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  1. SB13X

    Your Mobile Essentials...

    Here are the accessories I can't leave the house without... Wiimote Cruzerlite Android TPU Case Skullcandy Bud Earphones Duracell Mobile Extended Battery/Charger And of course my trusty HOX T3 What can you not leave home without and if anyone can recommend a stylish case for them to attach...
  2. SB13X

    Siri Vs. S-Voice Vs. Google Voice

    Having read this article over on CNet Crave UK I couldn't help but compare it to the standard voice offering within Android. To get the results of the test for Siri and S-Voice look here: Samsung Galaxy S3's S Voice vs Siri on iPhone 4S | CNET UK Here is me doing the same test with Google...
  3. SB13X

    Root [International Tegra 3] Anyone concerned when thinking of rooting and those that are angry for losing their warranty look in

    Can I point you to this thread here: Your phone. Your thoughts. Tell us what you think...(HTC are asking for it!) - xda-developers
  4. SB13X

    Root Absolution

    For those of you familiar with this...I decided to give it a drive for a month. However I've hit a snag in that I've done something, somewhere causing the loss of function to my search button and my lock screen disappearing and not activating on screen off...any ideas?
  5. SB13X

    Root Boot Manager

    Highly recommend this app for you guys with a flash habit to keep up but don't want to relinquish their fave ROM between build updates. More here: Init 2 Winit Applications As you can see in my signature I have Absolution and MIUI working from my SD card and I can confirm little to no lag...
  6. SB13X

    Root Overclocking and Voltage Management

    Hi guys just wondering what clockspeeds/voltages we have set and what governers we are using to manage our devices? I'm currently running SmartassV2 with a max clockspeed of 1382400 (1.3Ghz) and min set at 230400 (230Mhz). Voltages unchanged from default table. Using Virtuous O/C Daemon.
  7. SB13X

    HTC reveal DHD will get ICS or did they? LoL

    Don't know if anyone has seen this already but it would appear from reading the RCMix3D dev blog that the DHD will get ICS. Read on here: Official RCMix3D Team Blog: HTC confirms ICS update for 7 smartphones via Facebook Sent from my DHD using Phandroid App powaaar!!
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    Root What ROM?

    Just wondering what type of ROM people are using....
  9. SB13X

    So its been 6 months or so....

    ...since my last period of major contribution here. Things seem to have slowed down a bit as well around here. El P and D-U-R-X still around? I see D-U-R-X has been made a guide...Congratufrickinlations fella! Moved on from LeeDrOiD ROM wise as it just isn't supported or upgraded enough by...
  10. SB13X

    Root 4EXT Recovery Touch

    How is everyone finding the touch version of 4EXT for those of you who use it? I personally think its amazing and makes things so much quicker especially with the Recovery Control app for 4EXT thrown in for good measure allowing easy updates etc. Impressive theme control too for the standard...
  11. SB13X

    Root This could be goodbye...

    Have picked up an LG Optimus 3D and an EVO 3D (so good having a mate just opened up his own phone store :D) on trial and will definitely be having one as I'm impressed with both so far. Now the thing is I am debating wether or not to sell my HD. However here is where you can help me. This...
  12. SB13X

    Root ROM Packs [LeeDrOiD / ARHD / MIUI] [UPDATED: 06.09.11]

    [ROM]LeeDrOiD HD [KERNEL] >EPIC!< | HTC GB | OTA | CRT TV What you get: Latest release of LeeDrOiD ROM Latest release of LeeDrOiD KERNELS (Both CFS and BFS Flavours) Recommended Radio w/ Installer Full EXT4 and EXT4 Cache format tools Sense 3.0 AIO and Sense 3.0 Non Rosie Add-ons...
  13. SB13X

    Root Sense 3.0 wtf is all the fuss about? Srsly?

    Is it just me that hates it? For me the lockscreen is awful. Like it wasn't bad enough being told to pull your ring, I think the interface is cumbersome at best. The dragging of icons into it is also crap. I don't like the way the icon doesn't enlarge so you can see it behind your...
  14. SB13X

    Accessories HTC Desire HD Car Upgrade Kit - CU S440

    I can highly recommend this product and the website! YouTube - &#x202a;HTC Desire HD Car Upgrade Kit - CU S440&#x202c;&rlm; Also if you order one soon you can even pick yourself up a free StuckBuddy stand: StuckBuddy Universal Suction Cup Stand By popping BUDDY in as...
  15. SB13X

    GPS Possible Solutions

    Here are 3 threads offering possible solutions to the GPS issue on the DHD. Hardware solution fixing the contacts beneath the flash where the GPS is housed: DHD GPS issue fixed, 10000% working - xda-developers Related Youtube Disassembly Video: YouTube - &#x202a;HTC Desire HD Disassembly...
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    Immense :D
  17. SB13X

    Root Funny Android Vs Apple/iPhone Bootscreen!

    [Q] [BOOTANIMATION] Hilarious & Cool Bootscreen: Android Vs Apple Lol - xda-developers me lol!
  18. SB13X

    Root Anyone else rooted suffering problems with the OTA update??

    Apparently this is an issue many are suffering after going permroot Radio S-OFF, supercid and simunlock and installing ClockworkMod Recovery. When attempting to install the update the screen just stops at the exclamation mark of doom. Anyone found a solution as I'm at the end of my tether and...
  19. SB13X

    HDH lolz

    Am I the only one on the forum here that lolz everytime I see someone mis-shorten the HTC Desire HD to the HDH instead of DHD? The amazing HTC Hesire DH!
  20. SB13X

    Root htclockscreen.apk

    Can anyone rooted still but still got the stock HTC Desire HD lockscreen in place please copy the htclockscreen.apk and attach it here please? I didn't make a backup (forgot) when I reverted to the original FroYo one for use of the silent tab. Can only find a link on XDA for the Evo4G will prob...
  21. SB13X

    My battery usage....

    Just thought I'd share my battery usage for you all and my settings. I DO NOT USE A TASK KILLER. They are useless. The phone is rooted however I am still on a stock ROM for use of ClockWorkMod Nandroid backup, screenshots on phone and custom bootloader. I'm using Launcher Pro with one...
  22. SB13X

    Root VISIONary+ Issues? READ THIS

    Used Visionary to Root my DHD yesterday and as its the first root I'd done as I imagine a lot of users of it will be. Now for those worried about bricking their device having not tinkered with the other options following some website guides just tapping temproot then attempt permroot you may...
  23. SB13X

    Android Handsets with Physical Keyboard

    Hi guys,Just looking for a recommendation really. My wife has finally managed to kill my old N95 by breaking the screen so I suggested she take my HTC Desire and I'd get another contract and pick another Android handset. Her response was that she just didn't like or get on with the touch screen...
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    Hi guys just wondered if I could ask any of you a MAHOOSIVE favour, I'm participating in a fund raising event some of you may be aware of already called Movember. Basically I'm looking for sponsorship donations to shave off my goatee and begin November clean shaven and throughout the month...
  25. SB13X

    Virgin Mobile just tried to screw me!

    Just got a text to say my phone had been suspended as I had gone over my