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  1. sleedeane


    Is there anywhere amongst this group of geniuses to ask questions about JB Firesticks? Thank you guys.
  2. sleedeane

    Google Drive

    On my phone, I have all my pictures in Drive all neatly organized into individual albums. But from my laptop, there are no individual albums...absolutely no organization. Just pictures randomly scattered around everywhere. And so many pictures...about half...are missing. And there are many...
  3. sleedeane

    forums from phone

    Can someone please tell me why AF doesn't work at all from my phone even after a reinstall of the app and a reboot? For one thing, it wont stop "thinking" like when I want to go to the lounge or timeline or my stuff. Its wheels just keep spinning. And if it does manage to go to a topic and I...
  4. sleedeane

    S8/Harmon Kardon

    Just wondering if the S8 incorporates Harmon Kardon speakers. Everything I Google about it is outdated news and is all rumors and speculation. Can't believe there is no news about it ago newer than December of last year. Thank you.
  5. sleedeane

    Multi-view - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Hey what am I doing wrong? I thought to use multi-window on My S7 Edge you held the "recents" buttons (hard button to left of the home button) down. But all I get is the "close all" prompt. Even Google Assistant tells me to do this. What an I missing here? Thank you.
  6. sleedeane

    S7 Edge Nougat ATT Root. - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    I'm missing Tapatalk. Trying to figure my way around AF on my phone. For example I want to know what method I should try to root this thing with. I know there's root for it because I've looked in xda and utube. But the info is scattered and methods vary. You guys are awesome about walking...
  7. sleedeane

    Can't post to FB. - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Keeps saying post failed. Don't know if this is a FB problem or a Nougat problem. Because I didn't have this problem until after I updated to Nougat day before yesterday. Speaking of Nougat, I'm now experiencing multiple lags and crashes. Are a lot of people having regrets or downgrading...
  8. sleedeane

    Facebook pop up issue after reading article

    I know. Wrong forum. Can't be helped. Hey on Facebook, there's a rumor that Sylvester Stallone died (I guess these kind of obituaries are getting really common). Before I knew about these (last week it was Will Smith's son that died) being nothing more than stupid rumors, I clicked on something...
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    Help Remove all screen locks

    Can someone please tell me how to get rid of any screen lock? Obviously, "none" doesn't mean "none". Thank you.
  10. sleedeane

    Good Contacts App Recommendations?

    Can someone please recommend a good contacts app? I'm going through some serious bs with the factory app. For one, I want to liven it up with a theme. Two, and this one really pisses me off, I want contacts to appear where they alphabetically belong. For example, I want "Dr. Buzzell" to...
  11. sleedeane

    Help Floating menu button disappeared

    the reason I'm in the wrong forum is because my floating menu button on my s6 edge has disappeared so I can't get to the proper forum with a new topic. Does anybody know how to get it back? I've been all over the Internet and a lot of people are looking for the elusive button. But after being...
  12. sleedeane

    Help Song titles

    Hi all. I use power amp for my music player. When I back up my library to my laptop, my library is displayed with album titles, as opposed to song titles, which is what I want. What do I do? Once again, thank you very much.
  13. sleedeane

    Help RaR videos

    I can't seem to find the PC forums, so I apologize if I'm in the wrong area. I'm in uncharted territory. again. I want to watch a RaR video I dled. I don't know if or where I unzip it or decompress it or extract it or what or what app I use to do whatever with it. Thank you so much. I...
  14. sleedeane

    Odd one.

    My friend says over night her number jumped from her new Samsung j7 to her old HTC. Is she losing it or is this somehow possible?
  15. sleedeane

    M for S6 Edge

    I haven't been offered an update. Anybody with ATT have marshmallow on their s6? Thank you.
  16. sleedeane

    Help Stuck in a font

    Hey everybody. Some of my phone is stuck in a font that I'm done with. Some of the apps, some of the phones factory dialogs. Un and re-installing the apps does nothing, nor does re-booting. What's up with this? Thank you very much. Please somebody. ATT can't help and I don't think I should...
  17. sleedeane

    Battery life.

    If I hear one more complaint about battery life I'm gonna scream! People want a PDA that can do a million things while looking big and bright but they want more more more battery life. Would it be better if they made phones twice as... thick... and heavy... so they can put like a 6000ma...
  18. sleedeane

    Help Emoji

    This emoji (the dog) shows up on my go sms popup window (he sits on top of the popup window). Anyone know how to stop this animated cartoon from showing up? Been trying for days to find the responsible app or plug-in or popup settings with no joy. Frustrating. Thank you.
  19. sleedeane

    Marshmallow for us.

    I found this rather interesting ;
  20. sleedeane

    Help Short ringing

    I've tried 2 different ringtone makers with the same results. When someone calls, my phone only rings for about 10 seconds. Usually not long enough for me to get to in time. In ringtone maker, it doesn't seem to matter where I set the end stop (length of ringtone). It stops ringing before it...
  21. sleedeane

    Help People can't here me

    90% of the time my phone works perfect. Others can hear me fine. But every once in a while, I call someone, and I'm like "hello," and they're like "hello... hello... hello". They obviously can't hear me at all. If they call me right back, we can hear each other fine. Also, once in a while...
  22. sleedeane

    How did you learn Android?

    How long have you been using Android devices? To what or who do you attribute your knowledge of Android to? Did you go to computer school or learn everything from here or learn just by playing with your device? I'm on about my ninth device and learned everything I know from here. I went back...
  23. sleedeane

    Help Screen locking up.

    I couldn't find the S6 Edge forum but I think this one is close enough. My phone is freezing up. Sometimes the desktop, or surfing, or the middle of a game or a crossword, or texting, or hopefully not while I'm writing this or I'll have to start over; totally random and sporadic. It'll stay...
  24. sleedeane

    Help Call blockers

    I'm all of a sudden getting calls from all over the U.S. from people wanting me to go to school, which I'm not interested in. In the play store, I'm going down the list reading the descriptions of all the blockers, and none of them list "block all calls from area codes different from my own...
  25. sleedeane

    Help No root for my s6 edge?

    I was wanting to root my s6 with pingpong root (since I don't have a computer) but my build number isn't on the list. My phone is G925AUCU2AOF4 but the closest one in xda is G925AUCU1AOCE. I can't find my exact build number anywhere. Does this mean that I better not try this method? And is...