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  1. miltk

    what is this on my notification bar

    ever since i updated to android7 this notification pops up ONLY when i'm at home. all network connections are turned off. no wifi, no bluetooth, no hotspot, no nuttin', and no apps that i'm aware of. i don't notice any battery drain,,,,,YET thx all
  2. miltk

    where's my pics

    i took a bunch of pics with my phone. of them(12 or so) there are only 4 backed up in my account. this never happened before as all the pics i took were always available in my account's "google photos". are they on my phones internal drive somewhere? they should be right? they're not in...
  3. miltk

    unlocked version questions

    i went to the verizon store to see what the 2 was all about. there were some things i couldn't find so i'm here to ask a few the unlocked version there an app drawer with the widget options? i use a speed dial app anf it would be pointless without a widget. 2...can i...
  4. miltk

    not getting notifications in gmail

    android v.6 gmail software is current i'm not getting notifications on top when i get email. 4 accounts, of which 3 are not notifying me. one however,,,the latest account i added, is notifying me. i get the occasional "sync error" that i've been getting in android since the dawn of time but it...
  5. miltk

    Help WOW battery drain before my very eyes

    i just got an lg g3 replacement - BRAND NEW i had my data backed up on the sd card from the old lg. so i inserted the sd card and restored everything. it took a longer time than expected. the result of all this is i've been fiddling with the new lg for about 3 hours, what with all the backups...
  6. miltk

    Help how do i disable the lock pattern

    lg vista vs880 android 5.1.1 ever since the sys update, i no longer see the notification when the screen is locked. i have to unlock the screen in order to see if i have any notifications, and that is becoming very annoying. on the lg vista there's no disable function for the lock pattern i...
  7. miltk

    exporting ALL snote entries

    can ALL snote entries (ie recipes, diary, et al) be exported to a universal file format like pdf that will retain their format, and be saved in case things go kablooey.
  8. miltk

    can i hotkey my maxx

    ,,,to end calls by pressing the power button? thx version 4.4.4
  9. miltk

    disable auto-correct in voice to text

    ,,,,voice to text input. can i change this and disable auto correct? when i am using voice input for my emails or messaging or whatever, auto correct screws things up. if i say a name, it will show the name but immediately switch to something more recognizable. for instance when i say a name...
  10. miltk

    answering an incoming call. droid maxx

    is there any way to change how i answer an incoming call,,,or maybe is there an app that will allow me to change this. specifically, right now you have to slide the screen to answer a call. i was hoping for something mecahnically simpler. ie, with a flip phone all you have to do is flip the...
  11. miltk

    app to toggle 4g

    i posted elsewhere and now i cannot find the thread. there are a couple of apps that would allow me to disable 4g on the droid maxx. some app with"notify" or notifier or something in it's name can anyone lead me to the app....thx
  12. miltk

    getting an unlocked phone

    1...will it be devoid of all the verizon bloatware? if so would i encounter any particular problems or lacking of amenities that are verizon specific? 2...would i still get the updates from verizon or will i have to look somewhere else for updates (motorola maybe)? any issues whatsoever...
  13. miltk

    Help wifi is turning on by itself

    my wife's maxx's wifi is turning on by itself. when i turn it off in settings/wifi a couple of minutes later it turns on again. she has almost the same apps as i do and she hasn't installed anything new since she pretty much leaves it alone. i don't know when this started because she was never...
  14. miltk

    can i save an app to my computer

    ,,,,and manually load it onto an android device. I would like to do this so that I that I always have a copy in case the app is no longer on the market. thx
  15. miltk

    is there an app or skin

    ,,,that makes basic phone interface easier to bigger dial face, brighter letters etc etc
  16. miltk

    the s-pen...why only samsung

    I had more trouble thinking of a concise subject line for my topic you can't believe:D question...does anyone know if some manufacturer is coming with its own answer to samsung's s-pen? thx
  17. miltk

    looking for an mp3 player,,,,,

    ,,,,that reads FOLDERS. is there such an app? every app i've tried is a tag reader. thx
  18. miltk

    divx and the n7

    i tried copying a divx file to my n7 and was greeted with a "can't because file is not supported" kind of message(don't remember the exact message.) has anyone successfully copied and played a divx file on his n7? thx,,,and how'd you do it?
  19. miltk

    using a non-activated android phone

    can i use gps/location services, downloading from google play, calender, gmail etc etc on a non-activated phone? like, can i just use a wifi connection to access everything,,,,,except of course the actual phone function itself
  20. miltk

    foxfi and easy tether

    does using foxfi or easy tether affect your data usage? thx
  21. miltk

    reinstalling updates

    can i re-install updates that i Uninstalled,,in this case netflix which hasn't been working after the last system update. i tried uninstalling the updates, hoping that the vanilla version would work again,,,but it didn't. thx...droid maxx
  22. miltk

    computer not connecting to the maxx hd

    maxx hd is not plug&playing. it opens wizard setup which in turn cannot find resources to connect to the phone. anyone else have this problem? xp home.
  23. miltk

    so,,,i have a nexus 7 and $25 free to spend

    i'm open to suggestions as to what to get with my $25 credit. i don't think i want games,,,i get tired of them. any thoughts,,,your faves? btw, since this is for my n7 i have no need for phone specific apps thx
  24. miltk

    Help n7 not opening in home screen

    my 7 has been opening , whether at startup or out of sleep, in the google search. how can i get it back to opening in the home screen...thx
  25. miltk

    drawing app with default selected colors

    i'm looking for a SIMPLE, read not fancy, drawing/sketching app that has a set of default selected colors for it's basic palette. having the ability to select other colors by choice like most apps would be a nice too, but i'm really looking for the ease of pre-selected colors so i can work fast...