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    Root HC new sdk

    Android Developers Blog: Final Android 3.0 Platform and Updated SDK Tools This means a better (non port of emulator) Honeycomb correct? Hopefully I can get a decent sd card that can run this, or maybe I will man up and just flash it once it comes out fully! Sorry if this is old, but I...
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    Root Cwr

    EDIT: Mods, please delete this post...
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    Root YouTube

    So, I just rooted my NC and have LP running on it. LOVE this tablet btw...Except, YouTube worked yesterday, but now when I click just goes to a black screen and then back to my homescreen..what gives? Same for setting a new shortcut on the LP icons...again, what gives?
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    I will be at work on superbowl working 5pm to I will obviously miss it. I'm the new guy at work so they put me on of course lol...We have 1 tv in the back but it constantly loops the training video (wtf??). I found this thread...
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    Root ROM manager problems

    I have used ROM manager since I first rooted back in March or so and have never had a problem, well I take that back I have had it do this once and I just would flash SPRecovery and flash RM back and everything would be fixed. Well my problem is that when I have ROM Manager/CWR flashed, I cannot...
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    Ghetto cam?

    I have a dinky netbook and I love it. But, I was wondering if I could use just the built in cam as a "ghetto webcam" streamed to my main pc. I don't want to use the chat program on my netbook because it's uber laggy. I was just wondering if it's possible to somehow hook up something to each comp...
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    Root Little help here

    Friend has a dX and he manually updated to 2.2 and we put root on it. Now he wanted rEvolution theme, we put it on and loaded up and now it's stuck on the M. We made a backup of the before, but it won't load it. Are we bricked? (NOTE) we didn't deodex...whoops. Can we still deodex? I go here to...
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    Root Fixing "Low memory"

    I have a problem, I am on the ROM in my siggy and need some help. I get a thing in my notification bar saying i have low internal storage memory...I have done the scripts such as: rmadwlauncher, email, corpcal and so forth. I was at .67mb and then before the rm scripts i uninstalled like...
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    Root Return/not??

    Ok, I have a question for you guys. I have had my Droid, maybe around February of this year. I have had to replace it about 3 times (doesn't bother me, as long as my replacement works). The other times I have replaced it were due to my messaging app FC on me (pre root) and the last...
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    Root Battery Indicator

    Quick battery indicator seems a bit weird/off. I'm running Kangerade 5.0.9 currently and....well you can see by the pictures that 50% looks about 80% and 40% looks about here's 50% here's 40%
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    Vertical HR

    Quick question... I emailed the guy who made Launcherpro Beta, but I thought I would also ask here. Is there already one out there, a Home Replacement, where you can swipe up and down to go to other screens as opposed to the standard/classic left and right? I think this is much...
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    Root 2.2 Camera Question

    EDIT: Nevermind, DUMB mistake on my part...please delete this thread! Sorry...
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    MMS Conversion/charges?

    Hey, this doesn't relate to me personally but my aunt just got a Droid a few weeks ago I guess and asked me a question that I didn't know; surprisingly lol. She said something along the lines of: When she tries to send a picture it says "Converting message to MMS" (I told her that was normal...
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    Root Market Issue Switching from FroYo

    Hello, I just switched from Kangerade Froyo back to BB v1.1 android 2.1. I went to download some things in the market and when I type anything in the search it says it can't find anything. I go to the "All Apps" section and click on free apps and NO apps pop says: No matching content...
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    Root LED problem (root related)

    I have cyanogenmod installed from ROM manager. I just realized yesterday that my LED won't flash. Is this caused by his ROM? I DID do a "stress test" on my kernel and then it froze and shut too hot i think. I can't remember if the LED wasn't working before or after this. Would...
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    SMS force close?

    Hey, I just got my droid about 2 weeks ago. I returned it the next day because it kept force closing on my sms. They gave me a new one and haven't had the problem...until yesterday. At least twice a day now, since yesterday, i get a message saying: The application Messaging (process...
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    Hi, My name's Nathan. I've been browsing here for about 2 weeks on and off because I have an update coming soon (this thursday to be exact) and I didn't know which phone to get. I was originally getting the droid, just because it has better specs. But, my plan was faulted quickly after the...