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  1. Caveman419

    Ringer Profiles

    I am looking for an application that I can override any volume settings. I want to make sure that no matter what the volume gets set to for the phone, a specific contact will always ring...24/7. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Caveman419

    FM reciever app

    Is there a good app that lets you dial into a specific FM channel? The television at the gym is set to broadcast at a specific FM frequency and it would be nice to be able to tune into it. The phone is a Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Thank you for any assistance!!
  3. Caveman419

    Software Update - Anyone else getting one today?

    Showing a 28.36MB update with the details: Software and stability improvements included. Anyone else seeing this? Is this to patch vulnerabilities? Here is a link to a screenshot (kind of limited to what I can post at work):
  4. Caveman419

    Help SMS/Missed Call repeating notification

    Greeting everyone, I am looking for a little help finding a solution. My father has a RAZR Max and it is his first real smartphone and is not the most tech friendly person, but he is trying. His problem is that he misses text messages and missed call notifications for several hours. I know...
  5. Caveman419

    Anyone seeing the 4.2.1 Update?

    Android Central is reporting that there is a 4.2.1 update coming to fix the missing December bug. Has anyone seen this yet? Android 4.2.1 update hitting Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 | Android Central
  6. Caveman419

    Google Calendar available in the market

    Just as the title says the actual Google Calendar can now be added to our Note 10.1 devices so that we can get rid of the S Planner.
  7. Caveman419

    Small update this morning?

    Did anyone receive a small update this morning? My son received the keyboard dock for his birthday last night and this morning had a small firmware update. He said that it did not change the android version number. I am thinking a small stability release?
  8. Caveman419

    Unlock to Answer question

    I posted this in another thread, but I think it got buried from other questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I have a couple of people that I work with that recieved the update to ICS. They are noticing that in order to answer a call, they first need to unlock the phone then answer...
  9. Caveman419

    Anyone need a Cubby Invite?

    Sorry all out for now...see Post # 6 for another chance to get one. I have 0 invites to Cubby. It is 5GB of free Cloud storage that is like Dropbox. You can earn an additional 1GB for each invite that you send to a person and that they install the desktop client (almost identical to...
  10. Caveman419

    Download will not stop

    Greeting all! I work with a person that has her home email set up in Outlook on her home computer to pull the emails from the server when Outlook is opened. She was sent a picture in an email and for some reason it started to download the,TXT file that always accompanies the picture. She has...
  11. Caveman419

    Root Finally Rooted - Flash CWM from ROM Manager?

    Well I finally rooted my 4G Xoom and installed one of Pete's ICS nightly releases. I just got sick and tired of waiting for the Official version to be released. I gotta say this is a very smooth OS. I loved it on my Nexus and even more so on my Xoom. My question is this...I have the ROM...
  12. Caveman419

    Zagg - Speaker Issue

    I went ahead and had a Zagg put on my GNex (wanted one that would last). I had it puton at the store because if they mess it up they will replace it. Here is my question: After they put it on, I am getting not sound out of my speaker (top of the phone) when making a call. Has anyone else had...
  13. Caveman419

    Help Pull Contacts through ADB?

    Greetings Fascinate users! I have a co-worker that just shattered the screen on her Fascinate and can not get it to turn back on. When she went to the Verizon store to get her new Droid X2 set up, none of her contacts carried over when she logged in with her gmail account. I have had her sign...
  14. Caveman419

    Root BootLoader the same with 3.1?

    With the new update to 3.1, has the bootloader stayed the same? I own a DX and always need to be aware of the bootloader updating with new leaks. So I was wondering if the bootloader has stayed the same on the Xoom through the updates in case I want to use the SBF file to revert back to stock...
  15. Caveman419

    Root XOOM SBF Hits the Web

    Here is the story from over at Limitless Droid: Limitless DROID Blog Archive Motorola XOOM SBF file hits the web Downloading now.
  16. Caveman419

    Root 3.4.2 flashable zip Question

    This has been rooted finally, that is it though. No themes or optimization (i'm sure that they will be coming). I was wondering if anyone has used the update type file from the TBH app? If so can you shed any light on the steps? Do you just place the flashable zip on the root of your SD...
  17. Caveman419

    Help AOL Setup Info

    I just got my wife an Incredible and she if fighting with her email. When the DInc grabs the emails from AOL it pulls them off of the server. She just wants a copy pulled off of the server so that she can also get them on her computer with Outlook. Does anybody know where the setting for this...
  18. Caveman419

    Target sale

    Just to let anyone who is looking for an upgrade or new line (phone). Target has the Droid X on sale for $100 plus a fifty dollar gift card (after having the phone for six weeks) on Friday(11/26) and Saturday(11/27). They also take trade-ins on old phones. I took the DX deal for me, traded in...
  19. Caveman419

    Root Froyo Default Lock Screen Gone?

    This might be how it is suppose to work, but the only time that I get a lock screen anymore is when I first boot the phone up or set the PIN or Password locks. I carry my phone in pocket when at work (especially from meeting to meeting) and the volume rocker or camera button sometimes wake the...
  20. Caveman419

    Greetings All

    Hello, I have been reading this forum for a couple of months now and I have to say that the wealth of knowledge here is incredible! I have had my Droid since Mid December 2009 and absolutely love it. Open source is the way to go. I have a background in JavaScript and am currently enrolled in...