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  1. j1232

    step by step how to root s4 active with latest updates

    I have been searching but is there a step by step guide for the downgrading and rooting from the latest build for the samsung galaxy s4 active ?
  2. j1232

    Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] default web browser apk? or re-install

    anyone have the stock web browser apk file? I rooted and removed some stuff or a lot of stuff and the original web browser will not load. Can someone give me the apk or can someone let me know how i can re-install this. Not really an issue because I use Chrome on the device but for backup...
  3. j1232

    Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] Force 4g on the LG Optimus F3

    Is there a way to force the LG Optimus into 4g and make it only connect to 4g? :confused:
  4. j1232

    Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] sending apps to SD card

    I have tried several apps now and have been unsucessfull in the ability to move apps to the SD card. I get the following error. anyone have this issue or how can I send apps to the SD card. Yess im rooted
  5. j1232

    Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] I rooted - no offical ROMS yet -- What apps you uninstalled?

    Soo I got the Virgin Mobile F3 and I have rooted thanks to the guide at the top of the forum .. . My next question is what have you uninstalled? There is alot of junk in this little device. Here is what I have removed .. ...
  6. j1232

    Root HTC Evo 4g 3d lightweight android 4. or later

    I am looking for a lightweight/fast ROM for the HTC evo 4g 3d The android version should be 4.2.2 or higher . . or Google Now, Google Plus, and Google Hangouts should be fully operational, also requesting that 4g work! I have used Senseless/mobster rom which is great but not 4.2.2 <-- not...
  7. j1232

    Unfortunately, Hangouts Has Stopped.

    I can install Google Hangouts or update it from Gtalk, and it works after the upgrade. . Until I restart the phone. After restarting the phone the Google Hangouts does not open and says "Unfortunately, Hangouts Has Stopped." yet in the background it is still running because in the top bar...
  8. j1232

    Google Plus APK 3/26/13

    Sooo I woke up this morning and did the magical update for Google + but it wont boot or work soo I guess does anyone have the Google Plus APK previous version from 3/26/2013? Dropbox it or whatever thanks. .
  9. j1232

    Root S-off/ON Questions

    Soo I rooted my phone and installed a rom. I did not do the S-off feature. I now am wanting to put the phone in S-off . . . can I do this without re-installing the ROM or altering the current state of the phone? There are three ways that I noticed . . which is the easiest and magical? I...
  10. j1232

    Root error: device not found STEP 4 of newbies guide

    soo im stuck on step 4 the HTCSync software wont recognize the device also when adb reboot boot-loader is attempted error: device not found is the error I get. I have the debugging enabled. any ideas?
  11. j1232

    Root what is the best rom to put on HTC Evo 4g V right now

    Sooo I know this question has been or will be asked thousands of times but what is the best ROM to put on this HTC Evo 4g V? I would like an updated response. I used cyangmod on my Triumph back in the day but am clueless as to what to use on this device.
  12. j1232

    Install gingerbread on Triumph

    How do I install Gingerbread on my Motorola Triumph? I am soo Jealous. Over night all these Boost Mobile people with older phones just got a PUSH update to Gingerbread and now I would like it on my phone! I allready have it rooted! :( If I use CyanogenMod which device do I use? the Droid X?
  13. j1232

    Motorola Triumph Battery Sucks

    What are some options to edit the Battery shutdown time or extend the battery life of the motorola Triumph. I guess the issue is when it gets to red instantly it shuts off Other phones I have had shut off like 20 minutes after getting to red. How can I edit the shut off time or can I?
  14. j1232

    create wifi hotspot with phone WITHOUT ROOT

    I have a LG Optimus V series phone. The phone is NOT rooted and I rather not root it. But I once found a app that was able to make the phone a wifi hotspot without the phone ROOTED. does anyone know of this app? Please let me know. . Thank you :D
  15. j1232

    Root how can I put Android 2.3 on LG Optimums V ?

    Anyone have any idea how to update the Android 2.2 software to 2.3 on the Virgin Mobile LG Optimums Android Phone? Let me know! :D Also searching around I have read that they will allow the update to the Optimums Line in the future. Anyone know when this will be available?
  16. j1232

    Hello World!

    Hello Android world! I recently purchased a LG Optimums with Android 2.2 on it! Hope to find loads of information on this forum! I currently live in New York City, I am 28 and fly to the moon on the weekends.