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  1. yankeeboy

    Root Froyo for Captivate Leaked

    Can we be far behind? Late October looking good I897UCJI6 - FROYO - for real - Page 38 - xda-developers
  2. yankeeboy

    Samsung Continium - Newer features???

    OK. This thing looks pretty nice, but essentially its the same phone with a snazzy swipe screen on the bottom. Regardless, please have a look at the top left hand corner of this picture - the Gmail Icon with the 17 on it. 1. Does any of yours look like this on your Fascinate? Mine is a...
  3. yankeeboy

    Droid Goodness - Ringtones, Notifications & Wallpapers

    Just thought I would share with everyone here on the SF hope is to get our forum to the level that the Droid Incredible forum was - everybody shared everything (that is free, of course) ;). Since there are a lot of noobs/Android virgins in the SF forum, I figured I would provide...
  4. yankeeboy

    Help HTML Exchange Mail

    On my i*hone, Exchange Mail provided full HTML support. Gmail provides HTML support. Why does the built-in Email client not provide HTML? I don't want to use Touchdown or something like it - is there an Email client I can use that can provide this? I am using Appriver for Exchange which I...
  5. yankeeboy

    Root Moving bloatware & other apps safely

    So, I have been successfully moving bloatware and other apps I don't use - from Verizon apps to Samsung Widgets. I use LauncherPro exclusively and according to this site, TouchWiz30Launcher.apk/odex can be removed safely, but he also mentions not to move Launcher.apk, which I don't see in my...
  6. yankeeboy

    Real Flash Player 10.1 for your Fascinate - No root required!

    Here is what 2.2 users get which we would have to wait for....until now!
  7. yankeeboy

    Root First Deodexed Rom for Fascinate Released

    Just wanted to pass along the good news. Looks like my Saturday morning has plans now. :D Release: Deodex'ed System. - xda-developers
  8. yankeeboy

    Root And the customization fun begins...

    First custom theme I have found. It looks great on the phone YAY! ROMS cant be too far behind
  9. yankeeboy

    Root Root Explorer to De-odex?

    Here's a question for the people that know... So in accordance with a deodexed ROM, is it possible to simply use Root Explorer to delete all of the .odex files under /system/app and lighten up our current ROM or is there something else that goes into deodexing? Just curious because I am. :D
  10. yankeeboy

    Wow! Games look spectacular

    I cannot even say enough about how impressed I am with the gaming on this phone. The screen really is amazing...blows away games on the Incredible. The Gameloft HD games look like I am using a PSP with a better screen. Asphalt, Gangstar & N.O.V.A. (like HALO) are the best, Now, some more...
  11. yankeeboy

    Can you change EVRC-B Voice Settings on Fascinate?

    EVRC-B allows you to have enhanced voice quality in large metro areas. On the HTC's, you could dial ##PROGRAM, press send, choose EVRC-B and BAM! It made a huge difference for us city folk....any ideas?
  12. yankeeboy

    Root Leaked European Froyo 2.2 - Samsung Galaxy S

    So - with this out, does this mean we have an opportunity to have Froyo before it is released for the Fascinate? I hope so :D Froyo XXJPH [see 2nd post for downloads] - xda-developers I have little experience with Samsung, but am hopeful we can get a ROM out for the Fascinate soon. Is...
  13. yankeeboy

    Root SetCPU 2.02

    Added SetCPU today. On the Fascinate, it does let you set profiles and adjust the CPU scaling - just not as detailed as the HTC devices. The CPU by default is set to conservative - one that I had "laggy" issues with the Droid Inc with as well. *I set to "On Demand", checked set on boot. Max...
  14. yankeeboy

    Hello to my new brethren

    YAY! I have 2 Fascinate's arriving tonight - replacing my wife's crappy i*hone and my Dinc. I really wanted to stay with the Dinc - I really have it humming with all the customization I was able to do. I simply can not take the battery life anymore, and was never really a fan of the "cheap"...
  15. yankeeboy

    NFL Gameday discussion 9/12-9/13

    j-e-t-s, jets jets jets!!!
  16. yankeeboy

    Any of you Dinc'ers going?

    Phandroid Live in Baltimore? I just sent in my invite request...:D Should be pretty geeky :eek:
  17. yankeeboy

    Root [REQ] EVO Signal Meter MOD

    I have seen it in a few ROM's with EVO Framework, namely Adrynalyne's Frankenrom_B6. The EVO has 6 bars in the signal meter and the Dinc has 4. If I am using a ROM that has the EVO Framework, Virtuous 2.2, can I MOD my Signal Meter to be this one? If so, where can I find this? Thanks
  18. yankeeboy

    Root KingXBFS#1 + SetCPU + ATK

    OK. I spent the past year telling people NOT to add ATK because the OS has it inherently built in. Regardless, a few of my friends have been running it with much success in enhancing their battery life. So, my question is not related to why or why I should use ATK - there are what...a...
  19. yankeeboy

    Root Remove HTC Droid Incredible Lockscreen

    I enjoy the WidgetLocker application, however I wanted to see if I was able to use the stock Vanilla 2.2 lockscreen instead of the HTC swipe lock which I despise. I saw some older posts on this for the Hero, but thought I would resurrect for us Incredible users. I found this over on XDA and...
  20. yankeeboy

    Root Sub Forums for Themes

    I have found a few, but none I am excited about...yet. However, as a suggestion, it would be great if there were a sub forum for themes (rather than them being mixed in with ROM's) broken out by the type of ROM they will work with. I'm just sayin'
  21. yankeeboy

    Root Easy way to remove the stupid VZW CD-Rom popup from Leaked Sense 2.2

    I was heading in to check if my EVRC-B was still enabled after the update and stumbled upon this by accident... Dial ##7764726 Hit Call Type Password is 000000 Hit Feature Settings Choose CD ROM Click Disable Hit menu, commit modifications (it will say no item changed) Back out to home...
  22. yankeeboy

    Root Stable Incredible Kernels?

    I have tried all the Over & Underclock Hydra-Kernals, and they all lock up on the lockscreen. Rooted using ClockworkMod method, Superuser is present. I have been reading on other forums that there are issues with these and the Qualcomm chips? Is this true? If not, what are you using...
  23. yankeeboy

    Help Alternative Keyboards

    I have downloaded both SwiftKey and the Droid-X Multi touch Keyboards. In both cases, I have changed the settings in Language and Keyboard to pick that keyboard - and when I go to email, text or internet, the keyboard never shows up? Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? How do I...
  24. yankeeboy

    Help HTC Incredible Email Client & Disable Sense

    I cant seem to get HTML working on my HTC Email client on an Active Sync - I use hosted exchange by App river - supposed to be 2007. When I go to click on the setting for Message Format, it says Plain Text and is greyed out. I know there are a few other threads on this, but this is a bit...
  25. yankeeboy

    Intelligent Home Screen

    AF - This is really amazing. Larva Labs - Intelligent Home Screen In watching the video on this, I believe this could really be a winning app. Is anyone on the forums actually participating in this Beta? Feedback? Possible .apk? :D Thanks