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  1. thahim

    Help Remove Mobogenie Ad's

    I have uninstalled the app but still getting a full screen ad popup randomly every time, how can i get rid of it. Please help, in annoyed.
  2. thahim

    Help How to send flash sms?

    I have rooted my phone and I want ro send flash sms. Is there any way to do it and I prefer to semd it staying on touchwiz.
  3. thahim

    Root [International] Lock Screen Light Effect gone aftwr I rooted

    Yesterday I rooted my i9500 now the light effect on lock screen which also used to worked while hovwring my finger doesnt works anymore. I wamt it back is there anyway?
  4. thahim

    Help My phone gets slow after using for a while

    My phone gets very slow after a while, i have to restart it, but then also it feels slow and it keeps on slowing till i restart it. Any solution? *This started happening since it updated to 4.3 OTA.
  5. thahim

    Root [International] Should i backup data to root my phone?

    I have galaxy s4 running 4.3, i have never rooted any android phone, so do let me know is it important to backup data to root my phone, will root makes all the data on my phone vanish? Also tell me if i root my phone will I still be getting future OTA updates? and also tell me the easiest...
  6. thahim

    Help Will 4.4 come to i9500 touchwiz

    I have seen on many web sites they only mentioned 4.4 will come to Google Edition GS4, i want to know will the update hit touchwiz devices as well? I haven't got 4.3 yet too.
  7. thahim

    Root How to root

    My dell is running on 2.2 I have tried z4root and poot but didnt worked. Tell me the easiest and safest way to root it. Thanks.
  8. thahim

    Help No my apps optiin in playstore

    Since yesterday I dont have my apps in options in play store. Which I used to have before and used to see my installed apps and updates in there.
  9. thahim

    Help Why I dont get new email notifications

    Iam not getting any new email or gmail notifications also when I open their apps I have to refresh to see new emails. Why is this happening. I have 4.2.2
  10. thahim

    Help Bbm notifications are annoying me

    If I clear a new message notification it again pops up after sometime. Iam running 4.2.2
  11. thahim

    Help Will there be apps in PS to support AirView and other features

    I wonder if we will see apps which will support air view and eye scroll? Why devs aren't making apps for Samsung which can support these cool features?
  12. thahim

    Turn off Ripple to Free tons of Ram

    Its ripple effect which takes lots of Ram, and turning it off in Lock-Screen settings will free up the ram and speed up your device. I have tried it my self and it works.
  13. thahim

    Help Can't Update: Memory Issue

    I have plenty of free memory on my phone again it says i can't update my phone as its low on memory. + I don't know what's taking so much space in phone memory, please refer to the screen shots.
  14. thahim

    Help GPS never turns off

    My phones GPS never turns off. I have it off in settings but still the icon keeps on blinking in status bar. Need Help!
  15. thahim

    Where to get BBM

    I just heard BBM beta is rolling out? Is this true and how to download it?
  16. thahim

    Unfortunately google play store has stopped

    I am unable to use PS today is there any problem with others too?
  17. thahim

    Help SD CARD data vanishes it self

    I power off my phonr at nihht today I woke up and switched on. All my pics in sd card are gone? Eonder why it happened and how can I get them back. Please help.
  18. thahim

    Help How to enable messaging app

    I disabled it from app manager because I installed chomp sms. Now I cant receive or send ama from chomp I want to enable messaging app but its not in app manager please help me do that.
  19. thahim

    Help Help: Gps stays always on.

    Even when my gps is turned off I get the icon flashing when I open any app which requires gps. Please help me this is draining my battery fast.
  20. thahim

    Help Will it slow down the phone by moving apps to SD

    I have 32Gig 10x speed scandisk card, if i move my apps to sd will it effect the speed?
  21. thahim

    Help Watch on app not working

    Today I ran the app and when I clicked to add room it showed an error saying ir code not found for this device. My phone restarted now I cant run the app. Ir crashes as I click it. Any solution?
  22. thahim

    Help Failed to update software network or server error

    I just tried to update and I got this message? Has any new update rolled out after 4.2.2 if so how can I get it? I dont know how to use pc kies. Need support.
  23. thahim

    Help Myphone creates 2 camera folders

    My default folder has 401 photos now when I take more photos it makes another folder in gallery for camera. I dont want that. My camera is kept on sd card and before also it was on sd card. Please help.
  24. thahim

    Whatsapp is saving voice notes how to disable

    On my device I get all voice notes received saved in music app. I dont want it to save voice notes. Is there a way to disable this?
  25. thahim

    Help LED doesn't works when display is on

    I had GS3 before on which LED didn't worked when the display was on, I have GS4 now but i can't figure out if the LED will blink when display is on or not?