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  1. slugbug

    Root I have all these system/performance tools & am not sure I am using them right

    (warning rant) Seriously. I have all these apps, and realized today that I don't think I have a real clue how to use them all to work well together. Especially now that I am rooted, running a custom kernel, am I suppose to do with these things, what is fighting each other, what is...
  2. slugbug

    Help has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    I keep getting Sorry! has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force Close I can't tie this to any particluar app and it doesnt seem to be impacting anything - everything is running fine. Its annoying and I'd like to get it fixed. Any ideas.
  3. slugbug

    Root General ? about where to post issues and seek advice

    Now that I am rooted, I want to make sure I am posing questions to the right forum. My quess is that the answer is "that depends" but in general.....if I am having a problem would this forum be the place to ask? I keep getting Sorry! has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again...
  4. slugbug

    Help mobile version of Google not working

    The classic version of Google works just fine. But the mobile version does not work. It comes up, I input an item to search, but then the search function doesn't work. The "hot key" if that is what it is called - the one one the face of our phones next to the back button - works fine, too...
  5. slugbug

    Juice Defender - apn not found, mobile data not working error

    I have a rooted Evo, running warm's tpt rom. Juice Defender was working fine for me until last night. I noticed it wasnt in the notification bar. (I do not have any task killers) I am getting the following erros when I set it up: mobile data control doesnt work mobile data control (apn...
  6. slugbug

    Root with a new ROM< do you usually reinstall app using APPBrain or

    I tried my first rom yesterday, so far so good. FUN! It wasn't so much fun re-installing my apps and various preferences, but I know that comes wiht the territory. What is the easiest and fasted way to restore most of what we lose when we wipe and flash a new rom? I used AppBrain. Do you...
  7. slugbug

    Root how do I reinstall Sprint Navigator?

    I know you get this time and time again (I know, I've been reading and searching here and xda all weekend) ....... but I really have researched this. I saw a link somewhere, now i can't find it, I didn't flag it cuz I didn't know I would need it at the time. I rooted using unrevoked 3.3 (...
  8. slugbug

    Root I have searched and can't find out how to fix white evo screen

    I am root using unrevoked. I made a nandroid as soon as I rooted. I have since removed a bunch of the crap-ware and I would like to try custom roms. But I cant seem to make another nandroid backup. I have tried to do it through ROM Manager and through the volumedown+power. Both take me the the...
  9. slugbug

    Root "HTC.pbg stopped unexpectedly " - what is going on?

    I get this error but things seem to be working ok. But when I try to do nandroid backup, it gets suck on the white HTC evo screen, no buttons worked so I had to do a battery pull, then got this error as soon as it Booted back up and now I still get the error occasionally and I haven't Been...
  10. slugbug

    Root sink or swim...I'm jumping in

    I have read and read and re-read so much that I am now more confused than ever. I am a smart person, relatively tech savvy (problem just enough to get me in trouble:o), and am going to root. Tonight. I deleted some music and now have almost 3gb avl' on my sd card (I was under 1gb), I will...
  11. slugbug

    Help free up space on the SD card ?

    I only have 1gb left. Not enough room to root, flash roms, add more music, pictures, etc. Wondering if there is a "clean SD card app" out there that might help me clean things up a bit, I don't want to start deleting thongs I need, use, etc. I am going to move most of my pictures onto...
  12. slugbug

    Root how much space do I need on my SD card before rooting?

    I have read and read and read. I want to take the leap soon. I hear it goes fast but I want to set aside am entire evening or afternoon. How much space so I need to have on my SD card? Mine is almost full. Which means I'll probably get a bigger one soon. I want more music :-)
  13. slugbug

    Homepipe? Other app? trying to play music from pc

    I searched a lot of threads and thought I found what I wanted. Homepipe will allow me to play music that is on my home pc without taking up space on my sd card. Two problems - severe lag + can't access the music via my music player (mixzing) and must play through Astro so not a lot of variation...
  14. slugbug

    Help Saving and attaching documents?

    I apologize in advance if this has been discusses. I am a loooong time BB user. Got the Evo a few months ago. The only thing I'd like to do that I have not yet figure out HOW to do is attachment documents to emails. This is very important to me because I am job hunting and need to respond...
  15. slugbug

    Help Stock music player not closing

    I am almost sure that before froyo, when I was playing mp3s via the stock music player, that when I exited that screen, the music app closed. It no longer closes when I back out of it. And there is no exit or quit option. Is force closing the only way to stop the dang thing? Surely not. I must...
  16. slugbug

    Help GPS randomly activating ??

    I have tried everything and done a lot of tweaking to get better battery life and am very please. I followed the HOW TO FIX FROYO and also did several things suggest in the 20 Ways to Increase Battery for Evo link (or whatever it is called). Many suggestions seem to certainly help, but I did...
  17. slugbug

    Help Google/Gmail/People Contacts not synced

    Sprint guy told me that when I added a Gmail account, that all my contacts would sync to that, etc. Problem - LOTS (ok - most) of the info I have on my phone for my contacts/People is NOT synced to my GMail contact info. My phone went funky the other day so I went to the laptop to grab a friends...