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  1. Alex Ethridge

    Help How can I back up phone's block list?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Model N950U. Concerning the phone's default internal block list, is there a way to export it to a file that can be saved on a computer?
  2. Alex Ethridge

    Google Contacts Question

    I just recently finished importing 855 records into Google Contacts for a friend. His database goes back to the earliest days of the Palm PDA when only seven-digit phone numbers were required when dialing from within an area code so he has several hundred seven-digit phone numbers in his Google...
  3. Alex Ethridge

    Sudden unwanted change to SMS & phone number display

    This has never been this way until today. I looked at my list of recent PHONE calls and numbers were listed that had not called Exploring this, I found that every text message I had received a text message from was listed in my recent phone calls list. Then I checked my text messages (I don't...
  4. Alex Ethridge

    Google Play won't let me sign in with another account

    I have had several Google Play Store accounts over the last few years and deleted all one today. It is an account I have never used at the Play Store before. When I try to access the Play Store, the first thing I see is "Google. Verify it is you. You were signed out of your Google Account...
  5. Alex Ethridge

    Side-loading on an LG phone?

    I have a tech-challenged friend who owns a very recent LG phone. The exact model I do not know at present. I know he got it from a Verizon store less than a year ago. I have tried several times to get an account set up for him with Google Play without any success. So here's my question: I...
  6. Alex Ethridge

    Weird File Copying Anomaly

    This is not a problem that needs a solution; it is just a weird anomaly that I encountered today and never before after several years of using the same program. I have used a program that allows me to enter data on my computer and synchronize that data to my phone as well as copy files between...
  7. Alex Ethridge

    Notifications of call waiting failing

    My phone used to beep in and put up a screen notification if I was on a call and was receiving another. Now I get no notification of the second caller and the second call just goes to voicemail. Can I correct that in my phone's settings or is that something I need to talk to my carrier about?
  8. Alex Ethridge

    Recover lost file on Galaxy S8

    This phone does not have a removable card or I would already know what to do. I copied about eight files from my phone to my computer and then deleted the files on my phone but when I tried to access the files on the computer, only seven were there, one missing. Are there any free or low-cost...
  9. Alex Ethridge

    Whay can I not block certain texts?

    I don't do texting, have never sent one and until recently, never even read one but I recently looked in "Messages" and found hundreds of texts. Nearly all are either spam or scams wanting to buy my house, wanting to sell me a home or car repair policy and a plethora of other scams. I went...
  10. Alex Ethridge

    Facebook ad on my phone's opening screen

    I have an ad on my phone's opening screen that says "Facebook. Find friends and see what's new". To be clear, this is the screen that appears when I turn on the device and before I enter the PIN to access the phone. I used my desktop computer to make a facebook account several years ago to...
  11. Alex Ethridge

    calendar/Appointment Notifications are Deficient

    Using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950U running Android version 9. First off, I have a Galaxy S6 as well as the Note 8. On the S6, I get a notification of an appointment and then get another notification every so-many user-selectable minutes until I acknowledge the notification. On the Note 8, I...
  12. Alex Ethridge

    How to set default program for RTF files?

    Using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I have a lot of RTF documents stored on it. Some open in a program called Astro and some in a program called Hancomb (I think). All are RTF files and have RTF extensions and I don't understand how to make them all open in Hancom Office. I have looked for...
  13. Alex Ethridge

    Permanently Disable Weather Alerts?

    I would like to permanently disable weather alerts. I thought I had done it right: Settings: Apps> Weather. I set Notifications blocked. Show Notifications is OFF. No Permissions Allowed. And the program is Forced Stop and Disabled. So what else is there?
  14. Alex Ethridge

    Need notifications/alerts to work better

    I recently moved from the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the Note 8 and my notifications aren't working the same as on my S6. All I get as an appointment reminder is a single short jingle. I don't mind a short jingle but I would like it to repeat every so many minutes until I acknowledge it. I've...