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  1. adz63

    7 out of 10 s4's will be snapdragons

    just seen this so thought i would share Samsung Galaxy S4 to ship with Snapdragon quad-core processor in 7m handsets -
  2. adz63

    Adreno 320 vs PowerVR SGX544MP3

    Ok i was under the impression that the PowerVR was pretty much top dog at the moment .. how do both the above compare with each other? is there huge difference
  3. adz63

    Looking for a nice phone apk

    Hi all im looking for a nice phone apk to go with my miui mix theme dialler on checkrom revolutionhd v4 exactly like the dialler but the phone apk would be great but if not something simular would be good Heres the dialler
  4. adz63

    Help pics from gallery gone missing and all tones

    ok a bit of a weird one , i have not changed any settings or touched anything or added anything , but i went to look in gallery and all me pics had gone . also noticed my phone ringing with no sound ,, sound was fully up etc . got my gf to txt and there was no sound on that either .. ok so i...
  5. adz63

    Help lite'ning v6 fc's help

    ok since installing lr6, i am getting fc's when opening stock phone contacts and message apps. i have tried everything like full wipes , nandroids , reflash with and without wipes everything . nobody from the thread seems to be able to help so i thought i would ask here ... went back to lr5 and...
  6. adz63

    question about switching from 3g to h/h+

    ok i have always had atleast H on desire and hero never seen 3g in the 18months i have had my contract . but now on sgs2 i only see 3g??? i have been looking at some blogs and some of them are saying h/h+ has been disabled . (i have not turned it off ) when i got the phone i could see...
  7. adz63

    just noticed something about the cpu

    ok me and many others have noticed that the cpu on (ours anyway ) is armv7 processor rev1 is it not meant to be this Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, Mali-400MP GPU, Exynos chipset shall i call samsung and kick off or send my phone back and make them replace it with what it should be
  8. adz63

    how to change splash screen (solved)

    how can i change the splash screen on the s2 thanks
  9. adz63

    Help fast dormancy and yellow triangle with !

    hi im in the process of customizing my new sgs2 . i have just successfully installed lightning 4 ROM and all works fine . i would like to know why there is a yellow triangle on my splash screen with a ! in it . i aslo have been reading that if my provider does not support fast dormancy...
  10. adz63

    thinking of gettting the lightning ROM.. a few questions

    ok so i have been reading on the download page that loading this ROM via odin does not tamper with any of my apps or data is this true . i have just got the sim free s2 (uk) and want to do a bit of modifying but i dont want to lose anything thats on it now . on my previous handset (desire) the...
  11. adz63

    Help cant get into fastboot

    ok my gf had 2.1 stock and im trying to put cust rom on her phone via fastboot .. i have installed the 2.1 with fastboot rom via kdz . but when i press and hold camera + power it will not go to the blank screen , it will just reboot phone as normal ... how can i get this to work so i can...
  12. adz63

    Help cracked digitizer

    ok so i cracked my digitizer but the slcd is 100%perfect . i took it to a shop and they said that there are 3 different digitizers for my phone and that they did not have the one i needed .. is it true that only 1 of these will be compatible with my phone .. i know someone who can fix this for...
  13. adz63

    embed album art app

    im looking for an app that will actually embed the art to the mp3 instead of the saving it to a folder i have tried a few of the art grabbers but they only save to folder anyone know of any
  14. adz63

    what is lazylist

    ok on my sd card i have lazylist in nmt\sdcard\lazylist.... it always takes forever to try and open but i give up after 10 mins .... so what is it and what files would be in there
  15. adz63

    Root cant install new radio (fixed )

    ok i got to the part where in recovery it sayd press vol+/- or menu to reboot . i pressed reboot and caught a quick glimpse of which all i could read was e: cant write .. now there may of been something else there but it rebooted so quick i couldn' t see .. reason for flashing radio is...
  16. adz63


    ok i have been on forums and they say RIL download , i have looked on wiki to find out more about it but it may as well be chinese . could someone explain what they are in plain english simple terms , what benefits do they have when added to phone etc
  17. adz63

    update to 2.3 (shared link )

    not seen this on this site so thought i would share the link for all thoses interested HTC Desire owners face long wait for Android 2.3 Gingerbread update | Crave | CNET UK
  18. adz63

    Root clockworkmod installation error please advise/help

    ok so i just updated my oxygen 2.0 rc6 to rc7.. i then went to install a theme via amon recovery 2.0 and this is what it said when trying to update install from sdcard finding update package opening update package verifying update package E:Missing file system/framework/services.jar...
  19. adz63

    Root ok recovery menu does not work

    ok my phone has been working perfect til i tried to get into recovery yesterday. it just will not get into there when going there from hboot it just sticks at the splash screen altho its been working perfectly . do i have to download a ruu and basically re do my whole phone . im pretty happy...
  20. adz63

    whats the best slimline battery to get for the hero

    i have the standard battery that came with my phone and it sucks real bad ... i unplugged the battery and timed how long it would go down 10% using the market because it drains so fast and it too just over 3 n half mins to lose 10% is there a more powerful one available that does not have to...
  21. adz63

    Root how to nand unlock (soff)

    hi i just got my desire and have rooted via unrevoked install oxygen rc6 , i am trying to use and app that i used on my hero called absolute system tool where you can download and install fonts/and bootanimations .... i tried it on my desire but it says ... error system not mountable your...
  22. adz63

    Root just got my desire and would like to know a few things about installing custom ROM etc

    ok i formally had the hero and got that rooted with universal androot then was able to put on a cust ROM 1st of all here are my phone details android 2.2 baseband Kernal htc-kernal@and18-2 #1 build 2.25.771.1 CL254759 release keys software...
  23. adz63

    Root tegro 2.4

    anyone got any feedback on this i read about it on xda but wanted to know your opinions how stable is it for you , are there speed improvments etc etc .. you get the gist so anything you can tell me about it and your dealing with it would be great
  24. adz63

    Root what is the latest kernal available for the hero (gsm )

    as above
  25. adz63

    Root my hero seems to have gone up the creek

    ok for the past week my phone has been doing things like force closing or asking to wait on basically everything i open , if i press phone button it just goes to black screen for about 4-5 mins before loading , same as handcent and other apps press to enter them and just black screen for ages ...