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    Google Voice iPhone webapp

    The Google Voice webapp for the iPhone looks pretty good from the screen shots I've seen. I guess that's one way to get apps on the iPhone without approval. I'm just wondering why my Google Voice doesn't look as polished on my Android based Droid Eris. Will they be retooling the GV app for our...
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    Unable to Deliver

    Anybody else having issues sending repeat text messages to same person? I reply to message from someone that I just texted and I get - Unable to deliver. Please re-send with area code. I know the area code is in the address book for that person and it's showing that person's name & picture so it...
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    Google Vs. iPhone clip

    YouTube - Google Vs. iPhone clip.mpg Damn this is funny.
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    Google Vs. iPhone clip

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    At first I thought the trackball was pretty stupid. Why would I need that if I can just touch what I need with my finger. After browsing sites from the web I can now see that being able to roll to different links is easier to trigger links than my fat finger trying to be real careful not to...
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    You get a good signal inside the building?

    My new favorite phrase from the iPhone dudes at work. :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Desktop Cradle

    Is this the only desktop docking cradle so far?