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  1. dmcjr22

    Trailer Park Boys

    Anybody here a Trailer Park Boys fan? Im a huge fan and am excited that they revamped the show and season 8 will be on Netflix in the fall!!!!
  2. dmcjr22


    Hey fellow android peeps just a psa to let everyone here know that ive been bumped up to a guide for the forums. With that being said if there is any thing i can do to help out, suggestions or make things easier for everyone just let me know pms are welcome.
  3. dmcjr22

    Root [Boost Mobile] Roms with multi-windows?

    Hey friends im running a att s3 and the root section for att is pretty dead nobody to answer my question. So my question is that there are certain roms that run all all variants ie carbon, with that being said do any of these multi variant roms have multi window feature? I know there is a xposed...
  4. dmcjr22

    Root Stupid Question

    Hey guys and gals any chance the evo 4g lte roms are compatible with evo 4g? or just wishful hoping on my part
  5. dmcjr22

    Root Carbon?

    Hey late to the evo here. Wondering if anyone can share a copy of the unofficial carbon rom for the evo.
  6. dmcjr22

    Firefox icon color

    hey guys anybody here know how to change the icon color of the home button, back forward and reload with css?
  7. dmcjr22

    New Nfl draft format fan or not?

    Anybody hate the the 3 day draft format? I know i do i loved having 2 days of nonstop draft!
  8. dmcjr22

    Is this a NCAA game or NBA

    Anybody watching Indiana Vs Washington? This game is trash, 42-37 in the 3rd lmao Miami has a walkthrough to the finals
  9. dmcjr22

    Mobo help

    whats up peeps? Im in the midst of building my first pc yeah for me!!! So i had a mobo all picked the asus z87 pro than yesterday i was webbing it up and found out the new z97s will be out in a week. After reviewing them i decide on one of two the z97 pro or z97 pro(WiFi_ac) and i dont know what...
  10. dmcjr22

    Finally-Multiwindow on non tw roms!!!!!!!!!

    hey peeps just came across this today it a new module or xposed installer that features multiwindow for non tw roms...its beta but does run good for early stages heres link hope its kosher for me to post....[APP][Xposed] XMultiWindow BETA 1.0.2-- Like Omni's Splite View - xda-developers
  11. dmcjr22

    Sd card recovery

    Whats up everyone? There has been lots of talk lately about sd card damage or people needing deleted stuff from sd. I have the solution use a freeware program photorec to recover from your sd. Im currently running as i type so far in 30 minutes time recovered over a 1000 files mp3 png jpeg ogg...
  12. dmcjr22

    Root twrp

    does any one have a copy of twrp 2.6.3 they can share the the links and goo file is not correct to small of a file
  13. dmcjr22


    hey guys got a question about efs. no i rooted my phone before i found out about efs/imei. so my question is can i do it post root and im going to flash service to it very shortlly here should i wait until after flashing service?
  14. dmcjr22

    voice search vs google now

    Hey guys title says it all what exactly is the difference between the two only thing i can tell is google now collects data for nsa!!! Is there a difference? Any feedback or opinions welcome!
  15. dmcjr22

    Help Download Mode

    So was reading a post earlier about knox and how it appears in dload mode and got me curious about my phone. So before i pose my question here is what i did with my phone. Was 4.1.2 based when i got it, of course i rooted it, and am running a custom rom which is 4.3 based. So like i had said was...
  16. dmcjr22

    Help Custom Boot Sound

    Hey guys wondering if anyone can help me with a custom boot sound. So i googled how to do a custom boot sound with galaxy s3 and according to the information i read it says that has to be in ogg format which i have and has to be placed in the system/media folder with rw-r-r permissions which i...
  17. dmcjr22

    boot animation

    hey guys ive been googling boot animations and came across fk apple +18 a hilarious animation so naturally i want it there is a xda thread that has a link for it but no longer in use, so is there anyone who knows where i can get it or someone who ahs it and is willing to upload it?
  18. dmcjr22

    Camera and theme

    Couple questions today for ya guys!! 1. Running rom that is 4.2.2 based and the stock camera app installed doesn't allow you to change where the pics gets stored currently its stored in internal storage i want it to go to external sd. So anyway to fix this or maybe someone can suggest a 3rd...
  19. dmcjr22

    Root [AT&T] Twrp

    What folks? So im new to using twrp but not rooting etc, however im lil lost with twrp. So ive been messing around with roms and stuff trying to figure out which one i like and stuff and obviously before i install whatever rom im gonna test next i backup previous rom, then i wipe data cache and...
  20. dmcjr22

    S Voice

    What up peeps im wondering if anyone could help me out with getting svoice i am on att s3 rooted running revolt rom, svoice is not included in rom so is it possible to run with the rom and where could i get the apk?
  21. dmcjr22

    Root [AT&T] S3 help

    i just got att galaxy s3 and want to root it obviously but got a cpl questions maybe you can answer. Looking at this thread Rogers/ATT Galaxy S3 Root/Recovery Guide - xda-developers and wondering if i should install cwm first in order to make unrooted stock image first? Also its running 4.1.2 no...
  22. dmcjr22

    Root Phone Service lol

    Whats up ppl hope ur all been good. Anyways so ive had my service off now for about 2 months and today my phone that i still use for apps etc got a phone call.Which was a suprise to me i have complete service calling text and 3g all work. Ill take free service lol but question is anyone no how...
  23. dmcjr22

    Root Megatron bootanimation

    So awhile back i rooted someones phone and i forgot i had my phone plugged into pc. Somehow while rooting their phone via adb it pushed files to my phone. So i obviously immediately odined phone all good....except minor announce is this running script screen. This occurs during when phone boots...
  24. dmcjr22

    Root browser help

    I have maxthon browser and is my default browser and certain pages i go to dont display correctly or other problems...but using other web browsers they work right. I was wondering is there any way or app to make it so you can choose which web browser will open a specific web page? BTW Go Cuse
  25. dmcjr22

    Root Safe Mode?

    So earlier while on break at work my froze up so i did a hot boot when it rebooted it was in safe mode. So because i was at work and didnt have time to play with phone to see what was all about i just did a normal reboot and all is good. My question is does anyone know what safe mode is and why...