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  1. JerrysKids

    Help Proximity & Accellerometer Settings

    Anybody got a clue how to tweek the Proximity & Accellerometer Settings? I cant find them anywhere but it seems I need to find them or install an app that can because my screen isnt wanting to wake up when the phone rings, or when I try to "Knock On" and "Knock Off". Help would be VERRRRRY...
  2. JerrysKids

    Help Knock Screen

    Hey, has anyone been having problems with the knock ON feature? I am having problems when the phone rings, I normally tap the screen twice, it wakes the phone screen, I answer, and talk. NOW, the phone rings, I tap, I tap again, nothing happens , I tap harder, nothing, I give up and hit the...
  3. JerrysKids

    lg l70 digitizer not responding

    When using tap to wake the phone I have to do it several times till I give up and just use the power button to wake the phone. Once I get it open I can use the touch screen like nothing is wrong. So, I guess what Im asking is why is it not responding when I tap to wake it? Any Idea why this...
  4. JerrysKids

    Root Towel root

    Getting message from antivirus that towelroot is exploited and allowing vulnerabilities. Should i "ok" the fix or ignore?
  5. JerrysKids

    Root Boot animations - lg L70

    Are we good to go on tinkering with new boot animations? If so, any ideas on your favorite animation? POST EM!;)
  6. JerrysKids

    Root Google Play Services Stopped

    WHAT THE WHAT? Google play service has stopped keeps popping up! Phone not able to do diddly! Help please
  7. JerrysKids

    Root Safe Mode

    Has anyone else been able to put the l70 into "Safe Mode"? I did by mistake and now Im wanting to know what benefits we have from safe mode? Any ideas/comments? Ill try to recreate it and take a screen shot if it helps.
  8. JerrysKids

    Root Need help rooting

    Hey, have I missed the root guide for the anthem 4g? Im new to the site and just trying to figure things out. Thnks Jerry