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  1. 3vodroid

    Looking for a digitizer

    Hey, My buddies daughter had her s3 for about a week. She came from an iphone. And already broke the screen. It is an at&t s3 in white. Question is where can I get the digitizer for a fair price. We found one on ebay for 17 dollars but it's from Hong Kong and I'm afraid it won't be a quality...
  2. 3vodroid

    Root [CDMA] Flashing any rom/Nand results in bootloop

    Hey guys. I'm speaking for a friend with a 3vo so I'm going to do the best I can to describe the situation. He was on ICS rooted and s-off. With 4-ext recovery. Followed the instructions to a T from the guide. Made a Nand and attempted to flash meanrom. It went all the way to sense and then...
  3. 3vodroid

    Root Getting a replacement phone

    Hey guys I have a question. If i back a nandroid through safe strap onto my sd card with my current razr maxx, and then install safe strap (and root) on my new replacement when it comes this week will i be able to restore the Nand from my sd card?
  4. 3vodroid


    Has anyone seen checked this app out? It's pretty cool but it's ios only right now. I really hate how apps like this seem to always come out only for the iphone in their beginnings. Like instagram...Anyway, I saw some articles on Google from April stating that an android version would eventually...
  5. 3vodroid

    Help Question about a repair needed.

    Hey everyone, My friend at work has a mercury and his back light isn't working. The screen is cracked too. I'm going to be repairing this for him but I just wanted to know if the back light is part of the digitizer assembly on this model. Or if I will have to but the panel separately. Thank...
  6. 3vodroid

    Root [CDMA] Rooted and unlocked but cant flash roms

    Hey guys, Im helping a friend with his rooted evo 3d. He is unlocked and rooted. With TWRP recovery. His phone is on ICS. He made a nandroid and attempted to flash meanrom and its not working. He flashed the kernel for meanrom with flash image gui prior to trying to flash meanrom. Since that...
  7. 3vodroid

    The end is near. Maybe.

    So I know you all have heard the rumors regarding the mayan calender ending in December of this year. So should I quit my job, max out my credit card, load up on ammo, and steal the jeep of my dreams in hopes that December 21st is the last day of days? I hope sprint has service in the post...
  8. 3vodroid

    Is your phone safe with a malicious tel url?

    So I know you all probably heard about the "hack" going around that apparently can remotely factory reset your device, among other harmful things. Many devices are vulnerable to this. Including many Samsung, Motorola and yes, htc phones.( the sgs3 has been patched) The good thing is I believe...
  9. 3vodroid

    Looking for an app to design logos for my business, any suggestions?

    The title pretty much says it all :) I'm looking for an app to design some logos for my business and such. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Or maybe even a photo editor that actually allows you to edit things. Lol all the ones I've tried on the market don't really allow you to...
  10. 3vodroid

    Tapatalk issue?

    I was wondering if anyone else is noticing these issues. I assume they are Tapatalk issues. 1. When you hit like or Thanks sometimes it won't show up as you press it. You have to back out of the thread and come back to see it. Usually it would automatically pop up with your name in the thanks...
  11. 3vodroid

    Help Plastic cover making creaking noise?

    Does anyone else notice when you press the plastic cover ( the one you have to take off to get to the micro sd). That it makes a creaking noise? I took the cover off once to insert the card and that's it. So it's not like the plastic tabs are worn. I just notice that when I have the phone out of...
  12. 3vodroid

    Help Glitch in stock messaging app (flash seen in top/bottom of screen)?

    Hey guys/girls just wanted to see if you were experiencing something I have noticed since I got the phone with 2 different evo lte's. While typing in the same stock messaging app do you guys see an "artifact" or a glitch on the top/bottom of the screen? Like a quick flash. I've noticed it stock...
  13. 3vodroid

    Root Nandroid question

    Hey guys i just want to ask so i can have a better understanding. Ive made numerous nands and i always do them right after flashing a fresh rom. Question is, if i was to nand right before i flashed a new rom would the nandroid retain all of my apps and settings and etc? or does it just save the...
  14. 3vodroid

    Max Payne

    Where can I find Max Payne I can't find it on the play store....
  15. 3vodroid

    Fair price

    Hey guys/gals, A friend of mine has an Asus eee pad transformer for sale. It was purchased around Christmas. But if he's used it 3 times I'd be surprised. Needless to say it's in very good condition. It is the 16gb model. I haven't really played with these tabs much. I own a toshiba thrive...
  16. 3vodroid

    Root Saving game data? What am I missing here?

    Hey guys. I have titanium backup and i even bought the premium key. But I can't for the life of me get it to backup game data. For example. I play dead trigger and i was pretty dang far in the game. I made a titanium backup and when I restored the backup, the game was there. But my progress was...
  17. 3vodroid

    Please take a second and vote for my hardworking, wonderful GF : )

    Hello AF freinds, My lovely girlfriend has enetered a contest and i was hoping you cool folks could cast a vote for her. She is a hairdresser and i think a very talented one :). She is a very hard worker and it shows. So if you could i would appreciate it alot. It take a couple seconds. The only...
  18. 3vodroid

    Root Can HTC see that I'm rooted on their end?

    I've contacted htc about an issue in having with my device and they wanted serial numbers etc. Question is- can they detect that I am rooted and unlocked by giving them that info? Thanks in advance. Btw. I am rooted, htc dev unlocked, s-on running Viper w/ TWRP recovery.
  19. 3vodroid

    Please help with recovery.. starting to go crazy!

    :mad: Hello all, i agreed to help a friend in rooting his hero ( he saw my evo 4g lte rooted and liked it) so i have it rooted using the z4 method. Superuser is installed i also have astro, terminal emulator, and busy box, but i CANNOT for the life of me figure out how to get a custom recovery...
  20. 3vodroid

    Root Taking the plunge....

    So, its official. I am stepping off of the sidelines and im going to root this bad boy using this method ( RegawMOD EVO 4G LTE Rooter | Updated 08.17.12 ) [ROOT] RegawMOD EVO 4G LTE Rooter | Updated 08.17.12 - xda-developers Figures i go to download the application i need for my 64bit system...
  21. 3vodroid

    Root [CDMA] How can one roll back to a previous Android OS? (requires root)

    Ok, so my friend at work has the evo 3d and he says he hates his phone after the ics update. Is there any way he can restore his phone to the old android version? I'm pretty sure this can not be done.. But I figured I would ask. He is unrooted.
  22. 3vodroid

    Help "Android market" won't auto update to "Google play"

    Hey guys/gals. My girlfriend just had her strat replaced bc it wouldn't charge, and it keep rebooting. Overall not very happy with the performance of this device I wish she could just get something better. Well after I set up her replacement I began loading some apps when I realized her Google...
  23. 3vodroid

    Help Turn Evo off. Fight to get it to turn back on? (Disabled Fast Boot resolved)

    Hey guys/gals. So a new problem has arose today. :( I'd like to start off by saying that I've had no issues with my evo whatsoever. I keep it in an otterbox defender 24/7 and I have never dropped my phone. So today I figured I would take the phone out of the defender to wipe any dirt off of it...
  24. 3vodroid

    Help Refurbished models?

    Hey guys just have a question to anyone who recently got their phone replaced. Did they start giving out refurbs yet? I had mine replaced about a month ago and got lucky enough to receive a new device bc refurbs weren't yet available. I have a friend who wants to get his replaced but hasn't gone...
  25. 3vodroid

    csr racing for android?

    Does anyone know when the game "csr racing" will be coming to android? Thank you :-)