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  1. nj02vette

    G2 battery finally met it's Kryptonite

    Unplugged as normal in the morning, normal days worth of activity which for me is pretty average. After work used 1.5hrs of GPS. Decent drain, but not horrible. Then went to a concert. Phone is in pocket started getting warm. Turns out, in the building cell reception was spotty, and was on...
  2. nj02vette

    Change default notification light

    I know you can customize the color of the notification LED per contact. That's pretty cool. But can you change the default notification color? In display settings, there is a area for notifications and it lists some options you can toggle on and off, but can you change the default colors...
  3. nj02vette

    G2's screen is polarized

    I guess this is what you call it? Perhaps a side effect of the display tech. Noticed this the other day when wearing polarized sunglasses. Turned the phone horizontal and the display disappeared. Took sunglasses off and everything was fine. Happened to me with a outdoor rugged digital...
  4. nj02vette

    Verizon G2 in hand

    Picked it up this morning from local corp store. Bought it at retail. Yes, I got the soft sell on Edge, but I think guy saw I knew my stuff and didn't go too far. One bonus, I mentioned the coupon code and got 10% off. I did pick up a pack of screen protectors. I like the flip cover...
  5. nj02vette

    Nexus 10 Spotted at Walmart

    Thought some may find interesting.
  6. nj02vette

    Help Can't make or receive phone calls....but have data access

    So overall I've been very happy with my launch day Gnex. No real issues to speak of. Verizon 4G has been good to me. But this afternoon, I made a call (checking voicemail), no problem. This evening, I went to make another call and I can't. It states dialing, but never connects. After...
  7. nj02vette

    Help Browser unresponsive and hangs

    While using the stock browser, sometimes clicking a link or opening up a new tab will load ~75%, then lock up and become non-responsive. I have to wait a few seconds and then get the "This app has stopped responding. Wait/Close" dialog box. Clicking "Wait" everything returns to normal until...
  8. nj02vette

    Material for Nexus back cover

    In case anyone was interested, the back cover was advertised as "hyper skin" or some other marketing buzzword. Its just Polycarbonate with 10% glass fiber reinforcement. Still, that plastic formulation is pretty durable and there shouldn't be any issues with durability.
  9. nj02vette

    Help Known issues with the Galaxy Nexus

    This thread is for known hardware/software issues with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If you discover an issue, either post in this thread or PM me or mods. I'll keep this original post updated with the most pertanent info. Note: I'd like to keep battery life and signal strength discussions out for...
  10. nj02vette

    Root Best ROMS available

    Wanted to start a thread about which ROMS people have tried, thier likes and dislikes etc. I was going to put a ROM on, but getting lost between all the nightly builds of CM7, Nookie Froyo, Honeycomb, etc. Any feedback as to which ROM you run and it's pros and cons?
  11. nj02vette

    Funny thing happened at B&N

    At Barnes & Noble looking at cases for my Nook Color. At the Nook kiosk, there is an older couple being helped by another customer, since the actual B&N employee couldn't answer all the questions. She's an old lady, but very into books and her Nook Color. Probably like 60 or so, gray hair...
  12. nj02vette

    Help Notifications while on call

    My wife complains to me about a problem with her Droid 2. When on a phone call and she gets a notification, it beeps through the headset speaker (not external speaker) until she silences it. Very annoying. My Droid X doesn't have this same issue, and to be quite honest, never spent the time...
  13. nj02vette

    Consumer Reports on the Droid X

    Anyone see the Jan 2011 report on cell phones and providers? Stopped by a resturant for some takeout (yummm, crabcakes), and the owner had a bunch of mags on a table while I waited. I always take the reviews of consumer reports with a grain of salt. For instance, their car ratings are a...
  14. nj02vette

    Holy Motorola Xoom commercial

    Props to Moto for sticking it to Apple with the whole anti 1984 commerical!
  15. nj02vette

    Help Manually forcing facebook sync

    Is there a way to force the sync for facebook contacts? In accounts, the only thing there is the user/password. I can't find anyway to manually force the sync. Is there also a way to clear out the cache, just in case the phone thinks it downloaded the info, but for whatever reason wants to...
  16. nj02vette

    Manually forcing facebook sync

  17. nj02vette

    Help Not all Facebook contacts syncing

    So my wife's Droid2 has been haveing some intermittant screen freezing issues. I did a factory reset to see if that will help the situation. In the mean time, after adding the facebook account back to contacts, only some of her contacts are coming in. Not all, I know because I'm one of...
  18. nj02vette

    Help Screen freezing

    So my wife has had a Droid 2 for about 2 weeks. Let's just say, she's not the most patient person when it comes to learning new technology. The screen has frozen on her 4 times in that period. The first time I was able to witness. The phone itself doesn't seem frozen, just the screen input...
  19. nj02vette

    Problem with gmail sync contacts - Solved!

    I found an interesting problem syncing my Gmail contacts. It may have already been solved here, but I did a search and couldn't find anything. Here was the problem. Bought DroidX on 15th. Verizon backup assistant copied all my old contacts onto the phone. Cool, right? Added a few more...