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  1. Mysteryman

    Galaxy Tab Very Slow on Wakeup

  2. Mysteryman

    Galaxy Tab Very Slow on Wakeup

    Well, I wonder if rebooting it has cleared something out as the tablet seems OK after doing that. I will monitor over next few days but I am hopeful that it seems fine now :D
  3. Mysteryman

    Galaxy Tab Very Slow on Wakeup

    Thanks. Been in there but cannot see any information about what is using cpu. Am I missing something?
  4. Mysteryman

    Galaxy Tab Very Slow on Wakeup

    OK, Safe mode seems to perform fine. Gone back to normal mode and have installed "Resource Monitor Mini", which shows RAM and CPU usage. When I wake up tablet then the CPU is running at 60-90% for a few minutes before settling down to 25-30%. Suspect this is an issue and need something to...
  5. Mysteryman

    Galaxy Tab Very Slow on Wakeup

    Love the avatar! I will have a look at this and see if it helps. Are there any apps that would help identify the rogue app, if there is one?
  6. Mysteryman

    Galaxy Tab Very Slow on Wakeup

    I have had a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e for a few months and am irritated by how slow/unresponsive it is when it wakes up after not being used for a few hours. Seems like there must be something going on in the background gobbling up resources! I have found a way round this in that if the first...
  7. Mysteryman

    URL Shortcuts on Home Screen

    I am in the process of moving from my trusty old Samsung Galaxy Tab S to an S7+ and trying to set it up to look the same. One thing that is puzzling me at the moment is that on the old tablet I have created several icons (shortcuts?) on the Home page that point to webpages, such as...
  8. Mysteryman

    Help Samsung Tab S 10.5 - Problem with WiFi sign-in screen

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablet (SM-T805), which is running Android 6.0.1 - I don't think they update for this model any longer! Just been staying at a hotel and saw a problem I've encountered before where in order to get on the free WiFi entails you need to go through a sign-in...
  9. Mysteryman

    Set different wallpaper for each Home screen?

    Is there an app/technique I can use, on my S10, so that I can have a different wallpaper for each of the home screens? Go Multiple Wallpaper sounded perfect, but, have been put off by a lot of recent negative reviews! By the way, I have 10 screens!
  10. Mysteryman

    Where to copy wallpaper file to?

    I have a Samsung S10 and would like to use a picture I have on my PC as a wallpaper. Can anyone tell me which folder I should copy the file to on the S10 and how to activate it as a wallpaper, please?
  11. Mysteryman

    Help Migrating to a New Phone

    I am thinking that the time is coming to upgrade my trusty Galaxy S8 and I have a couple of options in mind..... Samsung A52 Xiaomi POCO F3 My question is around migrating from the S8 to new phone. Will I need to manually set up new phone with apps, accounts, wallpaper, sounds, settings...
  12. Mysteryman

    Help How To Change Icon Image

    I have a Samsung tablet, running Android and I had a catastrophe earlier where I accidentally deleted the Nova Launcher settings and lost all my iHome pages. I have spent the afternoon recreating the various pages, but, the one thing I cannot work out is how to change the image for each of the...
  13. Mysteryman

    Where to get a good replacement battery from?

    I would like to replace the battery on a Samsung S5 Mini and eBay looks to be a minefield. Although loads of listings claim to be "genuine" and "original" the feedback would suggest otherwise! Can anyone tell me where I can get a genuine Samsung battery or a good quality replacement from...
  14. Mysteryman

    What Android version for Samsung S8?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, on EE, in the UK. My friend has the same phone and on same network and he commented about the new update having quite a few differences. As I had not noticed this we compared version numbers. He was on 9 and and mine was showing 7.0!!!! So, I tried a manual...
  15. Mysteryman

    How to add a shortcut to a file to Home Page?

    I have a Galaxy S8 and would like to add an icon/shortcut to my Home Page that takes me straight to a file. Thought this would be straightforward, but, not found the answer on the web, yet! There was a video that looked like it would be it, but, it first went to an app called Samsung and this...
  16. Mysteryman

    Help ChompSMS - Prevent multiple SMS messages being sent as MMS

    I have a Samsung S8 and have installed ChompSMS to manage messages. Just noticed that if I send the same message to several recipients then it converts each one to an MMS message - and I get charged for these as they are outside my EE plan!!!! Does anyone know if there is a setting that will...
  17. Mysteryman

    How to Cold Boot?

    I have done a search for how to Cold Boot my tablet and have tried what appears to be the method, but, cannot get it to work. So, I power down the tablet and then hold down the Volume- button and, at the same time, hold down the Power button. Keeping both of these down what happens is...
  18. Mysteryman

    Help after rebuild

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S and have just had to do a factory reset. The first thing I noticed is that I seem to have lost the Dock part of screen. Previously, I was able to put frequently used icons along bottom of screen and they would appear on all screens. Actually, just noticed that it...
  19. Mysteryman

    How to put Bookmark on Home Page?

    Sorry for basic question, but, I am just migrating from An old ASUS TF101 to a Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Android 5.0.2) and am stuck! I have created a Bookmark in the Internet app and would like to place this on the tablets home page so that I can access quickly. However, I cannot see how to do this -...
  20. Mysteryman

    Help Synchronizing Google Contacts - I am confused!

    I have a Google/Gmail account and in it are 268 contacts. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and have set up to use the Email app to manage my emails. It also has GMail installed but I do not use it. I have it set up to sync with my Google account - just contacts. However, I am confused by what this...
  21. Mysteryman

    Custom Rom for i9505?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) and plan to install a custom ROM - it is already rooted. Can anyone suggest a good stable Rom I can try or, failing that, a site where I can get good info? Thanks
  22. Mysteryman

    Help How to get Titanium Backup to use SD card?

    I have a Galaxy S4 and, like a lot of other people, am now finding it is low on internal memory. So, I set about the process of removing some of the bloatware that Samsung have included on teh phone and that I do not use. First step was to root the phone - no problem. Second step was to...
  23. Mysteryman

    Help Best way to deal with bloatware

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (16GB) and have, finally, run into the "not enough storage" problem when I try to add another app. I know that there are lots of apps on the phone that Samsung thinks I need, but, I could live without and getting rid of those would free up enough space for my other...
  24. Mysteryman

    Help Samsung Galaxy - Where has the "S Note" app gone?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it has recently updated to 5.0.1. This seems to be causing battery drain issues, so, I have done a factory reset to see if that fixes it. However, in doing this, I can no longer find the "S Note" app and I found this really useful to jot down pieces of...
  25. Mysteryman

    Help Headphones: Recommended app has stopped

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, running Android 5.0.1. I use Poweramp to listen to music (via headphones) and, at some point, tried out a different player before reverting back to Poweramp. The app is set to "Pause on Headset Disconnect" and ""Resume on Wired Headset". It does this OK, but...