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  1. arkansawdave74

    No more Zmax on Tmo Network...

    So Zmax is in the list phones the stop working on the Tmobile network next month which I assume means Metro too. Heartbreaking. Not that I still have one, but if anyone needs a new phone I highly recommend the moto g stylus.
  2. arkansawdave74

    Root [ROM][Unofficial][AOKP Nougat 7.1.2]

    Here's one. Yup. I got another Zmax. Yay!! AOKP info: Everything seems to be working so far. EDIT: The switch to make volume buttons control media instead of ringer volume doesn't work. I use this app for it...
  3. arkansawdave74

    Root New PAC-ROM 5.1.1 (Unofficial) Zmax Z970

    I completed my 1st port. It seems to be working great and it's a definite improvement on our old PAC. I owe a huge thanks to @hroark13 for the device, vendor, and kernel trees, without which I couldn't have done it. I also owe a huge thanks to @Relyt2012 for showing me what a manifest was...
  4. arkansawdave74

    Root S5 Mini won't stay rooted on TW!! Can anyone help?

    I realize I'm in the wrong place, and I apologize for that, but I have a much better chance here... Hello, everyone. I'm having an issue on my G800H I can't get figured out. I'm no stranger to rooting, having rooted 15-20 of my own devices, but only 3 were Samsungs (two S5 Sports, and a Galaxy...
  5. arkansawdave74

    Help Can't stay rooted on TW!! Can anyone help?

    I see the forums aren't that active for the mini, but it's sure worth a shot... Hello, everyone. I'm having an issue on my G800H I can't get figured out. I'm no stranger to rooting, having rooted 15-20 of my own devices, but only 3 were Samsungs (two S5 Sports, and a Galaxy Admire). I've never...
  6. arkansawdave74

    Root Root for update V1.4.12 ?

    What's up guys? I've got a pal who wants to root this, but he in installed an update to a build ending in V1.4.12 . I was checking to see if anyone has tried to gain root on this build yet. If not, we may give it a try (he hasn't decided yet), but I'm asking to maybe save us from wasting our...
  7. arkansawdave74

    Root How To Forceboot TWRP

    Just wanted to post this so I could easily link someone to instructions in case of a bootloop. If your partitions are normal (not switched), you hold down power and volume up. After about 8 seconds, it will vibrate once (keep holding) and then again about 4 seconds later. After the second...
  8. arkansawdave74

    Root B12 Root?

    Anyone gain root yet on b12?
  9. arkansawdave74

    Root Why update to official Lollipop?

    Ever since I flashed my first custom ROM ("L" Awe on a ZTE Awe) I have never been satisfied with a stock ROM. Even on phones without custom ROMs, I customize them myself with debloating, trading out system apps like the keyboard, music player, file manager, etc. I am confused when I see...
  10. arkansawdave74

    Root Can't Figure Out Performance Issue

    When I was on PAC ROM, I tried a pretty fun little game called Piano Tiles 2. It would lag and sputter and mess me up but it was still fun. When I tried SyntheticOS with the bankermod kernel installed, I tried the game and, to my surprise, it played smoothly. I thought it was because of...
  11. arkansawdave74

    Root 128gig sd on Zmax?

    Has anyone tried a 128gig sdxc card on the Zmax? I'm gonna replace my 64 class 4 with a class 10. Was wondering if I can step up to a 128. Anyone?
  12. arkansawdave74

    Root 64 gig sd on stock rom?

    Anyone know any trick for making a 64gig sd work in a stock based rom?
  13. arkansawdave74

    Root Moving Apps To Sd

    CONCLUSION: Over 13gb of apps with 6gb still free on internal. Yay! METHOD 1: Link2sd Plus (special thanks to @ravenslight and @DeadDude for all the help with Link2sd Plus) Link2sd Plus ($2.35 in playstore) is the recommended (not...
  14. arkansawdave74

    Help Plea for a Realm ROM

    I borrowed a friend's LG Realm with TWRP. He had a ROM that he said he'd flashed before. I flashed it....corrupt or fake...idk. Bootlooped and I can't seem to find any firmware to fix it. Might not take too much work to port an L70 ROM, but I'm not that skilled yet. I will be, and plan to...