morning. The email client crashes if I try to set up Exchange. Expecting a call-back on that from Tier 2. Google Play Books won't open, just crashes. Facebook won't open. Hey - Inbox works with my Gmail email, so that's something! Why do I early adopt?
  2. TobesEtc

    Some incoming message go to HTC MESSAGES not Google Hangouts.

    My M8 is causing me issues with messages I recieve from one person. For everyone else, messages go to Hangouts, but a friend with an S5 causes me this problem: If he sends me an SMS it goes to Hangouts. I then reply and if he replies to that it switches on his phone to CHAT in his S5 Messaging...
  3. TobesEtc

    Help Cannot see home Wi-Fi

    My Nexus 7 has suddenly stopped seeing my home Wi-Fi network. The router is a BT HH4. I've turned it on and off. Everything else connects to it fine (HTC One, S4, Nexus 5). I've done a factory reset of the N7. Still does not see the network. I've tried entering the network details, just says...
  4. TobesEtc

    Don't buy Spigen SGP Crumena Leather View Pouch

    I just bought a Spigen SGP Crumena Leather View Pouch. Apart from being far more bulky than the SENA Ultraslim pouch that I've been used to with my S2 & S3, it was okay. I really like(d) the viewing window (S-View function). But...the first time I put it in the back pocket of my jeans for an...
  5. TobesEtc

    Help Beautiful Widgets Daydream very dim

    When I use Beautiful Widgets for the Daydream the screen is very dim. In the BW Settings I've tried toggling Night Mode on and off, to no effect. All the other Daydream screen-savers are at normal brightness. Any ideas?
  6. TobesEtc

    Help Chrome Bookmark favicons

    I use Chrome on my pc, Nexus 7 and S4. On the Mobile Bookmarks screen the bookmarks sync between the devices fine, but on the S4 the favicons do not display correctly. See the attached screen shot, Techradar , T3 and Verge all display correctly on the Nexus 7, but not on the S4. Anyone know why?
  7. TobesEtc

    Help Play Books - going to wrong page

    Anyone noticed an issue with Play Books opening at the wrong page? After I'd been reading on my Nexus 7, I opened today on my S4 and it opened about 50 pages too far forward! Also, on both this and the S3 recently (ie last week!) when I opened on the Nexus it I got the message "it looks like...
  8. TobesEtc

    Help Daydream Beautiful Widget screen is dim

    I've got Daydream set to bring up the Beautiful Widget when docked. However, the screen is really dim/dark as soon as the widget activates. It isn't dark for the other options. Under Daydream>BW>Settings I've not got Night selected (though I did try that to see if that was the cause - doesn't...
  9. TobesEtc

    Help How do you stop the S4 trying to "check-in"?

    Something is making my S4 try to check me in everywhere I go. It's not Facebook and I don't use any other social media. I think it's the Google location, but not sure. I do have location allowed for Google Now, etc.... is it that? Ideally, just need to know what/where box to uncheck to turn...
  10. TobesEtc

    chrome update took away pretty mobile bookmark favicons

    Did the latest update of chrome today and it has stopped the proper favicons on mobile bookmarks, now just get the rubbish small ones.Has anyone else noticed this, or got a fix? Because of this I didn't do the update on my S3.
  11. TobesEtc

    Root [International] Which ROM do you suggest for stock Android

    I'm interested in moving to a custom ROM to give a stock android feel (like my Nexus 7). Has anyone ported the Nexus 4 ROM across, or is there a better option? I usually go to XDA for this sort of thing, but can seem to find what I'm looking on this occasion (probably because I'm looking for...
  12. TobesEtc

    Asus Nexus 7 dock in stock at Asus UK web store.

    Tells you 14 days delivery, after you order (at least, that's when I noticed).
  13. TobesEtc

    Help Poor Support from Samsung (Dual view, car dock)

    I bought the UK Vodafone S3 because it was the "latest & greatest", I'd had the previous S2 and had loved it. I also have a Samsung TV and loved Dual View. Then Dual View functionality was taken away. I've spoken to Samsung multiple times and really I don't think they are even planning on...
  14. TobesEtc

    Disable Android spell checker when using Swype.

    Using Swype to write a text it just underlined something in orange and when I clicked on it I got the message "It is recommended that you disable Android Spell Checker when using Swype". OK... how do I do that for Swype?
  15. TobesEtc

    Help Vodafone Wi-Fi set up message

    Every day if I start up my S3 with wi-fi on, then I get this message: Vodafone Wi-Fi set up: to correctly identify you we need you to be connected over Vodafone network, not wifi. Please switch off wifi. (See attached screen shot...actually, it won't let me attach a screen shot...hmmm...). Any...
  16. TobesEtc

    4.1.2: has it fixed car dock issue?

    Does anyone know if the (Polish) 4.1.2 update available on XDA fixes the car dock issue that 4.1.1 introduced?
  17. TobesEtc

    4.2 lock screen problem

    My N7 just updated to 4.2. I also have email synced with work so there's a pin lock code. I thought this meant I couldn't change the lock screen... swiping any which way does nothing. Pin code just unlocks. Then this morning the machine acted weird for a bit and now below the lockscreen...
  18. TobesEtc

    Official dock?

    Ages ago the press carried pictures of an official (Asus, I think) portrait dock for the N7. It used the side contacts to charge, etc. What happened to it? Is it available?
  19. TobesEtc

    S3 + JB = no longer works in car dock

    The JB update (UK Vodafone) has stopped my S3 working in the car dock (infuse 4g). It won't charge. It won't play audio. Kaput. Anyone else tried this?
  20. TobesEtc

    Jelly Bean & Nova question (Grey>Black notification bar)

    I noticed that when I installed Jelly Bean my notification bar went grey. Then I installed Nova, and it turned black. If you use Nova on Jelly Bean on an S3, what colour is your notification bar? The dev has been really helpful/communicative but tells me that Nova does not do this, though...
  21. TobesEtc

    Google Now > Navigation > Maps > Stops

    When I look at Google Now and it offers me time to work or an appointment with the option to Navigate, if I click on the navigate link and select Maps then select the route option I want, I get "Unfortunately, Maps has stopped working" on my Nexus 7. Anyone else getting this? Works if I use...
  22. TobesEtc

    JB (Vodafone) & ADW Ex Launcher

    UPdated to JB on Vodafone today (Used Kies, worked fine). However, ADW has crashed, make that 3 times :-) Screens stay angled as if you are viewing them side-on not from the front, so some animation is freezing. Anyone else seen this, or had problems with any other launchers? (In...
  23. TobesEtc

    ADW v Nova - pro's & con's?

    I use ADW as my launcher (the paid version). It works fine, etc etc. I saw Nova was in the app sale for 25p, so figured I'd buy it and ask questions later! So, what are the relative strengths & weaknesses of Nova? Anything it does that ADW does not do? Thanks!
  24. TobesEtc

    Olympic Backplate thicker than normal backplate.

    Anyone noticed that the Olympic backplate (I have the dark Union flag one) makes the phone noticeably thicker than the standard backplate? Just thought I'd mention it. Compared two phones side by side and it was obvious.
  25. TobesEtc

    Original Home screen clock widget?

    I use ADW Launcher on my S3. My friend just bought an S3 and has hardly changed the layout at all. When we were comparing the two I realised that I cannot find the original clock widget that comes on the home screen. See attached. What is it called...or is there a reason why I've no longer...