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  1. iRhyiku

    Root Flash Player 11 for ARMv6!

    DOWNLOAD! The way I got it to work was to copy this APK to /system/app I don't know if you HAVE to do this, but if just installing the APK doesn't work, try that! :D
  2. iRhyiku

    Help Stuck on "Obtaining IP address.."

    I updated my android to CyanogenMod 7 SwiftDroid SDSL v3 and now my WIFI doesnt work, it worked before i updated it and now it doesnt. i tried wiping all data, deleting cache, deleting dalvik cache, and reinstalling it. please help! thanks x
  3. iRhyiku

    Root New Android Market app

    Images: You can move your finger left and right on the screen to move between the categories, also it looks sexier xD If you want it download this: - - online file sharing and storage - download stick it on the root of your sd card and install through...
  4. iRhyiku

    Root Editing System-UI...

    I cant seem to decompile it. I'm using apk manager 4.9 and i cant choose my file.. i dont understand what to do.. i type 22 press enter then it says enter the apps number.. what does that mean? thanks
  5. iRhyiku

    Help Wait we have a Search button on the side of the phone :/

    I keep forgetting about that button, I never seem to use it.. so my question.. Is there any apps that allow this search button to become something i WILL use? Such as a task switcher, which i would love :D Thanks :)
  6. iRhyiku

    Help Continuous FC

    I cant use my phone.. when i turn it on, it does all the start-upy stuff, then when it loads the home screen it says: golauncher is not responding with an option to force close.. I cant do nothing.. choosing force close, just makes the option appear again, i cant get into settings to change...
  7. iRhyiku

    Tried to make a theme.. Error in compiling..

    Using APKTOOL i uncompiled and edited the template theme, and on recompiling.. i get this: How do I fix this? thanks :)
  8. iRhyiku

    Root Urgent help!! Gt540 now lifeless!

    Following the instructions in the CM7 Thread, using the KDZUpdater After attempting to update a friends optimus, the program crashed half-way through. now the phone wont turn on, or do anything atall. It wont even vibrate when i hold down the power button. Please HELP! Plugging the phone in...
  9. iRhyiku

    Help WidgetLocker not saving widgets - PLEASE HELP!

    I purchased widget locker about a month ago, and i've always had this problem I make my lockscreen look really nice with 2 sliders and 3 widgets and it works fine. Untill I reset/turn off my phone, the widgets disappear! the sliders stay, but its always the widgets. Is there any way to fix...
  10. iRhyiku

    A distortion live wallpaper?

    Well I'm looking for a type of live wallpaper that adds animated noise/randomly distorts to an image of my choice. Does it exist or do i have to learn to make one :D Thanks
  11. iRhyiku

    Root Circle battery percentage mod?

    How would i get this running on my LG GT540? I'm running the latest CM7 (the M4 one i believe) URL for the MOD xda-developers - View Single Post - [MOD][3rd-Mar] ★ Super Circle Battery with % ★ Version A-P & Z (Custom) ★ Prefably the "Black status bar UI ROM" one
  12. iRhyiku

    Help My BootAnimation is not working :(

    Heres the bootanimation which i modified, i stick it on my phone annnd black screen where it should be when i restart my phone. I try a diffrent bootanimation, one i find off the internet and that works perfectly. So my question.. why isnt mine working? :/ Cheers :D
  13. iRhyiku

    Help How can you change the Android Market theme?

    I want to change the market from green to a light blueish colour, is this possible? Cheers :)
  14. iRhyiku

    Help Unable to download/update certain apps

    As the title says im unable to download certain apps. For example for Speedx 3D there is an update, i click update, it says "starting download" then "downloading" then "download unsuccesful" but updating others is okay. Whys this happening? :s Thanks
  15. iRhyiku

    ADW.Launcher ex catalogs

    I dont understand how to create catalogs with ADW.Launcher ex I want to hide a few apps from the app drawer to make it more neater, but i really dont know how to do that. Any help please!
  16. iRhyiku

    Help How to unlock Gt540

    Read Title! Thanks!
  17. iRhyiku

    Root Stuck on Green Android when booting up after trying to upgrade to 2.2

    When trying to update my sisters phone, i managed to install clockwork on it, then tried to install the zip from SD. Unfortunately i got the wrong clockwork version, and when i reset the phone it stays on the green android! I cant even boot into clockwork :/ Any help please!
  18. iRhyiku

    Help 1.6 keyboard on 2.3?

    Is it possible to get the 1.6 keyboard on 2.3? thanks
  19. iRhyiku

    Help please help update!

    NeverMind Fixed!
  20. iRhyiku

    Help seperate volumes for music and apps ?

    Is there a way to seperate these volumes? Music is too quiet and the games are too loud :( Thanks
  21. iRhyiku

    Help Bluetooth Keyboard

    Is it possible to connect a bluetooth keyboard to this device and use that?
  22. iRhyiku

    Help Firewall for GT540?

    Okay So I would like a firewall for my phone as i dont have an unlimted data plan, and dont like apps accessing the internet without my say-so, but all i have tried gives me a similar error: iptables v1.4.7 iptables v1.4.7: can't initialize iptables table 'filter': Table does not exist (do you...