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  1. nigsy

    Goodbye my S3 rooting friends...

    Goodbye all. After 2 years of rooting pleasure me and my S3 have parted company as she can't live with little Miss Xperia Z2 who has now taken up home in my jeans pocket. It's been a great ride and I'm sure your new owner will take care of you; but for now I am moving to pasture new...
  2. nigsy

    What makes a 4g phone ..4g?

    Bit of a silly question...but what makes a phone 4g? Is it a software upgrade (different modem etc)? Is it different hardware? Or is it as simple as a SIM switch?:confused:
  3. nigsy

    Mounting A 64gb SDXC Card In The S3

    Picked up a 64gb SDXC Kingston card and thought I would share how I got it mounted and working. After a bit of research, many people were saying that the card should work out of the box, or reformat to NTFS first. Or just stick it in the phone, go to storage, and format it from there. Didn't...
  4. nigsy

    Root [International] Going Back To Stock

    I rooted my phone out of the box 9 months ago. It's never booted up with stock rom so this should be interesting!! I need to run as stock because I am having problems with multiple freezes to the point where I am pulling the battery everytime I do something, or not!! Hoping that I will...
  5. nigsy

    Root [International] Battery Life Has Nosedived

    The battery life on my phone has nose dived in the last 48hrs. I've changed nothing on the phone, but I took it off charge at around 7am this morning and by 13:00 (now) I'm down to 5%. No phone calls, a bit of facebook, probably less than 5 mins combined, and 10 mins tethered. Running Omega...
  6. nigsy

    Whats App Spam

    Hi all, Not really an S3 question, but as the app is running on a S3 thought i'd ask here. I'm being spammed via Whats App. I am receiving up to 15 messages a day asking me to confirm my number to win an iPad, when you click through, if you agree to the T&Cs you will be billed
  7. nigsy

    Help Lockscreen Picture

    Hi all, Having a problem with my lockscreen picture. I like my lockscreen to have the same picture as my phone wallpaper but for some reason the image I have on at the moment won't change. I have tried through Display > wallpaper and tried both the single lockscreen option & the combined...
  8. nigsy

    Just jumped from the good ship HTC!!

    Hi all, After several years as a HTC user, the last 2 with a DHD, I have jumped ship and taken delivery of my shiny new Galaxy S3!! Hope the banter on here is as good as it was in the Desire lets get this bad boy rooted :D
  9. nigsy

    Today (3rd) Is Upgrade day!!

    Yep, Orange have sent me an email and today is the day I can upgrade...yaaay! It's going to be hard to give up my adopted baby but the DHD has to go :( The question is what next?? HTC isn't an option at the moment due to non expandable memory, so it's looking like either the SG3 or...
  10. nigsy

    Root Dual Boot

    Been thinking about whether this was possible then found this on Google and also a couple of threads on the forums: How to Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Your Android Phone Anyone tried to set up a dual boot? Thought it might be good to have my daily ROM and have something else like the new...
  11. nigsy

    Root Rooted WFS - Can't add sync accounts

    Just flashed this ROM: [ROM] Unofficial Cyanogenmod 7.2.0-RC1-marvel-KANG (UPDATE) All went well but when I go to add accounts to set up Playstore etc, the only option I get is to set up an exchange mail account. Been through the dev thread on XDA but can't find an answer. Normally when...
  12. nigsy

    Root Problem with HTC Dev bootloader unlock

    Trying to root a wildfire s with the HTC dev tool. I understand that the S-OFF route I would normally take is closed, or so I'm lead to believe. Installed the RUU but failing at the next step where I need to past the 'Token' into the provided screen. I get the following error: We're sorry...
  13. nigsy

    Need help with locked wildfires.....

    Ok, I have been given 4 HTC wildfires from a company that has gone into administration. The issue I have is that all four have a numeric password lock and they have all had attempts made to access them which has resulted in them being completley locked. My plan was to root all 4 and sell...
  14. nigsy

    Root Need to move apps to SD card

    Have rooted my sons Hero to enable him to install more apps, but can not move any apps to SD card?? On my phone (DHD) I use Titanium, installed it on the Hero but do not see the move option? Had a look at a couple off apps, move2sd etc but all are incompatible with phone? Without going...
  15. nigsy

    Help Anyone using Evi??

    Have installed Evi search tool on my desire. The text answer service works really well, but can't get the speech recognition to work at all? Running the Absolution ROM, could this be the issue?
  16. nigsy

    Root Absolution ROM - A few Q's

    Just rooted and installed the Absolution ROM and am loving it :D Just a few questions: I want to change the wallpaper to one of my own, but can't find an option to do it - Or the folder where the 'stock' wallpapers are so I can put my own in there? I don't want the email alert to go...
  17. nigsy

    Help HTC Sync Update fails

    Hi all, I know this is not directly linked to the DHD, but it's an issue I've got. I keep getting a message on my PC that my HTC software needs updating, so I click on OK, it downloads, then fails. So I un-installed the software, went to the HTC site downloaded the latest version and it...
  18. nigsy

    Phone Not Showing In Marketplace

    Hi all, My wife has a HTC Wildfire as a workphone - she likes it so much she has now upgraded her old Nokia to another Wildfire for her personal phone. Problem is when she accesses the Marketplace on the PC her new Wildfire does not appear in the list of registered phones. Her work phone is...
  19. nigsy

    Accessing Conference lines

    Hi all, I have a galaxy S as my work phone and regularly call into a conference line... silly question, but can I set up the phone to dial me in, without having to dial number, then enter line number then PIN. I had an old nokkia before and it used p to pause the dial so i could access...
  20. nigsy

    Getting Rid Of Gingerbread

    Is there a way to remove this Gingerbread update and go back to Froyo?? GB has destroyed the battery life on my phone as it keeps switching the wireless off flicking to 3g then back to wireless, constantly, I can't even manually turn anything off because the network settings are in a constant...
  21. nigsy

    Help Gingerbread Wireless Issues

    Hi since I've got the GB update yesterday battery performance has been terrible. It seems to be the wireless / data can't make up it's mind what needs to be on and is constantly switching between data and wireless. I cant turn the wireless off through any of the settings, it...
  22. nigsy

    Help Blue Cross Has Appeared In People

    Hi all, Today when I view 'people' on my desire about 50% of them have a little blue cross " X " infront of their details!! Only thing that has changed is the android facebook app updated today. Any ideas??
  23. nigsy

    Androzip - Quick Question

    Hi all, I use Androzip as my file manager and find it excellent. 1 issue though....if I use it to move files from one folder to another, specifically photos, they don't show in the new folder in the Gallery application but still show in the original folder. If from gallery I try to open them...
  24. nigsy

    Android for your SAAB? Angry birds whilst stuck in traffic..genius.
  25. nigsy

    Hi - Desire HD & Samsung Galaxy S Owner

    HI all, Have a desire as my personal phone and the galaxy is my work phone. Love the Desire - and now I've got my head around the android OS it's all good!!