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  1. LunchBB

    Help Default browser locked up on Facebook mobile

    It started last night, the default internet browser frozen on facebook mobile page. I reset the S3 to factory default and it still behaves the same. Anybody experience the same?
  2. LunchBB

    Micro SIM Card

    So far so good. Really like the device. Didn't know it's using Micro SIM card. If I travel international, I will need to get one of those thing to trim SIM bought from other countries. Shouldn't be a problem. Coming from Galaxy Nexus, S3's screen quality is so much better. Like the screen...
  3. LunchBB

    Help Lock Screen Unlock Bug

    I just noticed this, if I have an legacy app running (while you can see the 3 dots on the bottom right of the screen), press the power button to lock the phone. Then press the power button again. At the lock screen, there is the same 3 dots on the bottom right. Tap on it will unlock the phone...
  4. LunchBB

    Help - Facebook contact sync?

    Got my GN international version today. Loving it so far. I installed the facebook app but noticed contacts won't sync. Head to Account and Sync and it won't show Facebook as a sync account. Anybody has a solution? It would be nice to see contacts with their photos from facebook.
  5. LunchBB

    Review of New Trent Dual View Folio Case for Kindle Fire

    Bought this New Trent folio case for my Kindle Fire from Amazon. I like it a lot as it makes the kinlde fire looks like a day planner. It gives me extra material to grip to hold the Kindle in hand. Then can set long or wide orientation when sitting on desk top. Check out my view New Trent...
  6. LunchBB

    Charging through Computer USB!!!!

    I hated that I can't charge the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with USB on computer. I poked around to find out it was the polarity difference causing the problem. I bought this cable and adapter and they work with Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9. Now I can just use my computer USB to charge. One less AC adapter to...
  7. LunchBB

    Buying Kindle Fire Will Cancel Your Prime Guest Membership

    I was on guest prime membership before. I was surprised to see I can borrow eBooks and play Instant video with my Kindle Fire. I don't know how it happens. Now I know. Amazon will force a 1 month free Prime membership trial. However, at the end of the free trial, if I don't renew, I will be...
  8. LunchBB

    Xtralogic Remote Desktop Rip Off

    I purchased a license of Xtralogic Remote Desktop for $24 through Android Market. I contacted the developer if they can transfer my license to Amazon Appstore. They said I have to pay another license if I want to use the app in Kindle Fire. Both my phone and Kindle are a personal device I'm...
  9. LunchBB

    - Where is the Nov 13 WIFI Calling update?

    Does anybody receive any system update? Wi-Fi Calling Coming To The Galaxy S II, Amaze 4G On November 13th
  10. LunchBB

    What Tmobile Plan You are On?

    Just curious which data plan everybody is on with Tmobile. I had the G1 Unlimited Data Plan for $25 and now switch to the $39 unlimited voice+data and $20 5GB data plan. I kicked myself switching away from the G1 plan as it doesn't have any soft cap. errrr....
  11. LunchBB

    Help Strange Battery Behavior

    It's been two days with this situation. When the battery is 100% full charge, my phone will show the battery at full for a very long time. Even though I have talked on the phone, surf the web, left it on over night.... it will still say full charge. All of a sudden, it will show to actual...
  12. LunchBB

    Help No Touch Tone in Dialer

    Anybody knows how to get audible dial pad touch tone in the dialer?
  13. LunchBB

    Screen Capture Hot Keys

    Read it somewhere to capture the screen, hold the Home key and press Power button once. You have to do it quick otherwise the Task Manager will popped up.
  14. LunchBB

    NO MORE FREE Tethering

    Just tried it... have the phone setup as WIFI tethering. Then have a computer connected to it. Then the browser shows a Tmobile page saying "Your current data plan does not support tethering your phone to another device for Internet access. Please have your primary account holder call...
  15. LunchBB

    Pictures of the S2

    Just took some pictures. What a beautiful piece of hardware
  16. LunchBB

    Using Tmobile Sensation in Hong Kong

    I'm visiting Hong Kong now. I didn't sign up any Tmobile International roaming plan. First thing I noticed at the hotel WIFI connection, WIFI calling kicks in. Then I received calls from the US as well as calling back to the US just like domestic call. Awesome! However, when there is no WIFI...
  17. LunchBB

    Logitech Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab 10.1

    I'm buying one once it is available Logitech - Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy 10.1
  18. LunchBB

    Galaxy Tab 10.1 + Bluetooth keyboard

    I've tried 2 bluetooth keyboards with the 10.1 tab. Both of them works. However, the onscreen soft keyboard won't go away when the Bluetooth keyboard is connected. Before, when I use the bluetooth keyboard with the Xoom, it has an option to disable on-screen ketyboard. Does anybody know how...
  19. LunchBB

    how to get the default wallpaper back?

    The beautiful wallpap with hot air balloon. Where to get it back? It's not in the gallery.
  20. LunchBB

    Help Default video player won't scale to full screen

    Disappointed to find out the default video player won't scale the video to full screen. It's just a tiny window in the middle. ahhh...
  21. LunchBB

    Help Notification LED

    Other than charging (in amber and green), I never seen the LED blink when I got text message or emails. Is there a settings that I miss?
  22. LunchBB

    WIFI Keep Dropping Out

    I noticed my WIFI connection would be lost while using the phone. It will only stay on unless I select the "Best WIFI performance" options under advance. It states it will draw more power. ahhh... Also, what's your WIFI sleep policy? I think the default is 15 minutes. What's your settings?
  23. LunchBB

    Cant find Chrome Lab

    On Xoom and Transformer, I can set the Lab in Chrome settings to show 12 frequent used web sites. I cant find the same option in the Chrome of the tab 10.1. BTW, the about:debug works the same way in this chrome version to set the browser to render as desktop mode.
  24. LunchBB

    Help Battery drained in 6 hours while I sleep

    I unplugged G2x at full charge and went to bed at 2am. Woke up 8am finding out the phone has 15% left. Also, I noticed the phone drained quickly for regular browsing with or without WIFI. It also takes a long time to get full charge. Recently, the scrolling and mp3 playback becomes stuttered...
  25. LunchBB

    Share your Transformer Tips and Tricks

    Just tried out the touch pad, to perform vertical scrolling on browser, I can use two fingers to goes up and down.