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  1. NowVoyager

    Happy Day! AT&T/Tmo Takeover DIW

    FCC accepts AT&T's withdrawal. Takeover plans are dead. AT&T ante's up the $4 Billion for terminating the deal. So, can we entertain Google as a buyer now? That would be *sweet*!!! FCC Accepts AT&T’s Request To Withdraw Their Application For T-Mobile Takeover, Will Release Findings Today
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    Cyanogenmod Future

    Hope this is the right place to post this. With Cyanogen getting hired by Samsung, what does the future look like for our mods? Is ICS something that we should look for anytime soon? CM7x was my ace. I knew that no matter what my carrier did or did not update, that as long as CyanogenMod was...
  3. NowVoyager

    T-moblie Acquired By ATT...We're Screwed!

    First 2012 and now this...smh Latest News | T-Mobile | Q&A: More Information About AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA Please do not move this post to some back page off the grid! Thanks
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    Bill Maher on the iPhone
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    Exit Strategies

    In light of the recent news that there is no 2.1 upgrade coming for the Cliq XT in Q4: This thread was started in hopes of assisting one another to find ways for not getting stuck with this phone. We are only victims if we do nothing. If you're happy with your XT, this thread is not going to...
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    Tmo MyTouch Emerald Comparison Chart?

    Well, we have all been waiting for this news of the Tmo Project Emerald phone. Remember all the hyped specs? Well... 1. It is NOT running the dual core qualcomm chipset 2. It does NOT have Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread 3. It does NOT have a 4.3 inch screen 4. It does NOT have 16 or 32 gigs of...
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    HTC Desire HD Coming To North America?

    With all the talk about the HTC Desire HD in the UK, it is comforting to know that according to Gizmodo, HTC confirmed that we could possibly get our hot little hands on this great phone "later this year" in the US! When and Where Can You Buy the HTC Desire HD and Z Phones? This would be in...
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    Android News And Talk Section Hijacked

    Anyone notice how the Android News And Talk Forum has been taken over? The members of the community are no longer allowed to have posts there. Our posts are moved and thus buried with no post count - even if they have the same content as a post later submitted by the Phandroid bot. Please...
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    First Dual Core CPU to come from...LG in Q4?

    Will wonders never cease?!! LG plans to drop its Optimus line of Android phones in Q4 with Nvidia's Tegra 2 Dual Core CPU. It is said to have a 1ghz processor but on that Dual Core, they are predicting up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance over single core...
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    Tmo Offers iPhone 4 in U.K. (pricing)

    iPhone lovers are salivating. Here's the Tmo pricing for iPhone 4 in the UK Apple iPhone 4 Coming To T-Mobile Soon - Register Now! I am waiting for the HTC Desire announcement. There were rumors about the iPhone and Tmo and lots of doubt, now its official. So maybe we get the HTC Desire...
  11. NowVoyager

    Gizmodo Editor's Home Raided By FBI

    Remember that photo of the leaked iPhone that Gizmodo premiered? Well it's gotten the editor Jason Chen into a bit of hot water. His home was raided, his computers and hard drives, even his American Express bills and copies of his checks...
  12. NowVoyager

    Tmobile CEO Resigns

    For those who are contemplating taking your complaints to Tmobile's highest USA level, be advised: CEO Robert Dotson has resigned. T-Mobile CEO Robert Dotson resigns - FierceWireless Philipp Humm, a former CEO of T-Mobile Deutschland, will take over the reins as CEO designate as of July 1st -...
  13. NowVoyager

    Help Behold 2 - Known Issues

    In an effort to bring to the forefront all issues regarding the Samsung Behold 2, this thread is a repository for those of us who are experiencing recurrent issues with the phone itself. This thread seeks to inform current and future owners as well as Samsung and T-Mobile, to the problems that...
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    Twitter Tip For Getting The Word Out

    In our quest to get Samsung to do the right thing by us, some people have been barred from various forums. Please use Twitter to get the word out. Use the Hashtag (#) to post where a great many others may see it. i.e. #Samsung; #SamsungMobileUSA; If you include a note to these people, you may...
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    Google Changes Name To Topeka

    Google has changed its name to: Topeka in honor of the city of Topeka, KS changing its name to Google, KS. Well, it *is* April Fools Day and in honor of this name change, here are Google's past April Fools hoaxes Google's hoaxes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ya...
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    How To Tell If You've Gotten The Update

    (According to Tmobile Tech Support -Cheers to them!) The version of the software that is most current is version 6 (the phone shipped with version 3). To ascertain version: Go to Dialer/Hit Star/#9999# You will see the PDA; Phone; and Software Version numbers in this section The T939xxxx6 for...
  17. NowVoyager

    Google Buzz Disables Auto-Follow

    The privacy issue that has plagued Google Buzz has been disabled. The Auto-follow feature connected other users to you automatically to follow you without your permission, exposing you, your chat contacts and correspondence contacts. That's fine if you opt for it. The grievance was for those who...
  18. NowVoyager

    Behold 2 Price Drop

    Tmo has officially dropped the price of the SB2 from $229 as of 2 days ago to $149.99 and now it is $79.99, the least expensive of their Android line. SB2 Price Drop
  19. NowVoyager

    Our Favorite Green Guy Has Friends And Family

    There are 12 variations of these cute little buggers. They won't stay on shelves for long... They are from DYZ Plastics a division of DeadZebra They come blind boxed, so you don't know which one you're getting...unless you buy a full set, LOL...
  20. NowVoyager

    Google Maps Update w/Night Mode But You Won't Get it

    Let us simply say that we are being OFFICIALLY dissed now by everyone. Android Version 1.5 (cupcake) is no longer supported. Here is what we will miss in the Google Maps update: Google Maps Mobile 3.4 - which finally brings multitouch - (pinch to zoom) - to Google Maps Mobile (Must have...
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    My SB2 has been naked since I got it. I am a fan of Sena Leather cases Sena Cases - Designer Leather Cases : BlackBerry case, iPhone case, Treo case, iPod Touch case, and other PDA cases and had one for my Blackberry. But they don't make one for the Behold 2. I contacted them and they don't have...
  22. NowVoyager

    Wii Get (Net)Flixed!

    Netflix is finally coming to the Wii this Spring! For those of us who love to stream movies and video content this is great news. We can now do this on our TV just like our kids, LOL - My son has had Xbox access forever. I was confined to the 'puter. All you need do is log onto your Netflix...
  23. NowVoyager

    iPhone Fanboys: The Woz Goes Android

    Sorry guys and gyrlz, but the Woz reportedly ditched his iPhone and is now rocking a Nexus One! I know, I know, it hurts. But think of it this way...The creators of Apple have always led the way to great it appears that they may be leading you to Android! :D Apple Cofounder...
  24. NowVoyager

    Guess who got a firmware update?

    HTC Hero (Sprint) got an incremental update recently :rolleyes:. They are now at 1.5x (x = somthing or other) What are we, the red-headed step children? Why can't we get an update or at least a fake announcement. Wait. We've gotten fake announcements...or at least rumors. This sucks. The Behold...
  25. NowVoyager

    To My New Nexus One Neighbors...

    You know, I had WONDERFUL service on Google Voice before the onslaught of Nexus One users joined the family. We had a nice small family of invitees with great service. Never a hitch. Enter Nexus One types. Now GV is sending high pitched noises, dropping calls and spitting out lots of retrys on...