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  1. ukrkoz

    Removing wallpaper from lockscreen

    I have A70 and can't find dedicated section for it.. Anyway. I somehow managed to put wallpaper onto the lock screen. Now, I can't find a way to remove it. I went through every option possible - no mas. I just want blank screen. Any ideas? I know it's bad tone to ask 2 questions in one...
  2. ukrkoz

    Help How to prevent music player start

    My 2012 Highlander automatically starts Music player on my Note 4 every time BT connects phone to the vehicle. I can not figure how to stop this. Besides shutting down BT, of course. There is nothing in Settings that will prevent this. Phone is registered with vehicle as "Bluetooth player" and...
  3. ukrkoz

    Rooted Verizon?

    Anyone successfully rooted Verizon Note 4? SM-N910V model? What you used?
  4. ukrkoz

    Help Gallery won't open pics

    Biggest frustration on wife's phone. It's 3rd exchange due to audio issues. This one was said to be a new out the box they happened to have on the shelf. Previous one, she could open all of her photos from Gallery app. This one - not so. I spent quite some time trying to route Gallery to pics, I...
  5. ukrkoz

    Streaming vs calling

    OK, I added Scosch BT adapter to 3.5mm Aux input in my car. Set up phone and now it streams fine. Dilemma is: I also have factory BT hands free in my car. No streaming, just calls. Now, calls do not go through the phone, though BT logo shows on the head unit, confirming phone is connected to the...
  6. ukrkoz

    Help No email notifications

    Apparently it's an ongoing issue. Anyone knows why phone does not show gmail notifications in notifications bar anymore? Safely assuming, it was one of the updates that did it. It does receive emails, sync works fine, I can open gmail account on the phone, and it will show "3 new", but no...
  7. ukrkoz

    How to set up different notification for SMS?

    I found a strange issue I can not resolve. I want to set separate, individual notification for email and for SMS. As of now, everything bubbles. I want to be able to differentiate, if it's email or text. I am on JellyBean routed phone. Onlline says to go to messages>settings>sound>chose...
  8. ukrkoz

    Help No drop down menu after update

    I just updated my phone to 1.8 JB ROM. Worked OK, except that now at the top there is circle with I crossed and drop down menu does not work. I have the rest of notifications there - BT, Batt gauge, WIFI. But can not drop down, and I use that continuously. Any suggestions? Could not find how...
  9. ukrkoz

    Help Freezing phone

    Hi all I am rooted with JB and after latest updates. Phone been immeculate so far, but as of the last month or so, towards the end of the day, it will start freezing. As in - no response to power button. Can't bring display up. Have to pull battery out and reboot phone, but I have Otter HD...
  10. ukrkoz

    Help No gmail notifications after update

    I am rooted and on Jelly Beans. Phone was latest OTA updated yesterday. Now, gmail notifications do not show on notifications bar at the top. Corporate MS Exchange email shows, gmail does not. I have to physically load accounts every time and force synch emails. Ideas?
  11. ukrkoz

    Setting home screen

    I run Jelly Beans on my Note. For stupidity reasons, I uninstalled Nova launcher, then reinstalled it back, and now I have my quick dials as home screen. For the love of god, I can not find how to change home screen. Yesterday all I had to do was to press home button and hold, and it'll pop 3...
  12. ukrkoz

    OTA ROM update

    I started seeing OTA ROM update available notification on my Note. Now, I am rooted and jailbroken, and from what I know from my Charge, you can NOT OTA update over custom ROM. Is it same case for Note 2? I have Jelly beans. What throws me off is that it says "OTA ROM" Thoughts?
  13. ukrkoz

    Help Email and "clear" button

    Hi folks I am rooted with JellyBean. 2 things happen now, that I am trying to fix. 1. In stock ROM, there was a "clear" button, to clear notifications. It's gone in JB. Any suggestions on how to clear notifications then? 2. Now gmail apparently stores emails on the phone. Even if they were...
  14. ukrkoz

    Factory restore package needed

    Hi all Looking for working link to factory restore package for Odin/Droid Charge All I can find is bad links or virus spreaders. Selling my phone, need to restore it. Thank you.
  15. ukrkoz

    What is it good for?

    Hi Note users. I am on Droid Charge and really have no issues with the phone. Works fine for me. But my upgrade time is coming in 2 mths, and Note caught my eye. And hand, as I have large hands, and it fits well, plus, larger screen and stylus appeal to me. But I started reading reviews and am...
  16. ukrkoz

    Help Can not put phoner into download mode

    OK, I can not put Continuum into download mode. Odin fails to load half way, shows "fail". Reinstalled drivers from Verizon, phone is recogbized by PC and Odin shows COM connection. No download mode yellow triangle on the screen. Help?
  17. ukrkoz

    Help New settings do not stick

    Hi all. My wife's continuum will not remember any changes done to settings or to contacts, or screens. Every time it runs out of battery, and she does that often, it goes back to factory presets and all added contacts, buddies, etc, disappear. Same goes if you siply restart it. Loses every...
  18. ukrkoz

    CWM recovery - how to?

    OK, believe it or not, I can not put our Continuum into recovery mode. I can't find any working directions. Phone has been rooted for almost a year by now, and starts glitching, all I want to do is to CWM back up and factory reset it. What is specific buttons sequence to put it into CWM? Please...
  19. ukrkoz

    Fixing contacts

    With new update around the corner, and just in case: is there way to go into SIM card contacts file and have it manually fixed, so that after update I have clean file to use? Fixed as in removing unnecessary contacts, which I somehow ended having plenty of, mostly due to Google pushing half...
  20. ukrkoz

    Streaming music

    Hi all I have Nav unit with bluetooth in my Camry and am considering buying a Pioneer headunit for my pickup, with bluetooth. Have XIIIA Live app on my Charge. Anyone tried to stream music off Charge to a headunit? I am now using cables, and it's plain awkward. But am absolutely not sure if...
  21. ukrkoz

    Typing apps

    What do you feel is the best, easiest to work with typing app? Keep in mind, I have sausages for fingers. I am doing OK with latest TS keyboard, as it pops suggestions, but still do tons of errors. fingers simply press several keys..
  22. ukrkoz

    Help de bloating Rezound

    Hi folks Samsung Droid Charge user here. I had my phone rooted maybe dozen if not more times, so far. Buddy approached me today with his new Rezound, and asked to root it for him. I said - yeah, sure, done it many times - until I read Scotty's walkthrough. THEN I said - omg, no way I am doing...
  23. ukrkoz

    Root samsung drivers needed

    OK, so I pressed Recovery on my phone, to back it up, and it soft bricked phone. Happens to be at work, and for the love of god, I can't find Samsung drivers anywhere. As in - they are removed from most sites, or sites are seized, or files removed, or I get this...
  24. ukrkoz

    Help OTA update

    OK, here's scenario: I had my DC reverted back to stock EP4 and immediately OTA updated last thursday. I let it run stock for 2 days (yuk) and Saturday morning reverted back, as in fresh install, TS with PBJ kernel. It was all dandy, until this morning, OTA message caught me again. It popped...
  25. ukrkoz

    Help Contacts mess

    I need help to clean my contacts. for reason not known to me, I have all contacts quintupled at least. Is there any trick to rid of this multiplication, without losing them? I tried different display options, and none truly works, as I either have too many of same, or lose some I need. Been...