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  1. BuTbKa

    Root [ROM] GummyCHARGED

    Hey guys, just want to share: [ROM] GummyCHARGED 1.0 06/08/11 - Android Forums
  2. BuTbKa

    Root Honeycomb boot animation on Droid X

    Just want to share, working fine on mine :) Xoom Boot Animation On Droid X - Android Forums
  3. BuTbKa

    Root Download the Official 2.3.340 OTA Here

    Sorry if that was already posted, but found working mirror on AC forums. Credit to member Clink. - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! Link to thread on AC forum
  4. BuTbKa

    Very good deal

    Sorry if it was already posted,
  5. BuTbKa

    Root Sapphire custom ROM running on Droid X

    YouTube - DroidX-Video-New Rom First ROM Since Cyanogen to Truly Embrace Open-Source - Android Forums
  6. BuTbKa

    Root Sync icon wont go away after upgrade to 2.2

    Does anybody has same problem, or even better has a fix?
  7. BuTbKa

    Help Question on Launcher Pro and ADW

    Guys and gals, ever since I installed Launcher Pro and ADW ( love both of them), my home button acts weird. Instead of taking me back to home screen on launcher I'm currently using it gives me option to complete with Launcher Pro or ADW. If I uninstall one of costume launchers, and using stock...
  8. BuTbKa

    Droid X review by BGR.

    Hey guys, another one just popped out : Motorola DROID X review Boy Genius Report