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  1. jfritzs2

    Android Use Handout

    Hello fellow Android users! I need your help, I'll explain. I work at Best Buy with the Mobile department. We sell phones from all the carriers and in an effort to help out our customers better understand their phones I was thinking about making an Android phone handout for them to take home...
  2. jfritzs2

    Different App Prices - Online Vs. Native Market

    So I have a question that probably only Google/Android creators could probably answer. When I search for Juice Defender Ultimate in the native market on my phone (T-mobile USA, Market Version: 3.1.3) the price is $4.99, but online at, the app shows up for $6.88. Yes both...
  3. jfritzs2

    Root [Icons] CyanogenMod Icon Pack - 9/13/11

    Guys I know that I haven't updated this in like 3 months, big shame on me because I need to keep this project going. Life just got really busy. But I want to get it going for sure! So here is a huge request - send me all of your icon requests! Just post them here in this thread and I will...
  4. jfritzs2

    [Icons] Cyanogen Style Icon Pack - 9/13/2011

    Guys I know that I haven't updated this in like 3 months, big shame on me because I need to keep this project going. Life just got really busy. But I want to get it going for sure! So here is a huge request - send me all of your icon requests! Just post them here in this thread and I will...
  5. jfritzs2

    Accessories TV Out

    Can anyone quickly fill me in on the whole TV out situation. What kind of connector do I need? Can I use a Mini HDMI to HDMI? Or does it rather need to be Mini USB to HDMI? Anyone know where to find some cheap Mini to HDMI or Mini to Composite (Yellow, White, Red) connectors? Please help...
  6. jfritzs2

    Terrible User Experience

    I have been using the HTC Incredible for the past week. I own a Tmobile Mytouch and while my wife has been out of town, she is using it right now and I am using her recently upgraded Verizon phone, which is the Incredible. This past weekend I've been on travel and I have had an absolute...
  7. jfritzs2

    Good News with "Froyo"

    So "Froyo," Frozen Yogurt, its the latest in development from Google and Android. This will be great for all you Mytouch owners that are just dying for 2.1 on their phone! But also great for those that don't care about 2.1, but do care about small bug fixes within an Android firmware...
  8. jfritzs2

    Root I hope that everyone knows there are more Roms

    It seems to me that there are tons of roms for the Mytouch, I know I constantly tell people to root with Cyanogen, and then suggest SuperD because I like that a bit better, but those aren't the only two out there, there are pages and pages of really popular roms out there for the Mytouch...
  9. jfritzs2

    16GB Micro SD card

    I just bought a 16GB class 6 Micro SD card, so now I have an extra 16GB class 2 Micro SD card. Its not very old, just a few weeks, and even then I haven't been using it because I have gotten this new one. Anyway, its now for sale, so I'll take $30 for it over PayPal, I think that's a pretty...
  10. jfritzs2

    Apple Advertising

    Maybe its just me, but has anyone else seen more Apple advertising lately? It seems like for the past 2 years, nothing. None of those dumb silouhette commercials, no billboards, no posters besides at Best Buy where they sell iPods. But now, its like they are running frantic to get their name...
  11. jfritzs2

    Home Replacement Apps

    I know that this thread has probably been created before, but thought I'd refresh it for this Mytouch thread and new users. (Use Barcode Scanner from the market to scan the QR Codes and download the apps) Personal favorite and most customizable in my opinion is Sweeter Home 2 This...
  12. jfritzs2

    What's Root?

    Why does it say "What's Root?" By my name and Avatar in my side bar when I post? Anyone know about this new thing? And then some other people that I have seen have "Hi, my name is ....." Anyone know what this is all about and what new changes this applies to in the forum?
  13. jfritzs2

    Mytouch v1.0 / v1.2

    Please sticky. I just have a request to make for the Mytouch forum group. I realize that Android Forums wants to keep Mytouch as a whole together despite there being different versions of Mytouch and I don't think that is a problem. But I would request that everyone list the version of...
  14. jfritzs2

    Backed up Apps and updates?

    When I backup my apps, reset my phone and then reload my paid apps, then don't automatically update any longer. Why is this happening?
  15. jfritzs2

    Mytouch Available Memory

    I will often use a task manager like TaskPanel or Taskiller, and they always say Available Memory: XX MB. And there is a value somewhere between 20MB and 40MB, never higher, and very rarely lower. But yet I read about people having like up to 70 MB. My phone does seem slow, and its rooted with...
  16. jfritzs2

    Android Default Ring and SMS Tones

    Does anybody have the default ringtones for the Mytouch, or I suppose any Android phone would be the same, but does anyone have them? And the SMS tones? That would be great if you could upload them. But While I've got the thread open, how about everyone post their favorite ringtones or SMS...
  17. jfritzs2

    Ideas with Icons and Customization

    I really like having a clean homescreen and I don't really like having to navigate far for my most used apps. On my main screen I have the Beautiful Widgets Flip clock and weather widget, the one that takes up two rows. And as I said, I like things clean, so I'd like to be able to see my...
  18. jfritzs2

    Does anyone know how to change the strengh of the vibrate?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how to change the actually like power of the vibrate in the MyTouch? I know that I can change the vibrate pattern for texts in Handcent like to multiple short, multiple long vibrates, etc. But I was just wondering if there is a way to make it quieter...
  19. jfritzs2

    MyTouch 3G Hardware question?

    I was wondering if the class of the micro SD card effects the phone? If I put a 16 GB class 6 micro card in my MyTouch would it still work? Any help would be great!
  20. jfritzs2

    Panda Home

    This is such an amazing Home replacement! It's been updated and should be working with Android 2.0 and its such an amazing app! Its only competitor would probably be Sweeter Home when Preview 2 comes out, but until then this is for sure the best home replacement. With it you can incorporate...
  21. jfritzs2

    Changing wallpaper app

    Is there an app that simply rotates your wallpaper automatically? Something reliable and preferably free, any ideas?
  22. jfritzs2

    Phonebook 2.0

    Does anybody know if Phonebook 2.0 is out yet, I've seen pictures for it and a link to download it, but it just takes me here but it looks like a terrific app, but I cannot find it anywhere to download. Does anyone know where I need to go to find it? Or is it even out yet? Any help would be...
  23. jfritzs2

    Mytouch and general Questions

    Now I know I'm probably asking this in the wrong area and everyone will get mad, but I just need to know one thing. First off, I've got a Mytouch and I'm wondering what does rooting an android phone mean? What does it do?