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  1. chris34728

    Help S21 plus no data during calls

    Hi im on the latest version of android which also has samsung UI4 i currently have two sims in my phone and when making a call i cannot get data ive checked settings and VoltE is enabled for both sims but still no data coming through any help please Thanks
  2. chris34728

    Constant Screen test

    Hi guys my 7 year old has had his TAB A for about 2 years now and tonight he was complaining about it being really slow, he is constantly installing crap off the google play store but tonight i managed to get his tablet back to the home screen to try factory reset it and the tab rebooted into a...
  3. chris34728

    Help Unlocking s8 Plus

    Hi guys My s6 edge eventually packed up yesterday and im still in contract with Vodafone for another 6 months To cut a long story short I've ordered a new s8 plus on a good deal with virgin mobile even better with my 50 percent staff rates offer as i work at virgin media Currently my sister...
  4. chris34728

    Failed Root Phone Wont Turn On

    Hi Tried Rooting a Note 4 on Virgin Mobile on Lollipop 5.1.1 Installed it all successful tried to reboot the phone but had nothing but issues not seen the android main screen for 3 hours now Comes up with a Kernel message Kies wont let me restore my phone as it wont connect to kies just...